15 best dishwashers

2019 rating: the best dishwashers according to experts and buyers

Is a dishwasher able to handle dirty dishes as well as the hands of the hostess? It turns out, yes. Dishwashers take their rightful place in our kitchens. They really save water, light, your strength and time. It remains to figure out how to choose a good dishwasher.

We represent you the best representatives of dishwashers according to buyers in 2018. The rating is prepared taking into account data from the Yandex.market service and customer reviews left on specialized resources. Selection criteria:

  • the quality of washing and drying;
  • feature set;
  • ease of management and use.

The best firms - manufacturers of dishwashers

The undoubted leader in this field is the German concern B / S / H, represented on the domestic market by a large number of Bosch and Siemens models from the simplest to the premium. To a large extent, the popularity is due to the fact that the dishwashers of these brands are assembled in Germany or, at least, in Poland.

In the premium segment, Scandinavian manufacturer Asko is traditionally strong. It is less often possible to meet the sale of products of famous German brands Miele and Gaggenau, but because of the price, such PMM are not widely available.

In the middle price range, Whirlpool and Electrolux dishwashers are confidently claiming that they are able to argue with some of the much more expensive competitors.

The niche of the best budget dishwashers is shared by Candy and Flavia. As for the latter brand, the statements of some sellers about its Italian origin are very controversial. Simply put, this is quite a good, but still budget equipment originally from China, should not be sold at the same price as the products of well-known companies.

Ranking of the best dishwashers 2018 - beginning of 2019

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
Best Compact Freestanding Dishwashers1Bosch Serie 4 SKS62E229.6 / 1031 750
2Midea MCFD-55320 S9.4 / 1016 990
3Candy CDCP 6 / E9.3 / 1014 690
The best "narrow" (45 cm) freestanding dishwashers1Miele G 4620 SC Active9.9 / 1054 900
2Bosch Serie 4 SPS46MI01E9.8 / 1014 690
3Candy CDP 2D1149 W9.6 / 1014 690
4Bosch Serie 2 SPS25FW12R9.5 / 1028 799
Top full-size (60 cm) dishwashers1Asko D 5436 W9.9 / 1056 900
2Bosch Serie 4 SMS 44GW00 R9.7 / 1045 990
Top compact, fully integrated dishwashers1MAUNFELD MLP-06IM9.4 / 1019 990
2Flavia CI 55 Havana P59.3 / 1023 756
The best built-in narrow (45 cm) dishwashers1Bosch Serie 6 SPV66TD10R9.9 / 1079 910
2Electrolux ESL 94585 RO9.8 / 1035 990
3BEKO DIS 390209.7 / 1023 945
4Whirlpool ADG 4229.6 / 1027 070
The best full-size built-in dishwashers1Asko D 5546 XL9.9 / 1074 900
2Bosch Serie 4 SMV46KX00 ​​E9.8 / 1035 226
3Asko D5536 XL9.7 / 1059 900
4BEKO DIN 243109.5 / 1019 060

Best Compact Freestanding Dishwashers

Bosch Serie 4 SKS62E22
31 750

Desktop model from the German brand, assembled in Spain. The compact size and ease of installation makes this dishwasher the best option for small kitchens, as well as a completely mobile device for use in a cottage or in a rented apartment.

Key features:

  • Good capacity - 6 sets;
  • 6 types of programs, including the pre-rinse mode;
  • Special VarioSpeed ​​mode, which reduces the washing and drying time by 2 times without loss of quality;
  • AquaSensor, which provides perfect washing quality by controlling the transparency of the water;
  • Low noise operation up to 48 dB;
  • Automatic recognition of detergents (3 in 1).

The difference between analogues SKS 62E22 and 62E88 only in the color of the case - white or silver.

Main advantages:
  • Display and delayed start timer up to 24 hours;
  • Extras;
  • Energy class - A, wash - A, drying - A.
  • High price.
9.6 / 10
Among the compact desktop dishwashers in terms of functionality, perhaps the best model. Particularly pleased with the presence of VarioSpeed ​​and the program of careful washing of glass and porcelain. The price is rather big, but the assembly is European, not China.
Midea MCFD-55320 S
16 990

Our rating of the best dishwashers continues to be a very good PMM from a decent “Chinese” who has earned a good reputation in just such a status. The model is quite nice in appearance, it works quietly - 49 dB, it holds 6 full sets of dishes, it is economical in water consumption (6.5 l) and energy (class A +).

