7 best shampoos for fine hair

Thin and chic - mission possible!

Thin hair is capricious and requires increased attention. But they can be very beautiful, if you provide them with the right care. In the struggle for luxurious and healthy thin hair, good shampoo plays a far from last, if not the main, role.

Criteria for choosing the best shampoo for fine hair

Here is a list of substances in the shampoo that you need to look for on the label:

  • provitamin B5 - thickens the hair, enveloping it with a film;
  • keratin - tightens the hair structure without weighing it down;
  • silk proteins - align the hair structure, restore the cuticle;
  • seaweed - tighten, saturate the hair with microelements;
  • plant extracts and natural oils - solve broad problems: strengthen, moisturize, fight against fat or dryness.

Thin hair can be dry, oily, normal and mixed (oily at the roots and dry at the tips). Different types of shampoos are designed to solve a specific problem: to deal with oiliness or dryness, moisturize hair, add volume, etc. For each situation, you need to look for "your" means, so shampoos for fine hair are so diverse.

Shampoo manufacturers for fine hair

Manufacturers of professional cosmetics produce a huge range of shampoos suitable for fine hair: Collistar, L'Oreal, Wella, Kerastase, Vichy and others. These are compacting, volume-forming and strengthening hair structure. They are characterized by the use of expensive polymeric compounds, enveloping and protecting hair.

The makers of the pharmacy lines of shampoos: Paul Mitchel, Cora, Nature Gate and others - rely on the power of natural components and use their own developments. The mass market also offers shampoos for the volume and strengthening of hair (for example, Pantene, Herbal Essenses, Shamtu and others).

“Expert pricing” considered the properties of several shampoos for fine hair that meet specified criteria and are popular with women.

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
The best luxury shampoos for fine hair1L'Oreal Professionnel Volumetry Salicelic Acid + HydraLighht10 / 10780
2Wella System Professional Volumize9.9 / 101 674
3Nioxin System 39.9 / 101 106
The best shampoos of the middle price segment for fine hair1Syoss Volume Сollagen & Lift9.9 / 10252
2Avalon Organics Biotin B-Complex9.7 / 101 285
3Green Pharma Organic Volume9.6 / 10260
The best inexpensive shampoos for fine hair1Pure Line Volume and strength for thin and weak hair9.0 / 10100

The best luxury shampoos for fine hair

L'Oreal Professionnel Volumetry Salicelic Acid + HydraLighht
780 (for a bottle of 250 ml)

Our L'Oreal Professionnel French shampoo for thin hair opens our ranking of the best shampoos for thin hair; it has become a sales hit and promises to produce a push-up effect that lasts 72 hours. It contains salicylic acid and special active complexes that allow to moisturize the hair along the entire length, improve their appearance, give softness and radiance, strengthen and impart incredible pomp.

This shampoo gives excellent foaming, washes to a squeak, does not weigh down the hair and does not fatten them, does not provoke dry scalp. With it, your hair stays fresh and clean longer. Available in 250, 500 and 750 ml bottles.

Main advantages:
  • caring qualities;
  • economical use;
  • lasting effect;
  • presence of several volumes.
10 / 10
This puzatenky bottle of shampoo overnight became my favorite! He is my best helper in hair care, which now always looks mobile, healthy and sleek! I advise.
Wella System Professional Volumize
1,674 (for a bottle of 250 ml)

German brand Wella shampoo, created on the basis of a special polymer complex with creatine and proteins, is designed to gently and gently cleanse the hair and scalp from impurities, strengthen thin, weakened strands and saturate them with beneficial substances, as well as add additional volume to the hairstyle.

This shampoo foams well, quickly washed off, does not dry hair and does not entangle them. After washing, they become crumbly, shiny and pleasant to the touch, noticeably rise at the roots, even with natural drying, easier to fit. The product does not irritate the scalp. Available in 250, 500 and 1000 ml bottles. You can also find it in the trial version of 30 ml.

Main advantages:
  • small consumption;
  • long lasting effect;
  • sold in different quantities.
9.9 / 10
For the first time I saw this shampoo in the salon with my master. I bought myself the same one, since it ideally suited my sparse and brittle hair - this is absolutely the best product I've ever tried!
Nioxin System 3
1 106 (per bottle of 300 ml)

The three-step system for thin, chemically treated and falling hair from the American brand Nioxin includes shampoo, moisturizing conditioner and nourishing mask. It was this system that became the sales leader among professional cosmetics for fine hair in the United States. Each of its products can be purchased separately, although the manufacturer recommends complex use.

Purifying shampoo from this system contains panthenol, keratin and plant extracts. It soothes, moisturizes and refreshes the scalp, preserving its lipid barrier, eliminates dandruff, and also makes the hair stronger, more luxurious and well-groomed. Available in bottles of 150, 300 and 1000 ml.

