Proper selection of steamers

How to choose a good double boiler

The kitchens of modern housewives are like the cabins of space ships: here and there are shiny home appliances with chrome sides and glass inserts designed to facilitate the household work of the employed ladies. Steamer - one of these devices, which allows you to cook healthy food for a couple, while retaining the necessary vitamins and minerals in the body. Want to eat right? We will help you choose the right steamer.

Main characteristics of double boilers

Before buying a double boiler for home use, you need to decide on the following parameters:


Affects cooking time. If you are a mother of three children who are busy all day at home, or a busy business woman who values ​​every minute, then a double boiler is more powerful - from 1500 W. If your day passes measuredly, then you should not overpay - feel free to purchase a double boiler with a capacity of up to 1500 watts.

Number of bowls and their volume

Determine how many dishes you can cook at the same time. If you cook steam food only for yourself (many husbands and children are far from being enthusiastic about mom's hobby for “eating right”), then steamers with one or two bowls will be enough for you. If your whole family loves steam meatballs, then you need a powerful device with 3-4 cups.

Number of pallets

These items are responsible for collecting evaporated moisture. If there is only one pan in the device, then moisture from the upper bowls will fall on the dishes prepared in the lower bowls. For some dishes it is good (for example, potatoes will become more tasty, soaked from salmon juice, toasted in the upper bowl), and for others - not very.

Additional features

What else can boast modern steamers? Here are some additional features that may come in handy:

  • Electronic or mechanical control system. If you are “on you” with technology, then you will definitely like the abundance of electronic programs that can be varied, as well as many additional functions (delayed on, timer, heated ready meal). If the words "digital display" lead you to reverent horror, then you better opt for a device with a mechanical system: two "twists" that are responsible for the time and temperature of cooking, will make your life easier.
  • overheat protection. Creative personalities who have the talent to immerse themselves in inspiring activities with their heads will appreciate such a parameter as protection against overheating. If you turn on the steamer in free mode and forget about temporal food, giving in to creative impulses, it will turn off at the right moment.
  • Fast cooking. If your day is scheduled by the minute, a steamer with the function of accelerated cooking will help to solve the problem of lack of cooking time. By clicking on the desired button, you can steam your favorite carrot 2 times faster!

Most Popular Manufacturers

  • Steamers Philips have the best value for money. The price range starts from only 1,500 rubles, while customer reviews of low-cost models are positive.
  • Steamers VITEK have earned popularity due to decent quality at a rather low price segment.
  • Tefal offers steamers more expensive with the maximum number of functions.
  • Polaris - a large selection of low-cost mechanical steamers.
  • SUPRA - a reputable manufacturer of budget steamers with many functions.

Common mistakes when choosing a double boiler

You are lucky that you are reading these lines now - you can protect yourself from buying a model of a double boiler that will disappoint you. What are the 3 mistakes people make when buying a double boiler without thought?

  1. Buy double boilers in which there is no protection against overheating. If you leave such a double boiler at night included in the outlet, then in the morning you can not wake up. Overheating can cause a short circuit and, as a result, a fire.
  2. Do not read reviews before purchase. In this age of the Internet, you can learn in advance about everything that a chosen model of home appliances can be dangerous. Learn from the mistakes of others!
  3. Buy steamers unknown manufacturers, flattered at a low cost. Just imagine: you are sitting at home and are enjoying the thousand rubles saved, but at this time the device from low-quality plastic poisons your food. Do not save on your health!

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