The number of programs - 6, including a 30-minute fast. The electronic control panel consists of buttons, LED-indicators and a digital display that displays the progress of work and the delayed start time (1-24 hours), if activated. 6-level adjustment for water hardness is supported.

It's nice that in the user manual the manufacturer outlined recommendations for optimizing the loading of various types of dishes. The considered model has a silver case, but there is an alternative version in a more traditional white color.

Main advantages:
  • Affordable price;
  • Washing / drying class - A / A;
  • Indication of the absence of salt, rinse;
  • Compatibility with All in One detergents;
  • Decent warranty period - 24 months.
  • No automatic program;
  • There is no Aqua Stop system.
9.4 / 10
Inexpensive functional dishwasher. Essentially important was the presence of the display. Used more often in standard and 90-minute mode. Put inside the cabinet, hiding behind the door. The quality of the washing is completely satisfied.
Candy CDCP 6 / E
14 690

Not everyone can afford Bosch, no matter how handsome he is, good. And the format of the compact desktop “dishwasher” does not inspire many people for serious material costs. Here then rescues Candy. The price tag is available even against the background of pseudo-European and quite honest Chinese brands, workmanship at a decent level.

The popular CDCP 6 / E-07 model (white, there is a silver analogue of the CDCP 6 / ES-07) has dimensions of 43.8x55x50 cm (HxWxD), designed for 6 sets of dishes standard for this size. Electronic control button. There are 6 washing programs: intensive 70 ° С, normal 60 ° С, economical 50 ° С, delicate for glass 45 ° С, daily 65 ° С, fast 40 ° С (30 minutes).

Drying type - condensation. Noise level 51 dB. Protection against leakage standard (body). You can manually set the optimal mode depending on the local water hardness. PMM is made in China, the warranty period is 12 months.

Main advantages:
  • Energy efficiency class - A +;
  • LED indication of program progress, low salt level, rinse aid;
  • Sound notification of the end of the cycle;
  • 3 in 1 detergent support;
  • Water consumption - 6.5 l.
  • No display with countdown timer;
  • Residual moisture after drying.
9.3 / 10
Washes dishes well. Of course, much depends on the quality of the powder or tablets. The design of the basket is quite convenient. The machine works quietly enough. At the end of the process water remains on the walls, but the dishes are dry.

The best "narrow" (45 cm) freestanding dishwashers

Miele G 4620 SC Active
54 900

Opens our ranking of the best narrow dishwashers Miele G 4620 SC Active. The German company Miele does not need advertising. For many years, the brand has been considered the benchmark for quality, and in the case of the G 4620 SC Active dishwasher, the myth is also debunked that the brand’s products are available only to the select few. The model is 45 cm wide, produced in the Czech Republic, it is made in brilliant white color and holds up to 9 sets of dishes.

The design provides a sliding top tray for small cups and cutlery, the door is equipped with a Comfort Close door closer with the ability to lock in the selected position. Management - electronic. The 3-digit 7-section display supports delayed start up to 24 hours, indication of remaining time, trouble codes.

6 main programs of washing, 5 modes of heating are available. There is an incomplete loading function, the technology of water supply alternately for each rocker is implemented. Safety is maintained thanks to the leakproof waterproof system, there is a door lock and child control, a control indicator. The noise level is low - 46 dB.

Main advantages:
  • Automatic program with an economical water consumption (from 6.5 liters);
  • Drying Turbothermic (recirculation) with an intelligent SensorDry sensor (ideal result regardless of the amount of dishes and the temperature in the room);
  • The technology of careful handling of glass Perfect GlassCare;
  • The ability to connect to a hot water tap (up to 60 ° C) in order to save electricity (up to 50%);
  • Branded warranty for 2 years.
  • Somewhat conservative design.
9.9 / 10
We looked at models of other German brands and almost accidentally stumbled across the Internet on Miele. We compared the characteristics - a very good dishwasher, everything is great, the price is within reason, technology is at its height. And prestigious, damn it! Very pleased.
Bosch Serie 4 SPS46MI01E
14 690

Excellent dishwasher from the German company with excellent characteristics. By default, it is intended for a European, rather than a purely Russian sales market, because some parameters differ markedly for the better. How can you not recall the double standards.

