Description of elliptical trainer AeroFIT E500

Elliptical trainer AeroFIT E500 - advantages, disadvantages, characteristics


General characteristics
Load systemelectromagnetic
Flywheelfront weight: 12 kg
Number of load levels16
Maximum user weight150 kg
Professional usethere is
The ability to change the step lengththere is
Step length45 - 66 cm
Sensors and indicators
Indicationscurrent speed, calorie consumption, distance traveled, speed
Pulse measurementthere is a cardio sensor on the handle (built-in sensor), the ability to connect a wireless sensor
Number of training programs16
Additional Information
Facilitiesstand for glasses / bottles, shipping rollers / wheels, floor compensators
Sizes (LxWxH)150x86x164 cm
Weight107 kg

Reviews of elliptical trainer AeroFIT E500


  • A convenient biomechanical step, which really takes care of your joints and does not burden them, a large adjustable orthopedic step up to 66 cm, bearings, a rigid and stable frame - did not regret the metal. :)


  • Short uncomfortable handles, not a big maximum load, bad creaky plastic

I tried all possible simulators that can be tested and exhibited in Moscow, in the price range from 30 to 700 thousand. For two years I chose an ellipse, I tried to find a suitable one for myself both in price and quality. At first I looked for a simulator up to 30 thousand, but I could not choose, because There was no decent option, so I had to constantly raise the price bar by 10 thousand. Until I came across this one.
The E500 has a fantastic step — the knees do not hurt, the legs are loaded correctly and do not go numb, like many with a budget both lower and higher ... I found this level of convenience of a step only in expensive professional models with a price of 300 thousand and more. step, he has no equal for the price!
But it didn’t do without a spoon of a dktya. When buying this simulator, there are bad plastic squeaks. They are eliminated by silicone covering all the joints. If you compare the maximum load of this simulator with the loads of others from 30 thousand. and higher, the load of the E500 is probably 1.5 times less than that of others. But so far I have enough of this load. The main drawback of this exercise machine is the handle, they are short and not as comfortable as, say, LiveStrong LS12. Because of such handles, there is no proper load on the upper part of the body, there is no necessary twisting, the hands do not work as they should, and they do not straighten. I hope the manufacturer will deal with this issue and at least make normal, well-thought out, thoughtful pens, which I I can change, because they are removable and mounted on 6 bolts.
These shortcomings, I consider it a misunderstanding for such a level of the simulator, thought out an excellent step, but screwed up in trifles — this is not excusable for prof. simulator, as it is positioned by Aerofit. Of course, before prof. it does not reach, and despite the problems, the simulator itself is excellent, the advantages of the step and its length easily cover the shortcomings, some of which are removable.
Wish: the manufacturer to eliminate the shortcomings described above, and it would be great if a model appeared with the same step, but a little more — by 20cm. :) Then it would be ideal for the home!
man.buyer, 2013-09-02 Evaluation 4


  • the best dynamics, comparable to simulators for 300+ mp. 26 inches pitch.


  • the gaps between the frame and the pedals of different widths

the gap between the right pedal and the frame is 1-1.5 cm and between the left 2.5-3.5 cm.
The risk of further distortion of the structure. I will call the service.
Anonim 2013-11-05 Evaluation 4


  • Silent, except for a short buzzing of the servo when the load changes, no shuffling of the rollers along the guides, since there are none. The length of the step covers all minor flaws. Very comfortable to run. The length takes up less space than analogs.


  • If there was a model on sale with the same long, but not changing step, but cheaper, I would have taken it, because I always run at the biggest step, and this whole complex mechanism for changing the step costs money. According to his wife, a frightening design, but I'm fine.

Handles are comfortable, plastic does not creak. I run for a long time.
Ivanovich Ivanov, Ivan, 2015-04-01 Evaluation 5


  • a big step, a small length - in the apartment is the very thing, with such a step.


  • the wires near the engines are loose - they knock on the casing at high speed.

The big move outweighs all the minuses.
About the load - they write here that small - this is not true, the normal load, with a maximum load you do not run for a long time, is enough for a minute.
But the minuses (in the maximum step mode):
1. Wires (inside the casing) near the engines for changing the pitch were bolted with racks to the racks (obviously, in the store, so that the exhibition sample did not make noise?), Removed the tape during transportation, after assembling without electrical tape, during fast running, the plug connectors inside the casing begin to sway and beat the casing.
It will be necessary to disassemble and rewind with tape.
2. Pro pens wrote that short. Really short. And uncomfortable. As I understand it, this is a design feature - with this design it is difficult to make comfortable handles. To work hands, you have to take the pens for the very Kochik from above. With my height 170sm., It turns out that I raise my hands above the heart, and running with hands raised above the heart is uncomfortable.
3. For a height of 170 cm, the computer is too high raised, it obstructs the view, it sticks out right in front of the face.
4. There is no fan. And in the summer in the heat it is a very good option.
5. No clock in the computer. To see the time and not be late for work in the morning.
6. It is difficult to accelerate more than 26 km / h, the design does not allow.
Lord Ildar, 2015-05-12 Evaluation 4

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