Overview of the mobile General Climate GCP-12ERA1N1 conditioner

Mobile air conditioner General Climate GCP-12ERA1N1 - advantages, disadvantages, characteristics


General characteristics
Type ofmobile candy bar
Main modescooling / heating
Maximum airflow8.67 cu. m / min
Power in cooling mode3500 W
Power in heating mode1700 watts
Heating power consumption1800 watts
Cooling power consumption1340 W
Fresh air modenot
Additional Modesventilation mode (without cooling and heating), automatic mode, self-diagnosis of faults
Drainage Modethere is
Remote controlthere is
On / Off Timerthere is
Indoor unit split system or mobile air conditioner (WxHxD)48.3x81.2x41.9 cmn
Split system outdoor unit or window air conditioner (WxHxD)no
Noise level (min / max)49 dB / 55 dB
Refrigerant typeR 410A
Phasesingle phase
Fine air filtersnot
Fan speed adjustmentthere is, the number of speeds - 3
Other functions and featuresanion generator, memory function settings
Service area26 square meters m
Additional Informationweight - 35 kg

Reviews of mobile air conditioner General Climate GCP-12ERA1N1


  • Half of Moscow lives in rented apartments, and another half of Moscow works in offices with historical facades, and a mobile phone is the real solution to the problems of both. The main thing is not to take low-powered ones in order not to make a holivar about wasted money.
  • Rescues from a heat perfectly, after heavy rains - perfectly dries air. Everything is adjustable-regulated. Condensate is magically discharged by the device itself, so it is cool, dry, comfortable.


  • Ionizer is not.
  • There are no instructions (what is - this is not an instruction, but a mockery), but a separate manual-instruction with pictures is available for the remote control. It's strange that there are no instructions for the videos yet ... :-)
  • It makes noise, so you can only sleep with it if you haven’t been sleeping for a couple of days before.
  • The length of the sleeves - still all right, but the length of the wire in the socket ... I have a mixer longer. Just that case when long and flexible is better than short and thick :-))))

First, it was purchased in a rented apartment (2 pass rooms in the amount of 30 sq.m.). And then to the office (30 sq.m. and 4.5 m ceilings) with the very historic facade. Now in both rooms there are satisfied cool people :-) I recommend. Like it!
romanevt 2011-07-19 Evaluation 4


  • I can not compare with other similar models, unfortunately.
  • And if you note its dignity as a mobile air conditioner, then they consist primarily in mobility (the ability to put in another room, turn the other way if necessary, rearrange the kitchen, take to the cottage).
  • I hope that the dehumidification mode will be useful, we have poor ventilation in the apartment and often high humidity.
  • Quickly updates all the air in the apartment with open windows - this is very pleased.
  • Easy to manage, I figured it out the first time.
  • In general, with its functions, it seemed to me, it copes.
  • I hope that the maintenance of this air conditioner will be easier and cheaper to maintain a split system.
  • Added 06/19/19
  • An important point - the ability to direct a stream of cold air parallel to the floor, so achieved the greatest effect.


  • 1. A rather cumbersome design, I expected it to be a little smaller. Seemed very heavy. On wheels, however, moves very easily. Requires storage space at a time when its use is ineffective.
  • 2. The kit includes a mount for windows, but it can not be adapted for ordinary double-glazed windows. Even on scotch. We have to invent a method. You can, of course, limit the clamping of the adapter frame, which I did. But the gap (8 centimeters) had to be covered.
  • 3. User Guide is incomplete. Nowhere did I see the very description of the air conditioner, its capabilities, all the characteristics and there is not even a picture with the symbols what and where it is located. But it gives a very detailed description of the control panel and instructions for its use.
  • 4. Nowhere is the specified footage - how much space it can serve. Judging by the power - no more than 26 square meters. And in many descriptions on sites, the figure is 35. On such an area, I think, it will be effective only if the room is very favorable in general in terms of climatic parameters.
  • 5. Did not find the ionization mode. Although the description of the control panel is such a button, which is actually not.
  • 6. Experts do not recommend increasing the corrugation to remove exhaust air, so the position of the air conditioner is only possible next to the window, in this case all mobility is reduced to the possibility of slightly moving or turning it.
  • 7. This unit looks, especially together with the corrugation, to put it mildly, not very. But in the heat is not up to beauty.
  • 8. Like all air conditioners, it has significant power consumption.