SPS46MI01E is made in a stylish design, body color - stainless steel, width - 45 cm. Capacity - 9 sets of dishes. Management - electronic with a digital display. Functionality: 6 basic washing programs, including Auto. It complements their good set of special functions: VarioSpeed ​​Plus (cycle three times shorter while maintaining class A), Hygiene Plus, Extra-drying, cleaning program Machine Care.

The PMM works very quietly - 44 dB, the water consumption is 8.5 liters, the temperature regimes are 5, a delayed start timer is available from 1 to 24 hours. In the upper part of the chamber there is an additional tray for small cups, cutlery. For security purposes, the child protection feature has been implemented.

Main advantages:
  • Hydraulic system Active Water;
  • Load sensor, Aqua Sensor (water transparency);
  • VarioFlex box with simulated space for different types of dishes, the top basket with the Rackmatic-3 system (movable in height);
  • Full Aqua Stop with warranty, limited only by the service life;
  • Class A + energy consumption.
  • Not everyone can afford;
  • Expensive post-warranty repair (if necessary).
9.8 / 10
Cool dishwasher with chic features. VarioSpeed ​​is really convenient. Although in this mode of water is spent a little more, but sometimes you need to deal with the dishes as quickly as possible. The term "German quality" model corresponds to all 100%.
Candy CDP 2D1149 W
14 690

Candy dishwashers are a very serious player on the market. Albeit in the budget segment. No need to go far. Here is an inexpensive high-quality dishwasher - CDP 2D1149 W, available even to owners of not very “plump” wallets. At the same time, the PMM performs its functions regularly, the characteristics are very decent.

Color - white, there is a version of "stainless steel" with the letter X instead of W in the specification. Electronic control system with buttons and digital display. Capacity manufacturer stated quite serious - 11 sets. The number of programs is 7. There is no automatic, but there is a fast mode and “Pre-soak” (30 and 15 minutes, respectively).

Drying - condensing class A. The same symbol is characterized by the quality of energy consumption and washing. Water consumption in economy mode - 9 liters. The top cover is removable, so that the model can be installed under the tabletop.

Main advantages:
  • Reasonable price with good quality;
  • Low noise level - 49 dB;
  • Delayed start timer;
  • Salt indicator;
  • Aqua Stop.
  • Production - China;
  • Standard baskets.
9.6 / 10
The effectiveness of washing suits. The main thing is to optimally arrange the dishes and tablets to use quality. Not a noisy, economical machine. Friends, looking at us, bought the same, but silver. Also satisfied.
Bosch Serie 2 SPS25FW12R
28 799

Bosch SPS25FW12R is a bright representative of the renewed line of narrow Serie 2 dishwashers of the German brand, which surprisingly combines affordable price, manufacturability and some functionality previously characteristic only of expensive models. You can, of course, complain about the lack of a display, but given the fact that for this pleasure you would have to pay not one or even several thousand of your hard-earned money, you can do with the existing indicators.

And the rest - beauty: Made in Germany, capacity up to 10 sets, quiet and reliable inverter motor, energy consumption / wash / drying class - A / A / A, third loading level in the form of a tray for cutlery and VarioDrawer cups, double rocker for the top box, full protection against leakage of AquaStop. As for the programs, there are 5 of them, including night and 1-hour. Supported by "careful washing the glass." In addition, in the presence of additional features: VarioSpeed ​​(reducing the cycle by half without loss of quality), Hygiene +.

Main advantages:
  • Powerful control processor, boot sensor, AquaSensor;
  • Delayed start timer for 3, 6 and 9 h;
  • Self-cleaning filter;
  • Child protection - mechanical door lock and electronic control panel;
  • System Rackmatic-3 for the top box (rearranged in height), folding guides in the bottom.
  • Only 1 year warranty;
  • No remaining wash time is displayed.
9.5 / 10
I chose from the reviews on the forums and have no regrets, in my opinion, this is the best dishwasher - excellent build quality, washes well, condensation drying with a heat exchanger. Very well implemented loading in the box. Due to the presence of Aquastop, you can not open / close the tap every time. Not bad for this price!

