8 best manufacturers of stamped discs

Reliable wheels for the budget

Modern punching machines implement very intricate shapes and architectures, unusual for steel wheels 10 years ago. Today, the choice, if not reached a peak, is already very close to it. In the range - wheels are cheaper, more expensive, easier, heavier, matte, glossy, any.

We chose the top 8 manufacturers of stamped discs, whose products have been tested for compliance with GOST, which regulates the strength, mass and durability.

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
Top Brand Branded Disc Manufacturers1Dotz9.9 / 104 800
2KFZ9.8 / 105 058
3Kronprinz9.7 / 101 990
The best manufacturers of low cost stamped discs1KrKZ9.7 / 105 058
2Mefro9.7 / 105 058
3TZSK9.5 / 101 750
4Eurodisk9.3 / 10950
5Trebl9.2 / 101 140

Top Brand Branded Disc Manufacturers

4,800 (popular model Dotz Dakar)
German "stamps" Dotz are of high quality and variety of models. At two factories in Germany, products are tested at each stage of production. Compliance with high safety standards, strength and durability put stamped Dotz discs among the best. Additionally, rim strength tests are performed under load and increased pressure. The cost is quite high, but for their money, the consumer gets effective anti-corrosion treatment, a stylish design and a sturdy construction, verified by a millimeter by experienced engineers.
Main advantages:
  • Grinding of the surface is performed using the smallest ceramic balls, which eliminates the appearance of holes in the process.
  • All products have been certified TUV, regulating the safety of vehicles and individual components.
  • High-strength hot-rolled steel complies with European norms and standards.
  • The range of over 5 thousand models.
  • Filling the market with fakes.
  • High price.
9.9 / 10
I bought in my own time wheels vigorous, in my opinion, very suitable for the "Volga". Wheels Dotz Dakar 15R and rubber cheapest - "Rosava". 7 years of operation in the "city / countryside / highway" without any complaints.
5,058 (popular model KFZ 7610)
Austrian brand KFZ needs no introduction. Major concerns supply cars in the basic configuration on the disks of this brand - Toyota, Volkswagen, General Motors. The technological production cycle is fully automated. Laser control of the finished product eliminates any defects. The cost of a standard KFZ design starts from $ 15, for style and a large radius you will have to pay the same amount.
Main advantages:
  • The disc resists great shock.
  • Resistance to corrosion at a high level, which is achieved by the use of a three-layer coating of metal with special powder mixtures on polymer bases Basf and Henkel.
  • KFZ steel wheels are 15% lighter than famous competitors.
  • For the manufacture of disks using special high-strength steel. Manufactured products KFZ receives certificates TUV and KBA.
  • Oxidative processes at the ends of the surfaces.
9.8 / 10
Over 4 years of operation of the discs of the problems: a corrosive deposit around the vents is a trifling question, easily washed off under pressure. I consider KFZ to be the best stampings for today both in quality and cost.
1 990 (popular model Kronprinz 51)
The company is a pioneer in its field. In 1903, the engineering division registered a patent for the production of steel rims with a removable rim. Kronprinz wheels are distinguished by the quality of anti-corrosion three-layer coating, durability, accuracy of geometrical parameters. It is worth all this, of course, not cheap, but if you are not used to saving on quality, these stamped discs are yours.
Main advantages:
  • A variety of model range, there is a complex stamping.
  • Resistance to corrosion, steel primer and put three layers of paint.
  • The products are certified according to TUV standards, fully complies with international safety requirements.
  • High-grade steel, weakly subject to aging.
  • Relatively high cost.
  • Insufficient geometrical resistance to side impact.
9.7 / 10
There are various opinions and rumors about Kronprinz products, I personally bought on the advice of a friend, for 2 years I did not regret. A decent number of pits and several unexpected speed bumps were caught during this time; not a single disk was bent.

