5 best cat carriers

We carry with us a cat: which carrier to choose for your beloved Barsik

Although pets are home pets, they do not sit at home all the time; occasionally the owners have to take them with them on trips. The need for transportation is especially difficult for cats: these unpredictable and fast creatures can not be handled or confined to a leash. Even a small sortie to the nearest clinic for vaccination can turn into a catastrophe, if the owners did not provide in time for comfortable conditions for transporting their pet.

Of course, you can put the cat in a covered basket, bag or backpack, but this method is not very convenient:

  • the cat will be too scared in an enclosed space, which she will let know with loud cries and attempts to escape;
  • bags and backpacks do not keep their shape - the animal will be uncomfortable;
  • they can leak if the pet goes to the toilet;
  • It is very easy to get out of the improvised carriers;
  • no ventilation.

It follows from the above that the available tools can be used only as a last resort and not for long. For regular and long trips need special carrying. The best models of cat carriers are in our ranking.

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
Top Cat Carrying Bags1Bag-carrying Yami-Yami with adjustable handles "Classic"9.8 / 10780
2Darell Carrying Bag Zoo-M "Classic"9.6 / 101 400
Top Plastic Cat Carriers1Trendy "Wild World" Carrier with Metal Door9.5 / 101 800
2Animal carrier CURVER PETLIFE creamy brown, 51x38x33 cm9.4 / 103 900
Best carry for aircraft1Carriage for transporting Stefanplast Gulliver 2 Delux (up to 8kg), with a metal door9.8 / 101 500

Top Cat Carrying Bags

Bag-carrying Yami-Yami with adjustable handles "Classic"
780 (for medium size carrying, 43x26x28 cm)
Nylon bag-carrying "Classic" is represented by three models, different in size and color, so it will suit any cat. It has a hard bottom. Opened with a zipper. If desired, it can be completely unbuttoned and folded compactly. Straps are adjustable in length for convenience. The end walls are made of durable mesh, which provides adequate ventilation.
Main advantages:
  • attractive price;
  • conveniently folds and takes up little space;
  • You can choose the size depending on the size of the animal.
  • relatively low strength;
  • moisture permeability.
9.8 / 10
The bag is comfortable, zippered, webbing can be adjusted. The cat fits into it without problems (they took the average size). The bottom is hard, keeps the shape. So far, like it, but it looks a bit flimsy.
Darell Carrying Bag Zoo-M "Classic"
1,400 (for medium size carrying, 43x32x28 cm)
The strong and reliable bag carrying has a firm framework and a rigid bottom, it does not wrinkle and does not lose shape over time. Fully unfastened and folds. There are models of 4 different sizes and different colors, the main materials are nylon and jacquard. Has an additional belt for carrying through a shoulder. The carrying is equipped with comfortable roomy pockets. The grid on the end wall provides ventilation. At the bottom are rubberized legs for stability.
Main advantages:
  • durable and reliable;
  • have pockets;
  • a variety of models;
  • compactly folded.
  • insufficient ventilation.
9.6 / 10
I have never regretted the purchase of this particular bag! The seams do not crawl, the material does not wear out, it is easy to clean. The frame is durable. In the pocket with compartments fit strap and passport, and all sorts of stuff, which is very convenient.

Top Plastic Cat Carriers

Trendy "Wild World" Carrier with Metal Door
1 800
Durable carrying is made of non-toxic plastic and has an original stylish design. Side openings provide good ventilation. The convenient folding rubberized handle does not slide in a hand. A metal door with a secure lock will not allow the cat to escape. Trendy Carrier is a real pet carrier. It is undesirable to use for cats weighing more than 5 kg.
Main advantages:
  • good ventilation;
  • durable material.
  • not suitable for large cats.
9.5 / 10
Best carry. I really liked the side holes, the cat has something to breathe on the way! In carrying it is not so much afraid, it is easy to wash, and it will not leak.
Animal carrier CURVER PETLIFE creamy brown, 51x38x33 cm
3 900
Stylish cat carrier in the form of a plastic basket, ideal for long trips. The animal can comfortably be accommodated in such a container. A large number of holes provide access to fresh air. A convenient handle allows you to both easily carry and secure the basket on the car seat. Clips securely fix the cover, protecting the owners from escaping a pet.
Main advantages:
  • roomy;
  • durable;
  • stylish;
  • good ventilation.
  • high price.
9.4 / 10
In this carrying you can freely put the cats. We often go with them, just fasten the belt in the back seat, very comfortable. Durable, comfortable and beautiful - the best, in my opinion, cat carrying.

Best carry for aircraft

Carriage for transporting Stefanplast Gulliver 2 Delux (up to 8kg), with a metal door
1 500
Roomy carrying (55x36x35 cm) is suitable even for large cats. This is an ideal house for tailing friends who love to travel, indispensable when traveling in a car, train or plane. Reliable design ensures safety and convenience. The box made of strong plastic is not deformed and easily washes if desired. The strong metal door is equipped with a reliable and convenient lock. The kit includes spare latches and a bowl that can be attached to the door. Side openings provide good ventilation. On top there is a compartment for small items, as well as a closing window for access to the animal. Special openings through which you can pass the seat belt, allow you to securely fasten the carrier to the car seat. The possibility of transporting a cat in the cabin must be checked with the airline.
Main advantages:
  • relative lightness (less than 2 kg);
  • seat belt openings;
  • compartment for small things;
  • good ventilation;
  • reliable lock;
  • The optimum ratio of price and quality.
9.8 / 10
We went in this carriage, and in the car, and on the plane, and to the vet, very convenient. The door is reliable, there is no fear that the lock will open and the cat will run away. There is plenty of space there, although the cat is rather big, even when it was taken from the clinic during anesthesia, it settled there comfortably.

What is the best cat carrier?

The choice of carrying depends on the size of the animal and the purpose of the acquisition. Each type has its pros and cons.

Bag-carrying takes up little space, it can be folded and removed, it is light and, if desired, hangs on the shoulder. Such a product is ideal for short trips. The disadvantages of the bag are the lack of good ventilation (it is undesirable to use it in hot weather or in stuffy transport), the possibility of leakage, as well as a small internal volume. A cat will not be able to stay in it comfortably if it is forced to stay in the path for a long time, it is also unacceptable for the sick and animals after the operation.

With regular or long trips can not do without plastic carrying. Of course, boxing cannot be folded, but it is roomy, it has securely locked doors, it is easy to wash it, and a cat in such a house will feel safe.

Unfortunately, for air travel a regular container will not work. We'll have to buy a special carry for the aircraft. It is necessary to ask the airline in advance about the allowable carrying amounts and special requirements for transporting animals, as they may vary.

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