6 best body scrubs

Fragrant cleansing of your skin

Surely in the bathroom of each girl there are several irreplaceable tubes, bottles and bottles that help her to remain beautiful and well-groomed. And, of course, among them there is a good scrub or peeling for the body - after all, a thorough cleansing without such means is unthinkable! It is these helpers that make it possible to get rid of the keratinous cell layer, fight cellulite, prevent hair growth after epilation, and improve blood circulation. And, in the end, it's just nice to pamper yourself with a massage with a thick aromatic mass, which makes the skin incredibly velvety and tender, a couple of times a week. Moreover, the beauty market now and then seduces women with a huge assortment of fragrant scrubs in stylish jars - in a word, it is impossible to resist buying!

However, despite the diversity, choosing the best scrub for yourself beloved is not an easy task. They are cream, gel and oil, warming and cooling, with a different abrasive base, on which the softness or rigidity of the peeling depends, or even non-abrasive. Therefore, when going shopping, you need to know exactly which scrub to prefer.

Learn to choose the right body scrub

For girls with particularly sensitive or overdried skin, it is better to purchase a so-called non-abrasive body scrub - one in which enzymes or fruit acids are added instead of peeling granules.

Those who want to make the skin more satin and smooth, like scrubs with natural and essential oils, with plant extracts and other nutritional components in the composition.

For the fight against cellulite, warming body scrubs with the addition of caffeine, pepper, cinnamon, seaweed extract or horse chestnut, vitamin B3, citrus essential oils are best suited.

As for abrasive particles, the most popular "fillers" for scrub are cane sugar, sea salt and coffee. You can also find peels with chopped nutshell, ground apricot or grape seeds, volcanic sand, rice flour - lots of variations!

And to choose the best body scrub will help you our rating, built based on the opinions of experts and reviews of ordinary users.

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
The best body scrubs for normal skin1Natura Siberica sea buckthorn honey10 / 10240
2Organic Shop Raspberry Cream9.9 / 10240
The best body scrub for sensitive skin1Planeta Organica Jamaican Coconut and Organic Papaya Oil10 / 10230
2Black Pearl Perfect Caffeinated Skin9.7 / 10250
The best anti-cellulite body scrub1Jurassic Spa Anti-Cellulite9.9 / 10600
The best non-abrasive body scrub1Aravia Organic with Fruit Peel Acids9.8 / 101 170

The best body scrubs for normal skin

Natura Siberica sea buckthorn honey
240 (300 ml)

Natura Siberica Sea Buckthorn Scrub has become a bestseller of the brand. He was recognized as the best body scrub according to the readers of the Allure publication and received an award from a magazine. As an abrasive base, sea salt and ground shells of pine nuts are used here, and buckwheat honey and oils in the composition will make the skin soft and pleasant to the touch. Beauty blogger Alena Vishnyakova (Juravlinka) called this scrub one of its favorites and advised him to try it.

The texture of the tool is jelly, but at the same time rather dense and viscous, saturated with a large number of exfoliating particles. Scrub gives a wonderful massage effect, does not irritate the skin, does not leave a feeling of stickiness. The volume of the jar is 300 ml.

Main advantages:
  • has a good volume;
  • very economical.
  • may not be suitable for dry skin.
10 / 10
This is not a scrub, but insanely beautiful and fragrant sea buckthorn jam - I just want to taste it! My permanent favorite, I have been using for more than a year and still enjoy every procedure.
Organic Shop Raspberry Cream
240 (250 ml)

The body scrub of the domestic company Organic Shop was based on cane sugar, flavored with raspberry extract, cream and coconut oil. This combination of components allows you to carefully remove dead cells and moisturize the skin without damaging it. Many girls consider it one of the best inexpensive body scrubs.

The scrub has a thick, viscous, but delicate texture. It is easily distributed over the body, slightly washed, quickly washed off. Does not scratch, does not dry the skin and makes it more silky. The volume of the jar is 250 ml.

Main advantages:
  • natural composition;
  • moderate consumption;
  • suitable even for sensitive skin.
  • someone may seem too soft.
9.9 / 10
Very successful scrub - pleasant looking, fragrant, sparing. At the same time peels to the top five - smooth skin. Most often I use it for the upper body, and for legs I prefer more rigid means.

