6 best playpens

Kids in a cage - choose a playpen for a child

When a child has learned to move independently around the apartment, the cozy house turns into a minefield - even a completely safe dwelling in which the parents took all measures to eliminate possible threats can carry a hidden danger. Of course, all kinds of plugs on the sockets, cleaned wires and hidden small objects, lining on sharp corners and locks on the boxes help a lot, but the kid still finds where to frolic.

How to be a mom? You can certainly keep your eyes on the little researcher, but what if you need to do household chores, wash your face, clean up, and just take a breath? For this, playpens have been invented a long time ago - designs with high walls that create a limited safe space for a child where he can play, crawl, or just watch what his mother does. Manege - a useful purchase for the apartment, and to give.

But by what criteria choose a good playpen? Review of the best playpens (according to reviews of moms and according to experts) - in our rating.

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
The best folding playpens1Playpen Hauck Dream'n Play Square9.6 / 108 085
2Globex Manege Square 11039.2 / 102 000
The best playpen beds1Manege bed Babies (BP 1B)9.9 / 108 157
Best inflatable playpens1Children's inflatable playpen Intex My First Gym 484748.9 / 101 300
The best arenas-transformers1Arena transforming HAUCK Baby Park9.4 / 1016 000
Top game playpens1Arena for the games QIAOQIAO8.7 / 107 154

The best folding playpens

Playpen Hauck Dream'n Play Square
8 085

A spacious folding playpen that folds easily and compactly with an “umbrella”. The walls of the arena are made of durable mesh, the sides are covered with a fabric that is resistant to the child's teeth, which eliminates the risk of nibbling and swallowing its parts. The bottom is a hard folding mat, covered with a soft oilcloth, which will soften the blow in case of a fall. All parts of the playpen can be easily washed and cleaned from dirt. It is very stable due to additional central support. The kit includes a carrying bag. In the unfolded form, the internal dimensions of the arena 94 x 94 x 61 cm, weight 13 kg. Holds up to 15 kg.

Main advantages:
  • quickly and compactly folded;
  • stable;
  • fabric sides;
  • easy to clean;
  • wooden bottom with fabric upholstery;
  • spacious.
  • no pens that a child can hold;
  • no wheels.
9.6 / 10
The arena is good, very high quality made, but too large for an ordinary apartment. It is easy to clean, quickly folded, but heavy. The child has not broken it for half a year.
Globex Manege Square 1103
2 000

Spacious folding playpen Globex is safe for the child and convenient for mom. Transparent mesh allows the child and mother to see each other. Special ring-handles will help your baby learn to get up. Oilcloth material covering the sides and the bottom of the playpen can be easily cleaned with a damp sponge from dirt - just lay down the playpen and wipe it. The durable metal frame is able to withstand even an active child. Internal dimensions of the playpen 96x96x76 cm, weight 13 kg.

Main advantages:
  • attractive price;
  • handle-rings on the sides;
  • compactly folded;
  • easy to clean.
  • short-lived;
  • often come across defective models;
  • not very stable;
  • polyethylene upholstery;
  • solid bottom.
9.2 / 10
Best inexpensive simple playpen. For us, he approached, because for a long time the child refused to sit there anyway. Going to a flat cake, in this form it is easy to wipe.

The best playpen beds

Manege bed Babies (BP 1B)
8 157

A playpen is a small playpen that can be used from birth for both playing and sleeping baby. It is at the same time safe and easy to fold, like a playpen. Hard bottom and soft mattress provide comfort during sleep and wakefulness. Rings-pens allow the child to learn how to get up independently. Level 2 will help the mother not to overload the back, using a high level for a newborn baby weighing up to 9 kg. The arena is very durable and stable, it moves easily thanks to 2 wheels. The removable arch with toys is included in the package, at will on a bed the changing table is established on a bed. Sideways there is a roomy pocket for small things. The bed is easy to assemble and you can take it with you on a trip. The size of the bed arena 68 x 120 x 77 cm, weight 12 kg. Designed for children weighing up to 14 kg.

