Top 20 Electric Shavers

Rating 2019: a hard review of popular razors for men

In recent years, choosing a really good razor has become quite a challenge. Every year, more and more new models are thrown onto the market. It is important to learn how to distinguish serious innovations from purely “marketing” ones. Our review will try to help you with the choice. The rating includes both low-cost razors and premium electric shavers. There are razors for experienced men with stiff bristles, as well as models that can be presented to a teenager as the first razor.

The main criteria for choosing a good electric shaver

  • shaving quality
  • skin irritation
  • reliability
  • price
  • batteries or batteries
  • ergonomics
  • additional functions

Types of men's electric razors


Their shaving system is formed from two or three heads, consisting of external disks with cuts and knives rotating under them. The advantage of rotary models is a more clean and smooth shaving even of unevenly grown bristles due to the hairline cutting as close as possible to the skin. Among the rotary shavers there are more models suitable for stiff bristle. The disadvantage is that if the skin is sensitive, such razors can cause irritation on it (although there are models that can be easily attributed to exceptions). One of the best companies that produce rotary electric shavers is Philips.


The principle of operation is similar, but in this case the knives do not rotate, but vibrate from side to side. From above, they are covered with a thin metal mesh with a multitude of holes through which the hairs flow to the blades. Such razors do well even with three-day stubble, and even mesh systems are better perceived. sensitive skin. By the way, the first razor for teenager You should also choose from good mesh models. Typical flaws - loud work and problematic shaving in the neck. Good electric grid shavers produced by companies Braun and Panasonic.

The best popular models of grid and rotary shavers 2018- beginning of 2019 are presented in our rating, compiled from reviews of customers and experts.

Ranking of the best electric razors in 2019

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
Top Budget Men's Electric Shavers1Philips S13109.8 / 102 579
2Panasonic ES-60039.7 / 102 800
3Braun MobilShave M-609.3 / 101 445
4Berdsk 31149.0 / 101 299
The best rotary shavers for dry shaving1Philips S5310 Series 50009.7 / 108 190
2Philips S3510 Series 30009.5 / 104 550
3GA.MA GSH 8959.4 / 103 590
Top electric shavers for dry shaving1Wahl 8164-1169.7 / 108 800
2Braun 3020s Series 39.7 / 105 231
3Braun 300s Series 39.5 / 108 800
Top rotary shaver with both dry and wet shaving function (with foam or gel)1Philips S91519.9 / 1019 710
2Philips S75109.8 / 1011 470
3Philips S5550 Series 50009.6 / 1010 490
The best electric shavers for wet and dry shaving1Braun 7893s Series 79.8 / 1016 992
2Panasonic ES-RF319.7 / 105 990
3Braun 5145s Series 59.6 / 109 600
4Panasonic ES-RT379.4 / 104 999
The best electric shavers for owners of sensitive skin1Panasonic ES-LV6Q10 / 1018 555
2Braun 9240s Series 99.9 / 1017 830
3Philips S77209.8 / 1015 850
4Philips SW7700 Star Wars9.7 / 1018 555

Top Budget Men's Electric Shavers

Philips S1310
2 579

One of the most popular Series 1000 rotary models from a recognized leader in the manufacture of shavers of this kind by Philips. The popularity of the S1310 is due to several factors:

  • Comfortable and easy shaving, thanks to the system of reliable self-sharpening blades CloseCut;
  • Moving the head in 4 directions allows the shaving surface to follow the contours of the face and thus effectively cope with the bristles even on the neck and chin;
  • Durable and powerful battery (Li-Ion) supports autonomous continuous operation for 35 minutes after an 8-hour charge cycle;
  • And, of course, affordable price.

Philips S1310 can only work in wireless mode, and for supporters of models with a fixed network connection, there is an alternative model S1100 from the same series.

Main advantages:
  • Shave quality;
  • 3 moving heads;
  • Ergonomic design;
  • Easy to clean.
  • No trimmer;
  • Long charge.
9.8 / 10
Soft and fast shaving even in problem areas (neck). Lack of trimmer is not a big problem, as it is usually not very effective on razors. For such a price - the best inexpensive electric razor, a little inferior to more expensive.
Panasonic ES-6003
2 800

Good compact inexpensive electric shaver. Relatively high knife resistance. 2-3 years requires the replacement of the cutting unit, which is expensive. The best result is achieved with a wet shave, aided by a waterproof case. However, the effectiveness of the process depends on the rigidity of the hair. The lack of a floating head, oddly enough, does not interfere with penetration of hard-to-reach places. Strong vibration in the hand, from this discomfort when using. Charging lasts a long time, but you need to charge 8 hours. Trimmer causes conflicting opinions, because it is not universal and requires skill and experience.