I bought this unit yesterday. Everything seems to be good, I checked the modes. Automatic, cooling, heating, ventilation. Only draining has not yet experienced.
But it costs me now in the 10-meter kitchen. In the room planned for his residence, they have not yet conducted a grounded outlet.
In cooling mode at a given temperature from 28 degrees, he lowered the temperature to 24 minutes in a few minutes, then he switches off for a while and works only as a fan until the temperature rises again above 24 degrees, again he turns on and runs that time, turns off again, etc.
Chilled air jet is very powerful. The fan included only at the minimum speed. Even in the room a cold stream could be felt.
It is very effective and quickly refreshes all the air in an apartment - in stuffy, poorly ventilated rooms only for this you can love it. In the summer it reaches 34 degrees day and night, the air is still, the windows do not give anything, no breath. Hopefully now our torment will end.
Noise with a minimum fan speed is quite acceptable.
I will try to unsubscribe later on how he will behave in a 20 meter room. So far, the impressions are positive.
For Alexey (previous message):
It should cool to the temperature you specify and maintain it. In auto or cooling mode, check the settings, selected mode, timers.
For example, choose the cooling mode, then set the temperature, choose the fan speed (out of three possible), turn on, adjust the blinds (he can turn them himself in some cases) and watch what happens.
The heating mode is activated only if the set temperature is higher than the room temperature.
Added 06/19/19
After two weeks (air conditioner is in the 20 meter room, the ceilings are more than 3 m) I can say - I am very pleased with the purchase. Now I can not imagine how you could live without him. Already cleaned it once, with a vacuum cleaner - very convenient.
mycoweb-stv, 2011-07-26 Evaluation 4


  • 1. Sensibly blowing cold air, at a distance of 3 meters felt cold.
  • 2. there is a timer (to cool during the day, and not in my presence)
  • 3. there is a heating function, but so far I don’t want to test it in the heat
  • 4. horizontal mobility, and vertically it is heavy, although the handles on the sides are comfortable
  • 5. there is a remote, you can turn it on or off right from the bed in the middle of the night. (the buttons are highlighted in phosphorus).


  • 1. short corrugation: 170 cm total length + 30 cm distance of the hole in the air conditioner from the floor, but these 30 cm are eaten due to the fact that the corrugation must be rotated 90 degrees up. Total assembled conditioner + corrugation turns 170 cm. My window leaf starts from 180 cm. I had to insert a plastic bottle into the corrugation and wrap it with tape. The window leaf is ajar at 20 degrees.
  • Another option is to put a stand under the air conditioner, but I get tired with a bottle
  • 3. Short power cable: 157 cm - well, they would have made 1.8 meters and I would not need to stretch the extension cord to a hanging state.
  • 4. The instruction manual (assembly section) is very poorly crafted - it is immediately drawn as it should be, and the fact that it is necessary to twist it here, it puts on it not a word. In addition, little is written in the instructions and nothing is drawn about the condensate drain.
  • 5. Do not remember the settings of the air conditioner.

He collected everything, turned it on (noise level is like that of a microwave), went for a walk - I return after 2 hours - the temperature dropped from 29 to 28 by 1 degree. What's the matter? Conde, standing on the balcony, was blowing upward under 60 degrees (basic settings), but oh well, I turned the paddle so that it blew horizontally, after 20 minutes the temperature dropped by 1 degree. In the morning I decided to try the timer function - I turned it on for 5 hours, I come back from work - it blows up again. Put on top of a sheet of cardboard to blow down and not up. Despite all the difficulties I have gone through, I am satisfied, because it cools down - and this is the main thing
ANinerbe, 2011-06-03 Evaluation 4


  • Almost 2 years, without breakdowns. It works either in fan mode (fan) or (spring-summer-autumn) in auto mode, we do not turn off the condo, it works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With an inlet air temperature of 22-23 degrees, the outgoing air temperature is about 10 degrees, which is even slightly better than the split-system standing next to it. It is made normally, there are no cracks in the case, it will not fasten, there are no complaints about the build quality.


  • During the operation of the compressor, the air conditioner body heats up with time. In our case, this is most likely due to a long duct for removing hot air (about 5 meters with 2 turns at 90 degrees). Hacked a hole in the wall next to the kondeem, there will be almost a direct emission of hot air into the street, I hope this will solve the problem. For noise - of course it is louder than the split (even just in fan mode), but we are not critical, the room is full of other noisy equipment.

A good workhorse, without unnecessary bluffing and claims. Those who put a condo at home - do not forget one very simple thing (before you write a review that the condo does not cool): when the compressor is running (i.e. cooling mode), hot air is withdrawn from the air conditioner. This air is optimally directed to the street; the shorter the air duct, the better (the air duct will also heat up and heat the air in the room). At the same time, as much hot air flew out onto the street, the same amount of air must flow into the room (the law of conservation of mass). This cannot be avoided, therefore it is better that the air enters the room at the lowest possible temperature — that is, at least it is necessary to caulk all the gaps into the street well.
Sapozhnikov Dmitry, 2013-06-17 Evaluation 5

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