10 best home fans

Home fan: feel the wind of change

Buying a fan in the summer is an important and rather troublesome thing. However, if you know what criteria you should pay attention to, and from which models it is better to stand aside, the choice will not take much time and will be justified.

By what criteria we choose?

  • Performance (power) fan should be the main determining factor in its selection. The larger the area of ​​the room, the higher the power of the device, respectively. However, this parameter requires special attention only when purchasing a floor or wall option, whereas in the desktop fan the size of the blades will be more decisive.
  • Noise level will affect the degree of comfort of the device, especially at night. This parameter should not be higher than 40 dB, it must be written in the technical characteristics of the fan. And for the nursery or bedroom, it is desirable to prefer even 30 dB.
  • Fan motor may be based on ball bearings or bushings, the first option is more efficient and creates less noise.
  • Additional functions devices, such as lights, timer, display, and even an ionizer, of course, are not so necessary, but quite comfortable. Naturally, the price will be much higher.

What fans are not worth buying

Any company specializing in the production of household appliances, manufactures and fans, so in such a wide range it is not surprising and confused. Let's try to determine the so-called negative rating - which devices should definitely not be paid attention to:

  • Excessively light fans are undesirable because of their instability while operating at high power. Although for the wall version this factor is not critical.
  • It is wise to treat fans of unknown or little-known Chinese brands sold at an ultra-low price. If, nevertheless, it is the cheapest option that is needed, it is important to make sure that a specific instance works correctly, that there are no extraneous noises and to carefully check the equipment. Such fans are usually supplied in several pieces in one box and confusion of parts (for example, slats for the base) is almost inevitable.
CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
Best cheap floor fans1Ballu BFF-8059.5 / 101 890
2Maxwell MW-35469.4 / 102 140
The best floor fans with remote control1Xiaomi Mi Smart Fan9.8 / 109 845
2Polaris PSF 3040RC9.6 / 103 299
The best all-metal floor fans1Stadler Form Charly stand New C-0609.8 / 1016 990
2Stadler Form Q Fan Q-011 / Q-12 / Q-149.7 / 1015 990
Top table fans1Mystery MSF-24309.7 / 107 347
2AEG VL 5525 M9.6 / 101 210
3Soler & Palau ARTIC-255 N9.6 / 103 370
4Maxwell MW-35479.4 / 101 210
Top column fans1AEG T-VL 55379.4 / 107 347

Best cheap floor fans

Ballu BFF-805
1 890

Elegant steady (5 kg) axial fan with a power of 45 W is made in a high-quality plastic case on a metal telescopic leg. The diameter of the blades is impressive - about 45 cm. The noise level at the maximum speed (there are three of them) is 40 dB. Mechanical control by pressing buttons. Let's apply in rooms of different function up to 25 sq.m or for local blowing. Made in China, warranty - 1 year.

Main advantages:
  • Medium power fan with large blades.
  • Stable round stand.
  • Stand height - 130 cm.
  • Step adjustment of power of a wind flow.
  • Head rotation function (off).
  • With a standard set of functions is not the smallest price. For elegance you have to pay.
  • Not the quietest fan.
  • No remote control.
9.5 / 10
Great fan, first speed, maybe a bit noisy. Cope with its function well. Looks very stylish: black, glossy plastic, elegant shapes.
Maxwell MW-3546
2 140

An inexpensive 35 W floor fan is equipped with blades with a diameter of 40 cm. With the usual set of options for adjustment (it is set to the required height, the head turns on / off, the angular velocity of the blades is changed), there is a function of tilting the rotation axis. Push button control. Production - Hong Kong, a guarantee - 1 year.

Main advantages:
  • Fan for small spaces in quality performance.
  • The ability to change the speed of rotation.
  • There is a function to adjust the angle of the head with fixation.
  • The minimum service life of the device declared by the manufacturer is 3 years.
  • The possibility of compact storage unassembled.
  • The need for assembly before use.
  • There is no possibility to control remotely from the remote.
  • There is no shutdown timer.
  • Standard appearance, without originality.
9.4 / 10
Good fan. Faithfully served for three years. Lightweight, convenient to move throughout the room. The legs are resistant. It makes a little noise, sometimes you forget that it works. Conveniently, you can adjust the slope of the air flow.

The best floor fans with remote control

Xiaomi Mi Smart Fan
9 845

In the ranking of the best floor fans with remote control, the axial Xiaomi fan wins, which easily fits into the smart home system: it is controlled from a smartphone, tablet or laptop (you need to install an application for iOS or Android). With the help of a special application from anywhere in the world, you can program: switch the device on / off in time, the algorithm for changing the blowing speed, the angle of the head of the fan, and the control of sound signals. It is possible to choose the power of the device: from the battery or from the 220 V network. The manufacturer is China. Warranty - a year. The possibility of replacing the goods in case of breakage, without warranty repair, - within 15 days from the date of purchase.