Top full-size (60 cm) dishwashers

Asko D 5436 W
56 900

Asko D 5436 W is the best in our full-size dishwasher rating. This is a modern and stylish XL size dishwasher. The original design is also good for an installation that is separate from the kitchen set, and for semi-built-in placement under the tabletop with the top cover removed. The color is white, there is an analogue of "stainless steel". The standard capacity is 13 sets, the maximum is up to 15. The principle of washing is 7Spray, the average water consumption is 10 liters.

Interestingly implemented Flexiracks ™ box system. The lower and upper Premium are made of stainless steel with a coating of nylon plus an available plastic basket for cutlery. There is a special sliding compartment for knives. Electronic control with a display allows you to choose from 6 main programs and 3 auxiliary options.

Special attention is given to drying Turbo Drying, which, unlike condensation, gives a faster and more effective result. The key to safe operation is protection against AquaSafe leakage. Asko D 5436 W is made in Slovenia, the warranty is 24 months.

Main advantages:
  • Energy consumption - class A +++ (wash - A, drying - A);
  • Reinforced wash support zones - PowerZone JetSpray and PowerZone Cutlery;
  • SensiClean water transparency sensor;
  • KidLock lock to protect against children;
  • Low noise level - 46 dB.
  • Connection to cold water only;
  • There is no third box on top.
9.9 / 10
For our family of 4, this model was perfect. Roomy, beautiful, washes perfectly, and turbo drying is just great. To distribute any dishes to the baskets is not difficult. In the dishwasher is very quiet.
Bosch Serie 4 SMS 44GW00 R
45 990

Attractive in appearance, which is important for detached models, and an effective dishwasher from the German brand, produced in Poland. Holds 12 kitchen sets. Inside there are 2 baskets: there are 2 folding elements on the bottom, the upper one can be rearranged in height (Rackmatic-3 system). Average water consumption - 11.7 liters, energy - 1.05 kW / h.

Traditionally, the German brand SMS 44GW00 R is equipped with an EcoSilence Drive inverter motor, ActiveWater hydraulic system for the most rational distribution of water and pressure optimization, with a DosageAssist compartment on the top box for better dissolution of the tablets.

The control panel is equipped with a display and indicators of salt, rinse aid. A snooze timer for up to 24 hours is available, lock for child safety. In the arsenal of the car 4 main programs, including Auto 45-65 ° C and 2 special additional functions: 1/2 load and VarioSpeed. There is a self-cleaning mode.

Main advantages:
  • Sensors water transparency and loading;
  • Automation 3 in 1;
  • AquaStop system with a guarantee for the entire service life (10 years);
  • Self-cleaning filter and automatic regeneration;
  • Alternating water supply to the upper and lower baskets.
  • Not the most silent work - 48 dB;
  • There are no “Hygiene” and / or IntensiveZone modes.
9.7 / 10
The dishwasher is assembled quite firmly, there is a complete protection against leakage, on the panel a display showing the remaining time. Washes fine, dries too well. Put under the countertop. The facade looks aesthetically pleasing.

Top compact, fully integrated dishwashers

19 990

Full built-in dishwasher compact size. Sometimes MAUNFELD is positioned as a British brand - it is a myth. A classic Chinese product oriented for sales in the Russian market. However, there are simply no alternatives in this format from serious companies.

To the credit of the brand holder, he offers a good guarantee - 36 months. And this is a clear plus in comparison with other supposedly "Europeans." Functionality and features look good: 6 programs, electronic control with LED indicators and digital display, class A + power consumption.

Declared water consumption per cycle - 6.5 l, noise - 49 dB. All in 1 detergents are supported. Drying is condensation. The kit includes: a main basket with a shelf for cups and removable to accommodate cutlery.