The best body scrub for sensitive skin

Planeta Organica Jamaican Coconut and Organic Papaya Oil
230 (450 ml)

Scrub from Planeta Organica has a sugar abrasive base with the addition of coconut chips, as well as saturated oils of coconut, papaya and apricot seeds. Due to this composition, it gently exfoliates and deeply nourishes the skin, making it velvety and smooth, and stimulates cell regeneration processes. For his properties, he deserved hundreds of positive reviews from girls across the country.

The texture of the scrub is moderately dense, slightly oily, melting. It is easily distributed throughout the body, it does not pinch the skin and does not tighten it. Does not give the effect of a greasy film. The volume of a jar is 450 ml.

Main advantages:
  • low cost;
  • very large volume;
  • economical consumption;
  • UV protection;
  • suitable for normal and sensitive skin.
10 / 10
This is the best body scrub in my collection - and I have a lot of them! Huge jar, elegant fruit flavor, perfect consistency. With him I feel in the bathroom, like on a paradise beach!
Black Pearl Perfect Caffeinated Skin
250 (200 ml)

The manufacturer assures that thanks to regular massage with “Perfect Skin” scrub, each girl can easily make her body more elastic and fit, as well as improve blood microcirculation in tissues. Exfoliating component in this tool are apricot seeds finely ground, and caffeine is designed to further tone and smooth the skin.

The texture of the scrub is creamy, comfortable, slightly flowing, not oversaturated with abrasive particles. For those who love hard peeling, it is most likely not suitable, but more sensitive girls will surely like it - it will not dry out and does not injure the skin. The volume of the tube - 200 ml.

Main advantages:
  • suitable for sensitive skin;
  • does not cause irritation.
  • small volume;
  • not very economical expense.
9.7 / 10
For me, this is the best body scrub - I have tried others, but I still come back to Black Pearl. I love delicate gel peels with a delicious smell. Anyone who is looking for something like that, feel free to advise.

The best anti-cellulite body scrub

Jurassic Spa Anti-Cellulite
600 (300 ml)

Eco-friendly anti-cellulite scrub from Jurassic Spa has become the best for many fans of organic cosmetics. Its abrasive base was made up of relic salt and ground coffee, and garcinia extract and cinnamon essential oil help them to fight with orange peel. The manufacturer recommends to massage the problem areas of the skin with a scrub for a minute, then leave it for a few more minutes for exposure and only then wash it off.

The texture of the product is mousse, pleasant, pliable. With continued use, the scrub smoothes and tones the skin, makes it satin and more elastic, gives a drainage effect. Does not dry. The volume of the jar is 300 ml.

Main advantages:
  • natural composition;
  • large volume;
  • enough for a long time.
  • Expiry scrub has a shelf life of 3 months;
  • rather big price
9.9 / 10
Scrub is incredible! For me, as for an inveterate coffee-machine, this is the best you could think of, a pure thrill! In addition, the composition is just perfect - in general, try everything!

The best non-abrasive body scrub

Aravia Organic with Fruit Peel Acids
1,170 (150 ml)

The acid peeling of the professional Russian brand Aravia is designed to gently cleanse the skin, smooth it out, refresh it and increase its elasticity. With regular use, it improves the texture of the tissues and gives the body a healthy glow. Instead of scrubbing granules, optimally balanced fruit acids are included in the composition, thanks to which the product is suitable for all skin types.

The peeling texture is gel, slightly sticky, translucent. Apply it to dry skin, leaving for 10 minutes, and then rinse with napkins and water. During the procedure, a slight tingling may occur - this is a normal reaction. But burning should not be! Before use it is worth getting acquainted with the list of contraindications. The volume of the bottle - 150 ml.

Main advantages:
  • cumulative effect;
  • economical spending;
  • convenient pump dispenser.
  • small volume;
  • high price.
9.8 / 10
I bought a remedy with acids for the first time - I was a little worried about the reaction of the skin, but everything turned out great! Peeling is really delicate and gentle, and the skin after it is like silk!

How to use body scrubs?

Scrubs work best on steamed skin, because the ideal option is to massage them after a warm bath, bath or sauna. After the procedure, apply a nourishing or moisturizing cream on the skin.

But do not forget: everything is good in moderation! And this also applies to the use of scrubs. Mistresses of oily and normal skin can be peeled twice a week, and owners of dry and sensitive will be enough once. Too frequent application will make the skin thin and irritated, will violate its protective functions. Moreover, the older a woman is, the less often she needs an abrasive scrub.

We hope that now it will be much easier for you to decide on the best body peeling. We wish him to please you!

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