Main advantages:
  • Smart fan for smart home and smart owners.
  • The choice of control: remote from a smartphone or push-button from the device.
  • Almost silent work at the minimum turns.
  • The possibility of programming the speed of rotation: the creation of the similarity of the wind blowing with a variable force.
  • Adjusting the angle of the head in the range of 30 ... 120 °.
  • A vtonomny mode of operation up to 16 hours: there is a battery with a capacity of 2800 mAh. To recharge it, just plug in the power cord.
  • Indication and sound notification of battery discharge.
  • Off timer after a specified number of minutes, as well as programming a specific time on / off the device.
  • Elegant laconic design.
  • There was an instruction in Russian.
  • The fan stand is not height adjustable.
  • High price.
9.8 / 10
The device is not cheap, designed for connoisseurs of increased comfort. We use in conjunction with the air conditioner: the full feeling of being in nature: a light breeze gives way to small gusts with a smooth change in direction and speed of flow.
Polaris PSF 3040RC
3 299

Next in the rating is a 55 W floor fan with three high-speed blower modes and 40 cm diameter blades. The control is mechanical, push-button. On the control panel there are LED-indicators of operating modes. The off timer is set in the range of 0.5 ... 7.5 hours with a resolution of 0.5 hours. Manufactured in China. Warranty - a year.

Main advantages:
  • Fan to create a variable air flow, has the function of "sea breeze" (change in flow rate from high to low every 3 seconds) and "sleep" (stepwise lowering of the flow rate before shutdown).
  • Rack height adjustment.
  • Change the angle of the head.
  • Work with a 90 ° rotation or in a fixed position.
  • Sleep timer
  • Remote control.
  • Low price remote-controlled model.
  • The effective combined black-and-white case.
  • Setting the timer off only every 0.5 hours.
  • There is no possibility of programming the device on / off at a certain time.
9.6 / 10
Comfortable model, you get used to the light noise and, practically, do not notice it. In the heat we fall asleep with a fan, which is then turned off by timer. Our console confidently operates within a radius of 2-3 meters from the device. It is a pity that turning the case can not be disabled from the remote ...

The best all-metal floor fans

Stadler Form Charly stand New C-060
16 990

A solid and solid fan that is the product of the fruitful collaboration of the Stadler Form team and designer Matti Walker. In the stylish appearance of the device there is a certain similarity with the outlines of the aircraft turbine. And if the powerful air flow created by the three aluminum blades only strengthens this impression, then a completely comfortable noise background (up to 56 dB) with the roar of the aircraft is not exactly associated.

The fan is designed for maintenance of rooms up to 50 m², the possibility of turning and tilting the case is realized. Power consumption depending on the selected mode - from 36 to 58 watts. The device is made entirely of metal (stainless steel, zinc, aluminum) and has a matte finish. A decent weight - 9.4 kg - in combination with a massive round stand provides maximum stability.

Main advantages:
  • 3 speeds;
  • Stylish and reliable metal performance;
  • Easy peeling blades.
  • High price tag;
  • No remote control.
9.8 / 10
The fan looks very attractive. A good interior needs a decent device, which this model fully represents. Excellent performance, reliable performance, stability. Satisfied. I do not regret the money spent.
Stadler Form Q Fan Q-011 / Q-12 / Q-14
15 990

An axial floor fan with an unusual design with a power of 40 W handles up to 2,700 m3 / h. Made of stainless steel, the device has nothing superfluous, it just performs its function well. There is a mechanical speed adjustment. The fan takes up little space, weighs a little more than 3 kg and does not need to be assembled. Stable, perfect for home or office.

Main advantages:
  • high power;
  • unusual design;
  • quiet;
  • compact;
  • does not need assembly.
  • high price;
  • small tilt angle;
  • heats up during operation.
9.7 / 10
Awesome design, after I saw it, others are not interesting at all! At first speed, it works almost silently, blowing very well.

Top table fans

Mystery MSF-2430
7 347

The modest design 35-watt desktop fan is equipped with a push-button switch. On the engine case there is a lock on / off lock for periodic turning of the device’s head during operation. Manufactured in Hong Kong. Warranty period - a year.