The best manufacturers of low cost stamped discs

5,058 (popular Renault KrKZ model)
The largest in Ukraine Kremenchug Wheel Plant was founded in 1961, and since then it has achieved great success in “discostoring”. In its arsenal - over 500 modifications of wheels for trucks, trailers, buses and trolley buses. In the manufacture of pressed discs used imported equipment. Users mark the high quality of painting. Low price also speaks in favor of disks KRKZ.
Main advantages:
  • Low cost
  • Modern painting technology - powder or two-component enamel is applied using both electrostatic and tribostatic methods
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Decent design
  • Big weight of disks
  • Low side impact resistance
9.7 / 10
For stamped discs for 700 rubles very well, one day after a strong blow, I had to roll one wheel - nothing criminal, steel did not burst, which is already an indicator. But, I can not recommend, for the money today, you can pick up something better. The discs are very heavy.
5,058 (popular model Mefro 515103)
Wheels Mefro known in Russia since 1997. The products are certified in Rosstandart and received recognition from domestic consumers. Production facilities are located in Germany and South Korea. The company produces about 22 million drives for cars and trucks annually. The use of core grades of steel and corrosion protection makes these wheels durable in difficult operating conditions. Prices for stamped Mefro wheels are quite affordable.
Main advantages:
  • Lack of radial beat.
  • The disc withstands a side impact on the curb, keeping the pressure in the tubeless tire - this is confirmed by a test carried out by the Autoreview magazine ().
  • A protective layer of zinc with subsequent cathode deposition of soil and several layers of aluminum powder protects the disks from chemical and mechanical effects.
  • Low price
  • Filling the market with fakes
9.7 / 10
Good stamped wheels, one of the best among the inexpensive ones, rust began to appear after 3 years, which, with my driving style, is a very good result.
1 750 (popular model TZSK Renault)
The production capacity of the Togliatti steel wheels plant is 1.4 million discs per year. TZSK is a full-cycle enterprise: stamping, profiling of the rim, welding, painting are performed here. These are the lightest stamped discs in our ranking. Attracts affordable price and quality, which the manufacturer raises from year to year. Marketing strategy is based on sales of discs for specific models of cars.
Main advantages:
  • Low mass
  • High strength.
  • Low price.
  • Priming and painting is carried out by the method of cataphoresis.
  • The softness of the metal.
  • The fragility of paint.
9.5 / 10
Highly recommended, best cheap stamped discs. I've been riding VAZ wheels for five years already - yes, rust started three years later, but we have very hard winter powder in Pavlograd, it eats even aluminum foreign cars.
950 (popular model 52E45H)
The production of discs is organized at a joint Uzbek-Swiss-English venture. High-tech shops are equipped with Spanish and American machines. The wheels are made of steel of the Severstal concern and the Slovak company Steel Koshise. Technical tests and research of the products of the joint venture "Eurasia TAPO-Disk" conducted a laboratory at MADI, which confirmed compliance with international standards. Consumer properties correspond to a low retail price. No need to wait on these discs too much - and you definitely will not be disappointed.
Main advantages:
  • Highly accurate balancing, no radial oscillations.
  • The stability of the paint coating and primer to road reagents.
  • Low price.
  • Anti-corrosion resistance at an average level.
  • The softness of the metal.
9.3 / 10
Not a bad option. I bought Astero from Eurodisk for 800 rubles a piece. I have been driving for three years, corrosion has just begun to show through. As for the metal, it is quite durable, it does not get tired - it was checked by a blow against a speed bump at 80km / h. Recommend.
1,140 (popular model Trebl 4375)
The Chinese manufacturer is still to some extent a lottery. However, the export products of this company are supplied to the countries of Europe, Asia and North America. TREBL discs are stamped in accordance with international standards, the ISO 9001 standard is in place at the factories, which allowed them to assemble cars in the base from GM, Ford, Volkswagen. Yes, the wheels are soft, they are not the best anti-corrosion treatment, but the low price redeems everything. These brand wheels are best suited for a neat ride on good surfaces.
Main advantages:
  • Low cost.
  • Lack of radial beats, the design is well balanced.
  • The plants are equipped with modern automatic lines, a phased control of geometric accuracy and paint coating is being conducted.
  • Chinese steel has never been famous indicators of strength and resistance to "fatigue".
  • Low corrosion protection.
9.2 / 10
Yes, it is a very soft metal that thousands of car owners continue tirelessly in dozens of forums. He took, because there was no money. But they served stamping for 4 years, during which time they repainted and rolled onto the service station once.

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