Review of the washing machine Miele WDA 100 W CLASSIC

Miele WDA 100 W CLASSIC washing machine - advantages, disadvantages, characteristics


General characteristics
Installationdetached, removable cover for embedding
Download typefrontal
Maximum load of linen7 kg
ControlElectronic (intelligent)
Displaythere is a digital
Dimensions (WxDxH)60x61x85 cm
Weight94 kg
Classes of efficiency and power consumption
Electricity consumption classA ++
Washing efficiency classA
Spin Performance ClassB
Energy consumption0.13 kWh / kg
Water consumption for washing52 l
Spin speedup to 1400 rpm
Spin speed selectionthere is
Cancel Spinthere is
Water leakage protectionfull
Imbalance controlthere is
Foam level controlthere is
Wool washing programthere is
Special programswashing delicate fabrics, preventing crushing, super-rinsing, quick wash, wash with plenty of water, soak, pre-wash, starch
Other functions and features
Tank materialstainless steel
Noise level (wash / spin)54/77 dB
Additional featureswashing temperature selection
The number of compartments in the bath for detergents3
Additional Informationcold wash, jeans, shirts, delicate linen, Watercontrol, optical interface

Reviews of the washing machine Miele WDA 100 W CLASSIC


  • Beautiful! Stylish! Convenient interface. Everything is in Russian and everything is simple, even a first grader can handle it (not like a husband ;-) Excellent quality of washing! The choice of programs and change them in the course of washing. In the manual there are explanations to the programs (for economical Europeans) on saving electricity and water. I wash expensive cashmere, silk, wool, a honeycomb drum and a washing program that allows you not to worry about expensive and favorite things. Bed linen is placed in the drum on the whole 7 kg, while everything is stretched and rinsed. Squeezes out almost to the dry state. At 1400 about noisy, standing in the kitchen and in the room is still not audible. Do not peep at the end of the wash! It just turns on the crease prevention mode and turns the laundry on quietly. There is an express wash that really saves — 20 minutes for lightly soiled things is just superb.
  • There is a pre-soaking-wrap-up and starching-function useful for children’s or super-polluted sports or dacha things.


  • ... started washing more often because I like it :)

Probably the story of buying Miele is the same for everyone :-) I dreamed, but my husband was against it. Advice to women: try to explain the advantages of the German assembly on the example of a German car and, of course, attract the mother-in-law to your side :-) my husband gave up. And now sometimes he himself beeps from this machine. (Well, that bought before raising prices on it)
Good luck to all!
Kubeeva Varya, 2015-01-16 Evaluation 5

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