8 best tablets for games

The best gaming tablets for gamers and not only

Modern dynamic games have specific requirements for tablets, including the presence of a screen sensor with quick response or RAM, with a capacity of at least 3 GB. But the most essential is the ability of the graphics accelerator to perform calculations at high speed. Many moments depend on the optimization of the game for a specific hardware platform, but a fairly objective indicator of the performance of gaming tablets is the number of floating point operations performed per unit of time (FLOPS). For heavy shooters, the corresponding value should not be less than 100 billion, otherwise, in the course of the game, the slowdown and FPS subsidence are inevitable below the comfortable level.

Today, the most popular gaming tablet manufacturers are Adreno accelerators from Qualcomm, PowerVR from Imagination Technologies, Tegra from NVidia and Mali, developed by ARM.

Ranking of the best game tablets of 2017-2018

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
The best gaming tablets with video adreno1Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 9.79.5 / 1039 390
2Lenovo Tab 4 Plus9.4 / 1019 520
3Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.79.3 / 1028 500
4Huawei MediaPad M3 Lite 8.09.3 / 1015 390
The best gaming tablets accelerators Mali1Huawei MediaPad M3 8.49.3 / 1025 490
2Lenovo TAB 2 A10-70L 16Gb8.9 / 104 707
The best gaming tablets with GPU PowerVR1Apple iPad Pro 10.59.8 / 1048 520
2Apple iPad (2017)9.4 / 1031 430

The best gaming tablets with video adreno

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 9.7
39,390 (for model SM-T825)

Buyers of household use tablets have to put up with the fact that even premium models of these devices have not received top filling for a long time. Nevertheless, the capabilities of the slightly outdated Snapdragon 820 hardware platform are more than enough to run on the tablet of the most "heavy" games with maximum graphics quality settings. No wonder, the Adreno 530 is capable of processing machine instructions at a speed of 500 GFlops, and the popular benchmark AnTuTu intends about 140 thousand conventional performance points on the Tab S3 tablet. It also brings a very substantial amount of RAM. Only the completely incomprehensible obsession of the developers of the 32 Gb line of the built-in storage is frustrating. Recall that this is the only possible variant of the amount of permanent memory of both the current and the previous generation of Samsung flagship tablets.

Main advantages:
  • high performance;
  • physical port for connecting the keyboard (less delay);
  • excellent screen;
  • high-quality sound;
  • stylus with 4096 levels of depression in the set;
  • Works on all current 4G bands.
  • 32 gb version of internal memory only;
  • slippery backside (glass);
  • mediocre autonomy in the game mode.
9.5 / 10
I used to use a ten-inch Galaxy Tab 2. It is still relevant today in many ways, but I want something faster and more modern. Plus, the child is fond of drawing. Therefore, this Samsung tablet for modern games and with a pen was bought as a gift.
Lenovo Tab 4 Plus
19 520 (for model TB-8704X with 64 Gb memory)

On the company's website, this model is modestly called a premium tablet for a friendly family. In principle, if you evaluate the potential of the device, focusing on the characteristics of the screen and the available amounts of memory - marketers of the company are not so much exaggerated. Another thing is that for such a high resolution gaming performance of the popular single-chip system Snapdragon 625 may not be enough. Anyway, with maximum graphics quality settings. Adreno 506 is responsible for its processing in the SoC, and the capabilities of this accelerator are limited to 130 GFlops. Well, in AnTuTu the tablet gives out about 57 thousand points.

By the way, it’s not just like that about a friendly family. The device has a conveniently organized "children's" mode and can be protected from "blows of fate" with the help of a powerful bumper, screen filter and stickers on the back side (Kids' Package optional package). It remains to warn that in February a very ambiguous firmware update (number S000037_180203) was released, after the installation of which many owners had problems with power consumption and phantom clicks.