Main advantages:
  • Capacity - 6 sets;
  • The delayed start function is 1-24 hours;
  • Availability of a quick program;
  • Indication of the need to add salt, rinse aid;
  • Manual adjustment of water hardness.
  • The control is push-button, not touch (as stated on the site);
  • Only partial leakage protection (housing).
9.4 / 10
For a family of 2 people just right. Put on an average level in the closet next to the sink. Convenient, practical and beautiful. Washes the car normally, the noise in the process of work is present, but not strong. So far, so good.
Flavia CI 55 Havana P5
23 756

Compact model on 6 sets for complete merging with a furniture set. The format is not the most common and demanded, but if the kitchen is ordered for a very small room and it is not possible to install an outdoor dishwasher, it can be a good solution to the problem of limited space.

As for the parameters:

  • 6 types of washing programs and 6 temperature regimes;
  • 3 in 1 support tools;
  • Display and delayed start timer up to 24 hours;
  • Energy class - A +, sink - A, drying - A;
  • Noise level - up to 49 dB.
Main advantages:
  • Compactness;
  • Low energy consumption;
  • Embedding in the column.
  • Somewhat noisy;
  • No automatic program.
9.3 / 10
The choice of compact models with full integration is not wide, and this model is the most optimal in terms of functionality and availability. It is worthy of washing dishes. For a small kitchen - the best inexpensive dishwasher.

The best built-in narrow (45 cm) dishwashers

Bosch Serie 6 SPV66TD10R
79 910

The best-performing model among 45-cm built-in dishwashers. It is not cheap, of course, but also the argument that has become harassed, they say, overpayment only for a well-known brand, in this case it does not work at all. It's not even the German assembly. Just the characteristics and capabilities of the SPV66TD10R are such that most of the competitors, as they say, nervously smoke on the sidelines.

The main parameters: capacity - 10 sets, 5 levels of jet distribution, 3 rocker arms (2 for the upper box), economical water consumption (9.5 l) and electricity (0.71 kW / h), very low noise background - 43 dB, 6 programs, which 3 automatic. In the presence of 4 optional features: IntensivеZone, VarioSpeed ​​+ (wash 3 times faster), Hygiene +, Extra-drying.

Maximum loading comfort is ensured thanks to the new design of premium boxes VarioFlexPro with color-highlighted folding touchpoints. The top basket is easily adjustable in height even when fully loaded, and above it is an optional VarioDrawer tray replacing the cutlery basket. And this is not all.

Main advantages:
  • Electronic control with indication of the presence of rinse aid, salt, delay timer 1-24 h;
  • TimeLight - projecting time until the end of the wash on the floor;
  • Illumination of the working EmotionLight camera;
  • AquaStop with a guarantee for the entire life of the machine;
  • Innovative fast and most economical drying technology Zeolite;
  • TouchAssist - the car opens the door on its own, reacting to a light touch.
  • High price.
9.9 / 10
Automatic programs - convenient. Loaded, chose the appropriate temperature mode - let the sensors work. VarioSpeed ​​is excellent - quickly and efficiently. The projector shows the time, not just the point, as in cheaper models.
Electrolux ESL 94585 RO
35 990

Worthy competitor to the German Bosch 6 and 4 series. And let the assembly not in Germany, but in Poland, but the price tag is quite adequate, the functionality is good. Interesting "chips" from Electrolux - two-color indicator of the "beam on the floor", the technology of automatic opening of the door at the end of the AirDry cycle for drying the dishes due to natural ventilation, water transparency sensor.

Designed dishwasher ESL 94585 RO for 9 sets. Programs - 7, among which, besides the standard ones, there are such actual ones as AutoFlex 45-70 ° С, Fast, SilentPlus (silent), FlaxyWash (decrease of temperature for washing glass in the upper basket, pressure increase at the bottom for washing pots and pans) .

Additionally, you can activate special modes: Time Manager - reducing the cycle without losing the quality of washing, Extra-drying, delayed launch. Energy efficiency is supported in accordance with class A ++. The machine is equipped with a system of complete protection against leakage Aqua Control. The engine is inverter.

