Packard Bell EasyNote TG71BM Notebook Description

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Type of
Type ofType: laptop
operating systemOperating system: Linux / Win 8 / Win 8 64
Processor typeProcessor Type: Pentium / Celeron
Processor codeProcessor Code: N3540 / N2840 / N2920
CPU coreProcessor core: Bay Trail-M
CPU frequencyProcessor frequency: 1860 ... 2160 MHz
The number of processor coresThe number of processor cores: 2/4
L2 cache sizeL2 cache size: 1 MB / 2 MB
RAM SizeThe size of RAM: 2 ... 4 GB
Memory typeMemory Type: DDR3
Memory frequencyMemory frequency: 1333 MHz
Screen sizeScreen Size: 15.6 "
Screen resolutionScreen Resolution: 1366x768
Widescreen screenWidescreen display: yes
Screen typeScreen Type: Glossy
Touch screenTouch screen: no
Multi-touch screenMulti-touch screen: no
LED backlightLED backlight: yes
3D support3D support: no
Video adapter typeVideo adapter type: built-in
Video processorVideo Processor: Intel GMA HD
Two video adaptersTwo video adapters: no
Type of video memoryVideo Memory Type: SMA
Storage devices
Optical drive placementOptical drive placement: internal
Optical driveOptical drive: no DVD / DVD-RW
Storage capacityStorage capacity: 320 ... 500 GB
Hard drive typeHard Drive Type: HDD
Hard disk interfaceHard Disk Interface: Serial ATA
Volume of the first diskVolume of the first disk: 0 ... 500 GB
Expansion slots
ExpressCard slotExpressCard slot: no
Memory cards
Device for reading flash cardsDevice for reading flash cards: yes
Compact Flash supportCompact Flash support: no
Memory Stick SupportMemory Stick support: no
SD supportSD support: yes
SDHC supportSDHC support: no
SDXC supportSDXC support: no
MiniSD supportMiniSD support: no
MicroSD supportMicroSD support: no
MicroSDHC supportMicroSDHC support: no
MicroSDXC supportMicroSDXC support: no
SmartMedia supportSmartMedia support: no
XD-Picture Card SupportXD-Picture Card support: no
Wireless connection
Wi-FiWi-Fi: yes
Wi-Fi standardWi-Fi standard: 802.11n
WiDi supportWiDi support: no
BluetoothBluetooth: yes
GSM / GPRS supportGSM / GPRS support: no
3G3G: no
EDGE supportEDGE support: no
HSDPA supportHSDPA support: no
Built-in network cardBuilt-in network card: yes
Max. LAN adapter speedMax. LAN adapter speed: 1000 Mbps
Built-in fax modemBuilt-in fax modem: no
Number of USB 2.0 interfacesNumber of USB 2.0 interfaces: 2
Number of USB 3.0 interfacesNumber of USB 3.0 interfaces: 1
USB 3.1 Type-C interfaceInterface USB 3.1 Type-C: no
Firewire interfaceFirewire interface: no
Firewire 800 interfaceFirewire 800 interface: no
ESATA interfaceESATA interface: no
Infrared Port (IRDA)Infrared port (IRDA): no
LPT interfaceLPT interface: no
Com portCOM port: no
PS / 2 interfacePS / 2 interface: no
VGA (D-Sub) outputVGA (D-Sub) output: no
Mini VGA outputMini VGA output: no
DVI outputDVI output: no
HDMI outputHDMI output: yes
Micro HDMI outputMicro HDMI output: no
DisplayPort outputDisplayPort output: no
Mini DisplayPort outputMini DisplayPort output: no
TV-inTV-in: no
TV outTV-out output: no
Dock connectionDock connection: no
Audio inputAudio input: no
Microphone inputMic input: no
Audio / Headphone OutAudio / headphone output: no
Mic In / Headphone Combo OutMic In / Combo Headphone Out: Yes
Digital audio output (S / PDIF)Digital audio output (S / PDIF): no
Battery capacityBattery capacity: 2500 mAh
Number of battery cellsNumber of battery cells: 4
Battery typeBattery Type: Li-Ion
Input Devices
Positioning devicesPositioning Devices: Touchpad
Keyboard backlightKeyboard backlight: no
The presence of columnsThe presence of columns: yes
Subwoofer availabilitySubwoofer availability: no
MicrophoneMicrophone presence: yes
WebcamWebcam: yes
Fingerprint scannerFingerprint scanner: no
TV tunerTV tuner: no
Remote controlRemote control: no
Kensington CastleKensington Castle: no
StylusStylus: no
Metal caseMetal case: no
High impact caseHigh impact case: no
Waterproof caseWaterproof case: no
LengthLength: 383 mm
WidthWidth: 253 mm
ThicknessThickness: 26mm
WeightWeight: 2.21 kg

Packard Bell EasyNote TG71BM Laptop Reviews


  • - speed.
  • - Design.
  • - Convenience.
  • - Battery.
  • - Price.
  • - Many different applications embedded on Windows 8.
  • - Winodws Market.
  • - Screen.
  • - Sound.
  • And many other advantages.


  • Sometimes it hangs, but it seems to me because of the antivirus because it’s native, which came with the purchase of a laptop, quickly ended, and I didn’t want to pay more than 1000r, so I had to install Avast, with which, unfortunately, the laptop hangs.
  • At first, Winows 8 is difficult to understand, but then after a few days everything is easily mastered and understood.

Very good laptop for such a low price. Very good battery hold, very nice and bright screen.
The laptop was presented in December 2014 before the new year, this laptop just went on sale, was a novelty at that time.
Anonim 2015-07-27 Evaluation 5


  • Reliable office notebook !!! The battery quietly works 5-7 hours in the load! and up to 8 hours in video mode! works without brakes in simple mode!


  • Because of the small RAM 2 GB, heavy applications and full full HD are hanging !!!

Of course it is clear that the laptop is not for games !!!! the graphics there are enough for games from windows market not heavy in 3d, and games for a computer until 2001 :) the rest does not pull ...
For the office and all the different great laptop
Anonim 2015-09-18 Evaluation 5

(Packard Bell EasyNote TE)

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