Main advantages:
  • height adjustable bottom;
  • side hole;
  • 2 fixed wheels;
  • easy and compact folded;
  • removable arc with toys;
  • removable changing table;
  • mattress;
  • pocket for small things.
  • Not.
9.9 / 10
The best, most comfortable, stable playpen, absolutely safe. And it is convenient to use it as a bed, the son has been sleeping perfectly in it for 8 months already. There is a side zip with a zipper, a pocket for things, all sorts of accessories, and most importantly it is easy to assemble and transport.

Best inflatable playpens

Children's inflatable playpen Intex My First Gym 48474
1 300

An inflatable playpen is the perfect solution for an apartment and a summer house. At home it will take up little space and it will take you quite a bit of time to blow it off or inflate it. It is easy to inflate it in nature, and in the hot season you can pour some water on the bottom and use it as a safe pool. Manege easy to take on a trip and guests. Above there is an arc with toys, on which it will be interesting for a child to beat with a hammer. The kid can jump in it, like on a trampoline. Inflatable walls and stable design eliminate the risk of injury or turning the playpen. Playpen size 130x104 cm, designed for children from 9 months to one and a half years.

Main advantages:
  • inexpensive;
  • light;
  • takes up little space;
  • arc with toys;
  • inflatable hammer included;
  • safe;
  • easy to clean;
  • in the heat can be used as a pool.
  • extremely short-lived (the bottom comes off, the seams diverge);
  • unpleasant smell of rubber.
8.9 / 10
I really liked him: bright, comfortable to blow off and easy to carry, washes, the child is very interesting to play in it. But our happiness did not last long, a month later the bottom came off, and the top side was blown away.

The best arenas-transformers

Arena transforming HAUCK Baby Park
16 000

The arena-transformer is a set of 5 sections, partitions and one section with a gate. If desired, they can be stapled with each other, put a special mattress on the floor and used as a playpen with a diameter of 122 cm. For older children, the sections will serve as an excellent fence for unsafe areas. Thanks to special brackets, they are easy to attach to the wall. Gates open in both directions, but a special lock securely fixes them. The width of one section is 61 cm.

Main advantages:
  • can be used as a playpen and as a fence;
  • 5 section and section with locking gates;
  • in a set soft mattress;
  • very durable.
  • solid partitions;
  • high price.
9.4 / 10
In such an arena, there is simply nothing to break, and besides, it is multifunctional, for example, on the New Year we have protected the Christmas tree from the baby with the help of these partitions.

Top game playpens

Arena for the games QIAOQIAO
7 154

Playpen fence - a kind of toy house for the child, where he can have fun. Durable plastic edges measuring 59x61x81 cm are interconnected, forming a strong barrier with bright walls. It can be used as a play area or a dry pool, filled with plastic balls. In case of uselessness it is easy to disassemble and remove. Children will enjoy playing in such an arena.

Main advantages:
  • easy to assemble and disassemble;
  • just wash;
  • lasting;
  • stable;
  • bright.
  • solid elements;
  • lack of bottom;
  • opaque walls - it is difficult to monitor the child.
8.7 / 10
It turned out to be a good game house, my daughter likes to play in it. Put in the nursery, immediately bought a puzzle mat for him.

Which playpen is better to buy?

When choosing the best playpen, you should rely primarily on the child's age, as well as on the dimensions of your home. For small children the best option would be folding arenas, equipped with a grid. On the one hand, it will protect the child in the event of a possible fall, on the other - the baby will always be in full view of the mother. The most versatile item in this category is a playpen, because it can be used as a crib from birth.

Standard folding playpens are good for everyone: safe, spacious, but, despite everything, they will take up quite a lot of space, even when assembled.

If you need a budget and a simple option, you can purchase an inflatable manezhik. In the deflated state, it fits anywhere. Its only disadvantage may be the fragility of use.

Playpens fencing most durable, but we do not recommend their use for kids - falling, the child can hit the solid partitions. Therefore, these arenas are suitable for older children as a safe play area.

Despite the fact that playpens, like all children's products, are manufactured according to quality standards, and everything is provided for maximum safety, you should not leave the child in it unattended.

Have a good shopping!

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