Main advantages:
  • Unique Satellite Sprayer with double rotation;
  • Silicone clamps for glasses in the upper basket, folding holders at the bottom;
  • Easily adjustable height of the Quick Lift box, even with full loading;
  • Sliding fastening of the facade;
  • Low noise - only 44 dB.
  • Small warranty period - 12 months;
  • There is no third level under the cutlery.
9.8 / 10
Choose between the "Germans" and this model. In the end, they still took the Electrolux dishwasher, which we don’t regret. Washes fine, condensation sometimes leaves a drop, but that’s for everyone. The green beam is probably superfluous, since the door itself opens slightly.
BEKO DIS 39020
23 945

Relatively inexpensive, but very uncommon in terms of functionality, a dishwasher from a Turkish company. When familiarizing with the characteristics, one doesn’t attend to a not-so-seditious thought - and how does this Beko get worse than its noticeably more expensive competitors, and are the price demands of some manufacturers excessive?

It is not surprising, because the classic narrow (45 cm) model is equipped with a highly efficient inverter motor and has some options that are usually typical of the most advanced and very expensive PMM - interior lighting, Led Spot display (beam on the floor), electronic slider control, glass protection technology GlassShield.

It should be noted, and a chic set of 9 programs, among which are present: automatic 40-65 ° C, 30-minute Mini, Silent, hourly Quick & Clean 70 ° C, Self-cleaning, universal AquaFlex. Cycle acceleration function is almost tripled Fast +, half load mode. The drying system is condensing, the noise level is comfortable 46 dB, the water consumption is 9 l.

Main advantages:
  • Delay start up to 24 hours;
  • Capacity - 10 sets;
  • Height-adjustable upper basket, there are folding holders for plates;
  • Antibacterial seal, protection against leakage Watersafe +;
  • Assembly - Turkey, warranty period - 2 years.
  • No top cutlery tray;
  • No protection from children.
9.7 / 10
Surprisingly cool dishwasher for its price. For some reason, the shops write about Turbosushka, here it is the usual condensation. There are many programs, but most often we use two or three. All good.
Whirlpool ADG 422
27 070

Very interesting and profitable in terms of price dishwasher with excellent features. The model of the old American (now rather American-European) brand is assembled in Poland, it is distinguished by excellent energy efficiency (class A ++) and good capacity (up to 10 sets). Yes, and the water flow is small - 9 liters. The noise level up to 45 dB is a decent indicator that many of the significantly more expensive models are not always able to boast.

The same can be said about the functionality:

  • 6 programs - fast, normal, intensive, economical, delicate, pre-wetting;
  • 1/2 boot mode;
  • Timer up to 12 hours;
  • Beam on the floor and signal the completion of the process.

You can confidently rank this model as a worthy competitor for German cars, which, with similar characteristics, costs almost half the price.

Main advantages:
  • Leakage protection;
  • Quiet operation and low energy consumption;
  • Indication of the presence of salt and rinse;
  • Affordable price.
  • The lower basket sometimes comes off the rails.
9.6 / 10
For several months of operation did not reveal any specific flaws. It works really almost silently. Programs are all about the case. It is good that there is a delicate washing of glass. Price-quality dishwasher - perfectly well.

The best full-size built-in dishwashers

Asko D 5546 XL
74 900

Roomy and high performance model for an average or large family. Holds up to 15 dish sets and supports class A for washing and drying. Power consumption and at all A +++. There is no third-level top for cutlery, which is actually not so important, but there is a special, adjustable basket for them.

Asko D 5546 XL supports as many as 12 washing programs, as they say, for all cases (there is an automatic and “By time”), 4 optional modes. The 7Spray water distribution system avoids the formation of “blind” zones. Drying Turbo Drying effectively removes hot steam through a special nozzle under the front door and the dishes at the exit is completely dry without any smudges or traces of drops.

Pleasant bonuses: internal illumination of the camera, self-cleaning system SCS +, a special indicator of the Status Light process at the bottom of the case. Production - Slovenia.

Main advantages:
  • Reinforced washing in special areas PowerZone JetSpray and PowerZone Cutlery;
  • Water purity sensor;
  • 2 baskets of premium stainless steel with nylon, the top is height adjustable;
  • Comfortable noise level - 44 dB;
  • Warranty - 24 months.
  • High price.
9.9 / 10
I see no reason to describe all the advantages of a dishwasher. The main thing is that it washes well, although old contaminations can only depart after a few sessions, and turbo drying is noticeably better than the previous model with condensation.
Bosch Serie 4 SMV46KX00 ​​E
35 226

An amazing dishwasher with a good functional set and features. According to the labeling, this model is more designed for the EU and, well, in the domestic retail its price tag is much more affordable than that of a similar variety (SMV46MX00 R), adapted purely for the Russian market. And in terms of efficiency, everything is noticeably more interesting: water consumption - 7.5 versus 9.5 l, energy 0.92 versus 1.01 kW / h.

