6 best depilatory creams

Shaving or not shaving - that is the question?

Razor, wax, epilator - what is a woman ready to go to get rid of unwanted hair and be beautiful? In the race for perfection do not forget about depilatory creams - the best of them will be discussed in this review!

Pros and cons of depilation cream

Depilatory cream is one of the most benign remedies for removing unwanted body hair. If depilation with a razor, wax or epilator is unacceptable for various reasons, a special cream will be the best solution for smooth skin. It will help get rid of unwanted hair on the face and in the bikini area.

In depilation creams attracts, above all, the simplicity and accessibility of the procedure. There is nothing easier than to apply the product on the skin, hold for 5-15 minutes and remove the cream with a special spatula along with the remnants of unnecessary vegetation.

Advantages of the procedure:

  • painless hair removal (important for people with a low pain threshold);
  • saving time;
  • low cost of the procedure;
  • does not require special equipment, it is possible to use at home;
  • longer lasting effect compared to a razor;
  • hairs grow thinner and softer;
  • with constant use slows down hair growth a little.


  • skin irritation is possible (a preliminary elbow bend test is required!);
  • sometimes you need to apply the cream again;
  • can not cope with hard hair;
  • very unpleasant odor resulting from a chemical reaction.

Recall that during depilation, you must strictly follow the recommendations of the manufacturer, do not perederzhivat cream on the skin, with a strong burning sensation, immediately wash it off with water. You also can not use soap and other detergents for at least two hours after the procedure (more precisely about this can be read in the instructions).

We have tested the most popular depilation creams for efficacy and have found those that can be recommended for use with confidence.

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
Best depilatory creams for legs and arms1Velvet Slow hair growth9.9 / 10100
2Phytocosmetics Phyto Depilator Natural9.8 / 1090
3Vitex Special Care Active9.7 / 10180
4ELFA Lady Caramel Strong9.6 / 10105
The best creams for depilation of sensitive skin of the face and bikini area1Baptiste Cucumber for sensitive skin and bikini area9.9 / 1085
2Eveline Q10 + R 9in1 ultrafine9.7 / 10140

Best depilatory creams for legs and arms

Velvet Slow hair growth
100 (100 ml)
Opens our ranking of the best krmov for depilation budget and very effective for this price tool. Velvet cream well removes hair of any length, removing even tough vegetation. The cream is very thick, the volume of 100 ml is enough for 2-4 applications. The composition of papain (fruit enzyme), which slows down hair growth and prevents their ingrowth. After depilation, the skin is smooth, usually there is no irritation, new hairs grow thinner and softer, without ingrowth.
Main advantages:
  • low price;
  • efficiency;
  • hair does not really grow into;
  • comfortable spatula;
  • availability in stores.
9.9 / 10
Velvet cream affordable, high quality, gentle and with all this effective. Hair removes quickly, completely and without irritation!
Phytocosmetics Phyto Depilator Natural
90 (100 ml)
Effective cream - a depilator with a gentle consistence and convenient drawing. Judging by the reviews, the cream is suitable for hair of medium hardness (legs, arms) and requires only 5-8 minutes for high-quality hair removal. Contains a caring phytocomplex with extracts of yarrow, St. John's wort and tea tree oil.
Main advantages:
  • low price;
  • economical consumption;
  • natural caring ingredients;
  • available at cosmetic stores.
  • hard hair does not remove;
  • Shoulder blade sharp, caution required.
9.8 / 10
For the money he is great! Convenient to apply and remove, the skin retains softness and smoothness for 5 days. There is always in the nearest stores, which is important.
Vitex Special Care Active
180 (120 ml)
Despite the fact that this depilation cream is declared as a product for sensitive skin, we could not classify it in the appropriate category of rating. There are no complaints about the effectiveness of hair removal to the cream: hairs dissolve without residue in just 5-7 minutes. However, it tingles the skin significantly and is difficult to wash off, which can cause irritation of the thin and sensitive dermis. However, if we have normal skin without a tendency to allergies, we recommend trying it as a really working tool for depilation.
Main advantages:
  • effective;
  • affordable;
  • aloe vera in composition.
  • liquid (high consumption);
  • hard washed off.
9.7 / 10
Cream works well and quickly enough, leaves no bristles, but can cause mild irritation.
ELFA Lady Caramel Strong
105 (100 ml)
The depilator of the Ukrainian production differs in the democratic price and, at the same time, by excellent result. The tool has a consistency cream medium thickness, easy to apply and distribute, does not flow. Ingredients of valuable cocoa butter and avocado. The smell is tolerable, not as “nuclear” as the analogs. By the way, the manufacturer offers two variations of the product - a fast-acting and potent cream. But according to reviews, they work about the same.
Main advantages:
  • low cost;
  • tender consistency;
  • lack of irritation;
  • caring oils.
  • uneconomical;
  • tingling is possible during the procedure.
9.6 / 10
My favorite is already 4 years old, his application is the most gentle and neat of all depilation creams I have tested, and the result is completely satisfactory!

The best creams for depilation of sensitive skin of the face and bikini area

Baptiste Cucumber for sensitive skin and bikini area
85 (100 ml)
The cream is designed for sensitive skin and allows you to carry out the procedure easily and without irritation of the delicate skin of the face or bikini zone. The cream is quite liquid, it is simply applied, it acts relatively quickly (5-10 minutes), removes vegetation well and cleanly, but according to reviews, it does not slow down hair growth at all - on the third day they appear again. The skin after applying the silky, complaints of irritation in the reviews are not noticed. Perhaps, it is the best inexpensive cream for depilation.
Main advantages:
  • low price;
  • quick action;
  • efficiency;
  • cares for the skin;
  • acceptable smell.
9.9 / 10
I really liked the cream, removed all the hairs, even in problem areas and even a thin layer. It is washed off well, the skin after it is very gentle and extremely pleasant to the touch.
Eveline Q10 + R 9in1 ultrafine
140 (125 ml)
The cream not only removes unwanted vegetation, but also cleanses, moisturizes the skin. Designed for prone to irritation, hypersensitive skin, suitable for the bikini area, to remove the antennae above the upper lip. The effect of the use of medium - hard hair this depilator may not overpower. But the lack of irritation, dryness and allergies, as well as a pronounced caring effect are almost guaranteed.
Main advantages:
  • convenient application;
  • cleanses and moisturizes the skin;
  • prevents allergies and irritation;
  • volume is 125 ml.
  • only for soft, thin hair.
9.7 / 10
The skin after applying the depilator is clean, soft and well-groomed. Great cream and the price is not too high.

What kind of depilatory cream is better to choose?

Evil tongues say that expensive and low-cost depilatory creams remove hair in about the same way. The difference is only in the flavor - expensive products have better fragrances, better silencing unpleasant odor. Our rating confirmed that low-cost remedies do an excellent job with the problem of unwanted hair, have minimal effect on the skin and even have caring properties thanks to natural oils and extracts in the composition. But, choosing the best depilatory cream, take into account the individual characteristics of your skin and do not forget to carry out an elementary test for allergies - it will save you from possible problems. Good luck with your choice and smooth skin!

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