Main advantages:
  • any games will run on medium graphics quality settings;
  • large amount of RAM;
  • Works on all current LTE bands;
  • conditionally frontal speakers;
  • solid approach to the organization of the "child" mode.
  • glass on the back;
  • not the best quality of communication;
  • A rather flimsy tray cover for a memory card and SIM card.
9.4 / 10
A good tablet for gaming and watching videos. After charging, he stayed at 100% for about 8 hours and there were still 15 percent left. I read that in Lenovo Tab 3 there were phantom clicks - I did not notice anything like that here.
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7
28,500 (for model SM-T819)

The latest reincarnation of the Tab S2 line was the 2016 model on the Snapdragon 652 single-chip system. Despite the already respectable age, it is still one of the best options for a middle-class gaming tablet. Actually, there is no big choice for mobile gamers. At least, from among the 10-inch tablets which are available in our retail. Apart from the iPad, which we will discuss below, only ZenPad (which is Z500KL) is able to make up some competition with the recommended tablet. But the latter is based on the 650th Snapdragon, which is two times smaller than the “fast” cores. In other words, the performance under load is lower. Adreno 510 is responsible for the graphics in both cases, and the “ceiling” of this GPU is limited to 180 GFlops. Like the latest family, the tab S2's internal memory is 32 Gb, not more. This is what is bad.

Main advantages:
  • most games are at maximum settings;
  • good picture quality;
  • wide end frames for gamers are more convenient;
  • supports major LTE bands.
  • one-way speaker layout;
  • long duration of the charging process.
9.3 / 10
You can easily run asphalt and news on the first channel in the window - no brakes at all. Add to this the almost complete lack of heat when charging and downloading large volumes through a cellular network. You can not close the application - there is enough RAM.
Huawei MediaPad M3 Lite 8.0
15 390 (for LTE-model with 32 Gb memory)

In general, a good gaming tablet with high-quality sound path, "tenacious" wireless interfaces and good autonomy. For hardcore gamers is not interesting, as far as Snapdragon 435 with Adreno 505 on board for such an application and is not designed (up to 50 GFlops). In addition, the tablet is equipped with far from the fastest flash memory of the possible options. Actually, only because of these reasons, the model receives such a low rating. If your game addiction does not extend further than quests or logic games - just a chic version of an 8-inch tablet. It’s a pity that the onscreen buttons do not move when the orientation is changed, but this panel can be hidden at all, and you can use the convenient and functional control button.

Main advantages:
  • decent acoustics, developed with the participation of Harman / Kardon (stereo);
  • Wi-Fi 802.11ac;
  • support of all bands used in our cellular networks.
  • for "heavy" games will not work;
  • in landscape orientation, the touch-button panel turns to the side;
  • No multiplayer mode.
9.3 / 10
I played NFS on it, I did not notice any discomfort. Yes, the graphics are not at maximum, but better than in the Underground 2003 spill, definitely. Games for finding items and other easy to digest. I put the Nintendo emulator on him, played classics. It's okay

The best gaming tablets accelerators Mali

Huawei MediaPad M3 8.4
25,490 (for an LTE model with 64 Gb memory)

The “coolest” tablet to date with the Mali accelerator is noticeably inferior to its direct competitors in terms of gaming performance. The four cores of the T880 provide processing of machine commands at a speed of about 115 GFlops, but mediocre optimization does not allow you to enjoy the beauty of graphics at the highest possible quality settings. Alas, the FPS indicators at the same time fall below the comfortable values ​​- even switching the game resolution to the less detailed does not help.

Musically, however, the MediaPad M3 deserves the most favorable reviews. In its sound path, the AK4376 DAC is used, the acoustics were helped by Harman / Kardon, and the speakers automatically switch to different playback modes when changing the orientation from portrait to landscape. In general, one of the best tablets for universal use, but demanding gamers, he is likely to disappoint. Therefore, the assessment is appropriate.