On the other parameters: inverter motor, noise level - 46 dB, condensation drying. In the presence of 2 baskets (top with height adjustment) and the third level VarioDrawer for washing cutlery and small coffee cups. Programs 6, including Auto, short and 1-hour. Of the additional modes VarioSpeed ​​Plus, Extra Dry, self-cleaning. Traditionally, Bosch has an AquaSensor and a boot sensor that optimizes water consumption depending on the amount of dishes.

Main advantages:
  • Energy class - A ++;
  • Capacity - 13 sets;
  • Full AquaStop;
  • The indicator "beam on the floor" and the sound notification of the end of the wash;
  • Delayed start timer from 1 to 24 h.
  • There is no partial download mode;
  • There is no automatic adjustment for water hardness.
9.8 / 10
Economical and well-assembled dishwasher at the right price. The results of washing and drying are completely satisfied. The internal space is organized very competently, no problems with loading the most different dishes.
Asko D5536 XL
59 900

High quality and efficient dishwasher from the famous Scandinavian brand. The model is fully built and full-sized, the nominal capacity of dishes is 13 sets, and the maximum is all 15.

Asko is well-known as a manufacturer of premium technology, and this immediately becomes noticeable at the very first glance at a car. However, it should be noted that with all its “coolness” and excellent functionality, the price tag on it is quite adequate.

Key features of the model are:

  • Ultra-low power consumption (class A +++);
  • Many effective programs for all occasions (intensive, fast, delicate, hygiene, eco, daily, washing in the upper box, washing in the lower box, automatic program);
  • 7 zones of water supply;
  • Sensors of the level and purity of water;
  • Turbo drying.
Main advantages:
  • Reliable design, thanks to 8 elements from stainless steel;
  • Self-cleaning function;
  • Effective leakage protection system;
  • European assembly (Slovenia).
  • High price.
9.7 / 10
Not my first dishwasher, but perhaps the only one that fully corresponds to my ideas about what such a technique should be. Wash and dry dishes very well, it works quietly. Build quality at altitude.
BEKO DIN 24310
19 060

A good inexpensive dishwasher for an average or large, but poor family. A sort of practical "workhorse" for reasonable money. In addition, the Turkish brand Beko has been well known to the Russian consumer for a long time, it has established itself very well. Especially if you choose the "native" assembly. And the warranty for 2 years is encouraging.

The maximum load of dishes for the model DIN 24310 is 13 sets. Programs like a bit - 4, but you can take it from the position of "nothing extra". The energy consumption class is A, the declared noise level is 49 dB, the average water consumption per cycle is 11.5 liters. Drying - standard condensation.

Management is carried out by means of buttons, there is a digital display. The delayed start timer is present and can be set for up to 24 hours. Indicators of lack of sufficient amount of rinse aid and salt are commonly available.

Main advantages:
  • Compatible with tablets All in 1;
  • There is a self-cleaning mode;
  • Light indicator on the floor Led Spot;
  • Full protection against leakage Watersafe +.
  • Non inverter motor;
  • Lack of folding holders.
9.5 / 10
Cheap, and washes very well. With embedding coped themselves. Not to say that it is loud. It is operated quite intensively, for half a year there were no failures. It's a pity there is no top basket for forks, spoons, cups.

What dishwasher should I buy?

A dishwasher is a necessary thing in the household. She saves the most valuable thing in a woman's life - time. In addition, besides the dishes, you can quickly wash your fruit in a parlor washing machine ...

Before buying, first choose type of instalation machines - whether you build it or not. The size The dishwasher should fit your kitchen (full size, narrow or compact). Focus on devices famous manufacturers!

Then select a price category, make a list of suitable models, learn additional features, reviews of owners. We hope our ranking of good dishwashers will help you make the right choice!

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