Main advantages:
  • Low-priced, three-speed model for writing and dining table or coffee table.
  • Adjust the tilt of the fan head.
  • A sufficiently long service life declared by the manufacturer is 5 years.
  • Disassembled and stored in a small box.
  • The flow rate changes only discretely by pressing a button. There is no function of natural wind, changing its strength.
  • From vibration of the engine can move on a smooth surface.
  • The case of budget plastic.
  • In the hot season is difficult to buy.
9.7 / 10
A good fan if you are near him. Perfectly blows a room 12 meters. We put on the nightstand near the beds on hot days: at first speed, the engine rustles almost unheard of.
AEG VL 5525 M
1 210

Next in the rating is a table fan with a power of 30 W in a steel glossy case. The model looks breathtakingly expensive and stylish. But he is not a fan of touch: fingerprints remain on the surface immediately. The device is stable thanks to a convenient stand and its decent weight. Homeland brand - Germany. Warranty - a year.

Main advantages:
  • Table fan with the necessary set of features and capabilities.
  • Three speed operation mode.
  • Head tilt adjustment.
  • Fixing in a fixed position or turning the body on when blowing.
  • Durable and "eternal" metal case.
  • Not a very high price for an all-metal fan.
  • Attractive retro style.
  • Contradictory feedback on sound levels: from “very quiet” to “buzzing like a Soviet refrigerator.”
  • Marked case.
9.6 / 10
The body is really a brand, just touch, just fingers remain. I use a special tool for steel surfaces or wet wipes for monitors. We hear the sound, but I will not say that it is unpleasant: exactly the same so as not to fall asleep at the desk.
Soler & Palau ARTIC-255 N
3 370

Model from a company specializing in the production of household and industrial fans. The tabletop device, with an impeller size of 23 cm and a height of 42 cm, has a power of 35 W, five blades for the formation of a more uniform air flow and a convenient handle for carrying. To switch the two-speed mode is a mechanical rotary switch. The brand’s birthplace is Spain. Warranty - 1 year.

Main advantages:
  • The ergonomic fan for any tables, table-tops and even window sills.
  • Relatively high maximum air flow velocity - 3.2 m / s.
  • Adjust the angle of the head.
  • Turn on / off the turning mechanism.
  • High-quality plastic case.
  • Low sound power level (according to the manufacturer).
  • Design in neutral gray with contrasting details.
  • No variable airflow function (breeze).
  • Pretty high price of a small device.
9.6 / 10
High-quality fan, 5 blades, nice design, you get used to its light noise and it is not annoying. The body does not slide on the surface of the table, the gray color is very practical. Made in China, but the look is quite European.
Maxwell MW-3547
1 210

Inexpensive low-power fan (25 W) with a blade diameter of 23 cm and a small size of the support stand fit in a small space of a computer or coffee table. There is everything you need and nothing superfluous: two options for switching the speed of the blower, periodic rotation of the fan head by 90 ° during operation, and adjustment of the inclination of the flow direction. Manufacturer - Hong Kong, warranty - 1 year.

Main advantages:
  • Compact table fan for comfortable airflow in the immediate vicinity of a person.
  • Turn on / off the rotation of the device head.
  • Setting a convenient flow direction by turning or tilting the motor housing.
  • Classic black and white design.
  • Modest appearance, inexpensive plastic.
  • A rather small price of a small device.
9.4 / 10
Like fans Maxwell: relatively inexpensive, classic design. But among them you can always find something interesting and original. Here is how this mini fan is. I put on the coffee table, enough space for newspapers and a tray with dinner.

Top column fans

AEG T-VL 5537
7 347

Floor-mounted fan with a power of 40 W with the function of rotating the housing by 75 °. In the design there are no rotating blades, with the help of an electric motor, air is sucked into the housing, accelerates, and then is pushed out at an increased speed. The case with a diametrical size of 12.5 cm and a height of 118 cm is mounted on a base of 32 cm in diameter. The product is combined, made of high quality plastic and stainless steel. Weight - just over 5 kg. When you turn off, it remembers the last settings that it reproduces when turned on. Manufacturer - China. Warranty - 1 year.

Main advantages:
  • Modern fan is quite futuristic look with a rational set of functions.
  • Three stage blower speed. There is a sea breeze simulator (a gradual set of power, blowing at the maximum, then a drop in the flow rate).
  • Remote control included.
  • Off timer for 2, 4 or 8 hours.
  • Compact model with a simple assembly, you only need to attach the base with 6 bolts.
  • Competent and clear instructions.
  • Safe: no rotating blades.
  • There is an opinion that fans of this type are rather an office option, and at home they are comfortable during the daytime, but at night engine noise will interfere. Although, some customer reviews claim otherwise.
  • No height adjustment.
  • Well, a very small remote control that needs a direct line of contact with the sensor on the fan. However, there is a convenient shelf for the console on the device.
  • A rather big price, a short warranty period for such a price.
9.4 / 10
Very stylish column fan, will fit into any interior. Blowing well, even, it seems to us, cools the air. Does not wake at night, buzzes moderately. For a long time, the combination of colored indicators in the settings was memorized.

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