Main advantages:
  • smart sound path;
  • high definition picture;
  • good overall performance;
  • large amounts of memory;
  • narrow side frames;
  • understands all 4G ranges used by domestic operators.
  • comfortable frame rate only at low quality settings or in undemanding games;
  • mediocre main camera;
  • no fast charging.
9.3 / 10
I have 4 different tablets from 7 to 10 inches, this model is just ideal (in terms of price, quality, performance) in the 8-inch category. Premium Chinese, very satisfied with the purchase!
Lenovo TAB 2 A10-70L 16Gb
4 707

One of the most inexpensive tablet game class. All modern heavy games run on it at maximum settings, although it may be some subsidence in the FPS. The dual-core graphics accelerator provides performance of about 80 GFLOPS, and the device itself is gaining about 28 thousand conventional rating units in the AnTuTu program. The output of the picture is made on the display of very decent quality, the main disadvantage of which is the lack of automatic brightness control. The device battery capacity is impressive - not every top-level tablet can boast a 7000 mAh battery. Not surprisingly, the device shows almost record autonomy. Do not spoil the overall impression and powerful sound, as well as support for fourth-generation networks and dual-band Wi-Fi, conforming to the 802.11ac specification.

Main advantages:
  • good sound;
  • excellent autonomy.
  • considering the price category is not.
8.9 / 10
Well-balanced model in terms of price-performance, almost no direct competitors. For the money the best gaming tablet is simply not found.

The best gaming tablets with GPU PowerVR

Apple iPad Pro 10.5
48 520 (for LTE-model with 64 Gb memory)

With this tablet, you will forever forget about such a problem as the brakes in the game, even with the most "cool" graphics settings. There is still no exact data, but you can estimate the performance of the A10X Fusion chip according to its predecessor. The non-hex version showed a speed of processing instructions at a level slightly above 400 GFlops, and the iPad Pro's “engine” was 10.5 percent faster. In the popular benchmark, the recommended model gains more than two hundred conditional “parrots” at all. The only nuance that slightly spoils the bright prospects for gaming the use of the device is the aspect ratio of its screen. Still, the 4: 3 picture is less informative in dynamic scenes. But the display matrix supports the color gamut of the DCI-P3, and the presence of several interesting technologies rather well improves the comfort of its perception. Cool sound, good camera part - a dream, not a tablet.

Main advantages:
  • the most powerful stuffing;
  • excellent screen;
  • high-quality sound path;
  • there is a physical port for connecting the keyboard;
  • Works on every imaginable 4G range.
  • camera lens protrudes above the body;
  • no moisture protection;
  • memory expansion is not possible.
9.8 / 10
The best tablet for games and not only. Picture, sound, performance, features, responsiveness, convenience ... I get tired of listing. All on top!
Apple iPad (2017)
31 430 (for a model with a memory capacity of 128 Gb)

The outdated A9 processor, which is installed in this iPad, is capable of giving odds to almost any single-chip system of comparable cost. Its graphic part is able to process machine commands with a speed of 230 GFlops, and the tablet itself “gives out” about 125 thousand AnTuTu points. Bad with A9 only with multitasking, but gaming applications are well without it.

From the point of view of Apple, the model in question is a budget one; therefore, decent cameras are not suitable for it, the display has an air gap, and the sound through the speakers is monophonic. And for marketing reasons, there are no versions in the iPad line with 64 Gb internal memory, which is very sad for gaming use. Well at least with the autonomy of the iPad (2017) everything is in order. Please note that as a navigator you can use only the LTE version of the tablet (Wi-Fi + Cellular), and its price tag is not so pleasant to the eye.

Main advantages:
  • good gaming performance;
  • decent autonomy;
  • modern set of wireless interfaces.
  • no modification with 64 Gb memory;
  • monophonic sound;
  • GPS module is only available in LTE version;
  • wide frames on the sides.
9.4 / 10
The pricing policy of the company has changed dramatically towards cheaper iPad. Now, in terms of price / quality, it is difficult to find a gaming tablet better than this.

If for some solitaire or a puzzle, the first available tablet is quite suitable, then the same “tanchiki” will bring pleasure only on a sufficiently productive device. In our ranking of the best gaming tablets, we tried to present all reasonable options for gaming models, and you, as always, choose yours. Have a good shopping!

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