Main advantages:
  • economical spending;
  • cumulative effect;
  • availability of different volumes.
9.9 / 10
I ordered the entire system in the smallest format. Shampoo immediately subdued menthol aroma and cooling effect and from the first application soothed itchy scalp! He is not for nothing called the best!

The best shampoos of the middle price segment for fine hair

Syoss Volume Сollagen & Lift
252 (500 ml)

German shampoo brand Syoss with hydrolyzed keratin and collagen and apricot kernel oil is designed to give thin and sparse hair healthy strength and natural vibrant, strengthen them and noticeably lift at the roots, as well as resist electrifying strands. The manufacturer advises to use it in a pair with a similar express conditioner.

Shampoo perfectly distributed and easily washed off, perfectly cleans the hair, making it smooth, moving, silky and very lush, especially after drying with a hairdryer. The volume of the bottle is 500 ml.

Main advantages:
  • acceptable cost;
  • economical spending;
  • does not contain silicones;
  • large volume.
  • without balsam can dry.
9.9 / 10
I was attracted by the fact that the shampoo does not contain silicones - I decided to buy it and did not lose. Now he is the best for me in everything: I like his effect, smell, big packaging and small consumption, I recommend!
Avalon Organics Biotin B-Complex
1 285 (414 ml)

Avalon Organics Biotin B-complex - a popular organic shampoo for fine hair. Avalon is an unusual shampoo, but most women who use it have noted the undoubted effect of this product. The shampoo does not add volume, it has another function - to consolidate the hair, improve its structure, reduce fragility. When used, the hair stays fresh and clean longer. It is especially good for greasy hair, because deep cleansing. With dry hair, you need to wash their hair less often.

Main advantages:
  • reasonable price (rare for organics);
  • 70% natural composition;
  • good sealing and strengthening qualities.
  • the price is low only when ordering in online stores;
  • does not add volume;
  • foams worse than regular shampoo (property of all organic detergents);
  • not suitable for frequent use on dry hair (dries).
9.7 / 10
This organic shampoo for fine hair perfectly cleans my very, very greasy hair after the first wash. Hair becomes soft, not greasy, but not dry.
Green Pharma Organic Volume
260 (250 ml)

Natural shampoo domestic company Green Pharma with extracts of honeysuckle, guarana, ginseng and Japanese angelica promises thinning and weak hair thickening and volume increase. In addition, it prevents their loss, makes it strong and strong, adds shine and lightness to the strands. For all this, many girls in the reviews call it the best shampoo for fine hair in terms of price and quality.

The shampoo gently acts on the hair, rinses well, does not make them heavy, does not entangle. It gives vitality and a healthy glow, makes it more lush and resistant to negative external influences, nourishes and facilitates the process of installation. The manufacturer recommends washing their heads twice in a row. The volume of the bottle - 250 ml.

Main advantages:
  • democratic price;
  • small consumption;
  • organic composition.
  • small volume.
9.6 / 10
Despite the fact that I am not a special fan of organics, this is the best shampoo for my fine hair in all my rather big collection! I bought out of pure curiosity, and now I only use it. Inexpensive and efficient, super!

The best inexpensive shampoos for fine hair

Pure Line Volume and strength for thin and weak hair
100 (for a bottle of 250 ml)

Russian shampoo from the company Pure Line with phytokeratin complex to improve the basal volume and decoction of medicinal herbs is designed to increase the thickness, strength and elasticity of the hair, strengthen them, and nourish and moisturize the scalp. The manufacturer assures that the effectiveness of the shampoo will be tripled if used in conjunction with the same balm.

The shampoo helps the hair to not get tangled and easier to comb, gives them a silky softness and a beautiful shine, does not overdry the scalp and does not provoke dandruff. Produced in bottles of 250 and 400 ml.

Main advantages:
  • low cost;
  • the presence of two volumes;
  • economical consumption.
  • can dry hair;
  • not suitable for everyone.
9.0 / 10
We use this shampoo with her husband, both of them are satisfied!

What shampoo for thin hair is better to choose?

Despite the abundance of good and effective shampoos, “Price Expert” is unlikely to be able to give universal advice on choosing the only true remedy for capricious thin hair.

Moreover, the doctors-trichologists advise to regularly change the brand of shampoo. Microorganisms that live on the scalp, get used to the same tool, and it ceases to act on them - as a result, dandruff, itching and other unpleasant consequences may appear.

Try different shampoos, correctly identifying your type of fine hair and paying attention to the information on the package - to find the perfect ones for you. Many manufacturers offer samples of their funds - 1-2 wash.

Have a good shopping!

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