Top 4 Fish Oil Makers

We understand which fish oil is better

Attitude to fish oil from customers is ambiguous. On the one hand - the undoubted benefit of the fat of valuable varieties of fish, confirmed by many studies and practical experience. And on the other - the horror stories from the yellow press, telling about the dangers of fish oil, and almost the risk of becoming infected with special fish worms.

The truth, as always, is somewhere in the middle. Of course, helminthiasis belongs to the field of fiction, as well as an increase in body weight during the consumption of fish oil. But when you try to reduce the cost of treatment of beriberi, you can really encounter a poor-quality product from which the body will not benefit.

Therefore, the main criterion for choosing fish oil is its “authorship”. The best manufacturers of fish oil, for decades confirming the quality of their products, will not be deceived.

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
The best manufacturers of medical fish oil1Cod Liver Oil (Carlson Labs)9.5 / 101 200
2Omega-3 Fish Oil (Solgar)9.3 / 10850
The best manufacturer of edible fish oil1Fish Oil (Teva)10 / 101 200
Popular fish oil for young children1Kusalochka (Realkaps)9.2 / 10210

The best manufacturers of medical fish oil

Cod Liver Oil (Carlson Labs)
1,200 (for a package containing 100 gelatin capsules)

The main advantage of this fish oil producer is the territory where the production facilities are located. Norway is rich in fish, and Norwegian cod (from which Carlson Labs produces fish oil) is famous not only for its excellent taste, but also for its ecological purity. The coast of Norway is the place with the lowest level of industrial pollution, and the cold currents are a natural defense against the danger of a biological type (helminths, bacteria, etc.). For fish oil consumers, this means only one thing: the manufacturer can afford to minimize the process of cleaning the raw materials, due to which it retains useful components that are removed by intensive processing methods.

In addition, the Cod Liver Oil product line is quite variable so that you can choose the name that best suits the needs of the body. For example, for a long course of treatment, it makes sense to purchase fish oil in a liquid form, with a high risk of osteoporosis or recovery after a fracture — fat with supplements of vitamin D, etc.

Conclusion. High-quality product that complies with international standards for pharmaceutical and food products.


Price Cod Liver Oil will reduce the degree of optimism. The cost of the course of treatment may be overwhelming for the average family budget. But as a prophylactic vitamin supplement, Cod Liver Oil perfectly fulfills its purpose without any particular risk to the wallet.

9.5 / 10
Cod Liver Oil is the best fish oil in capsules that does not have a specific smell. The child (6 years) drank with pleasure, the size of the capsules allowed.
Omega-3 Fish Oil (Solgar)
850 (per pack of 60 capsules)

This manufacturer only produces premium fish oil. Naturally, this is primarily reflected in the cost, but not only. The concentrate of fish oil, placed gelatin capsules, is made from varieties of fish that live in cold waters, in particular, from wild Alaskan salmon. This remark about “cold water” is indicative: it is the fish from the northern seas that accumulate the most fat in themselves. There is a lot of it so that the parts of the carcass that need to be disposed of are actually disposed of, and not subjected to repeated spinning in order to get a few more grams of fish oil, but already contaminated fat. Another plus is that Solgar fish oil undergoes an obligatory molecular distillation, during which mercury, arsenic and other “charms” due to pollution of the world's oceans are removed from the raw materials.


Price, price and price again. This is the only drawback that even the most biased person can detect in this dietary supplement. And, nevertheless, the low availability of the drug Solgar reduces its assessment.

9.3 / 10
In the winter of 2015, he cut his first Solgar jar of fish oil for many, many years and, it seems, thanks to her, he avoided seasonal acute respiratory viral infections and other ills. Among other advantages, hair began to grow faster, brittle nails almost disappeared, and the skin condition improved. But most importantly, of course - the general body tone has increased in the winter months.

The best manufacturer of edible fish oil

Fish Oil (Teva)
1,200 (per pack of 100 capsules)

The drug is designed for people who are responsibly related to the prevention of atherosclerosis, heart attack, osteoporosis, etc. In this case, therapeutic doses will not be required: it is enough to maintain health at the proper level. In addition, the natural concentration of fish oil components is the minimized risk of overdosing with vitamins A and E, which tend to accumulate in the body.

Findings. An excellent and “sensible” drug that takes care of health problems before they decide to arise.


On the one hand, the high price can scare away. And on the other - one “preventive” capsule per day allows you to stretch 1 package for three months.

10 / 10
Signs of allergy appeared from domestic preparations, plus the stomach did not respond well to capsules. Teva was advised - this is the best fish oil, the second course has been cut, no unpleasant side effects.

Popular fish oil for young children

Kusalochka (Realkaps)
210 (per pack of 90 capsules)

Number 4 in our rating will be very popular with parents. Almost every modern child, one way or another, falls into the risk group for the development of vitamin deficiency. One of the most consumed substances in the growth of the body is calcium and vitamin D, which can be called the most "deficient" components in the children's diet. But how much calcium or feed - growth and now there, because without vitamin D, this mineral is simply not absorbed. And here “Kusalochka” comes to the rescue - chewable capsules with the taste of tutti-frutti, which even the most whimsical child will accept with favor. Tasty as sweets, and containing omega-3, vitamins A, E and D, these capsules will prevent vitamin deficiency and save you from developmental disorders of the musculoskeletal system. The minimum age barrier - 3 years - is still the bottom advantage of “Kusalochki”: starting from 3 years, the child’s body begins a violent transformation, which without vitamin-mineral support can lead to visual impairment, impaired psycho-emotional development, etc. Fish oil from Realkaps will help overcome this barrier without unpleasant consequences.

Findings. Affordable price, excellent taste and recommendations of parents who are tired of struggling with children's whims, allows you to call "Kusalochka" one of the best fish oil preparations for children.


Artificial flavor slightly violates the magnificence of the "100% natural" picture. But if you consider that many children can be fed fish oil only under such a “sauce”, the disadvantage ceases to seem so.

9.2 / 10
The daughter, while she was quite small, was very sick and now it is impossible to convince her to take any medicines or vitamins. I bought Kusalochka, poured it into an empty jar from under the dragee sweets, my daughter chews these vitamins, thinking it is candy.

What you need to know

Fish oil is a rather capricious substance that not only deteriorates quickly, but is also capable of forming compounds that are harmful to the body if stored improperly. Therefore, when buying and using fish oil, pay attention to the following:

  • When buying fish oil in a solution, make sure that there is as little air as possible in the vial. Ideally, the vial should be filled to the stopper, and the material of the vial should be only dark glass, no plastic.
  • Fish oil is packed in gelatin capsules, not only to eliminate the specific taste, which allows you to drink it without frowning, but also to protect against exposure to oxygen. But if half an hour after you took the capsule, an unpleasant “fishy” taste appeared in your mouth, it means that the capsule has already dissolved in the stomach, and the hiccups or belching delivered this taste to taste buds: the appearance or non-appearance of taste does not depend on the quality raw materials, and on the characteristics of your digestion.
  • If fish oil is bitter, do not continue to take it. Bitterness means that the fat has been exposed to sunlight or simply expired. And in this and in another case, it has already begun the process of decomposition of useful substances into not so useful components.
  • Learn to distinguish between medical and edible fish oil. In the first case, the drug is indicated for the prevention of beriberi and its treatment, and most often contains concentrated raw materials. Food fish oil is intended as an additive to the diet of athletes and people engaged in heavy physical labor, and its main function is to be not so much a source of vitamins and PUFA as much energy, although it also meets the first two criteria.
Attention! There are contraindications; consultation of a specialist

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