Main advantages:
  • acceptable cost;
  • high-quality shaving;
  • there is a trimmer.
  • does not work from the mains, when recharging the lock is activated: you can not shave;
  • quite high vibration.
9.7 / 10
Good budget razor. I just don’t like the incomprehensible charging indicator, you’re not sure when the shaver will sit down and turn off.
Braun MobilShave M-60
1 445

Travel option grid electric shaver with self-powered up to 60 minutes from batteries or rechargeable batteries. The model is equipped with a swivel cover to protect a single wide shaving head with a special flexible mesh SmartFoil, a unique pattern of which allows you to capture multidirectional hairs.

The shaver is easily rinsed under running water and does not require connection to an electrical outlet. By default, batteries are included.

Main advantages:
  • Autonomy;
  • Compactness;
  • Low price.
  • Effective only for short stubble.
9.3 / 10
Shaving is quite normal, easy to store. Batteries last long. It is convenient to wash the waterproof case under the crane. Well suited for daily use, the grown bristles are shaved with difficulty and irritation is possible.
Berdsk 3114
1 299

The budget segment of rotary electric razors is quite adequately represented by the product of domestic production, and, more precisely, Berdsk Electromechanical Plant. Model 3114 belongs to the “Classic” series, which has been popular in the domestic market for many years.

The main advantages of electric shavers:

  • Powerful and reliable engine. At the same time the noise level is at a comfortable level;
  • Movable shaving unit and 3 floating heads;
  • Self-sharpening stainless steel knives and replacement indicator.

At a low price, the model is very worthy, but those who have not yet had experience using rotary shavers or have sensitive skin, it is better to give preference to more expensive or mesh devices. But for the older generation Berdsk 3114 can be a good gift.

Main advantages:
  • Low price;
  • Robust design;
  • Floating heads;
  • There is a trimmer.
  • Work only from the network;
  • Inconvenient cleaning.
9.0 / 10
Surprisingly, a good electric shaver from a domestic manufacturer. Light work and gentle shaving. Not the most convenient way to remove the shaving unit, the case heats up with prolonged use. But, in general, I don’t regret my choice.

The best rotary shavers for dry shaving

Philips S5310 Series 5000
8 190

An excellent rotary electric shaver of the 5000 series for an effective dry shave from Philips. However, the best and highest quality razors are associated with the rotor system with this brand or its American name Norelco.

What is good model S5110:

  • MultiPrecision shaving heads are capable of lifting hairs of different lengths and cutting them at the root itself;
  • Three Flex heads have 5 directions of movement, independent of each other, and maintain optimal contact with the skin of the face;
  • Removable compact trimmer for modeling the hairline on the mustache or temples;
  • Charge and blocking indications, as well as head cleaning and replacement indicators;
  • Work from the network and from the battery (Li-Ion). After 1 hour of charging, autonomous operation is ensured for 45 minutes, and a 5-minute connection to the network is sufficient for a single session.
Main advantages:
  • Effective and high-quality shaving;
  • Ability to flush the heads with water;
  • Turbo mode with 10% more power;
  • Affordable price;
  • 2 years warranty.
  • No docking station for charging;
  • Only dry shave.
9.7 / 10
Long chose from different razors. As a result, stopped at the Philips 5000 series. The result pleased. Shaves gently and quickly, makes little noise. Charging is enough for a long time (conveniently on trips). The shaving nozzle opens easily and is washed with water.
Philips S3510 Series 3000
4 550

Convenient and practical rotary shaver manufactured in the Netherlands, which is a kind of transition option from the products of the budget series 1000 to more advanced devices. The money is adequate, reliable and efficient. It works only on “dry”, however, cleaning can be done with running water (of course, when the power cord is disconnected).

In the arsenal of 3 flexible heads, moving in 4 directions, thereby ensuring adaptation to the facial contours. Rounded edges facilitate gliding, prevent skin damage. The ComfortCut blade system is responsible for the quick and precise cut of the bristles. There is also a folding trimmer for trimming the lines of mustache, beard, temples.

The stated type of power is combined from the mains and from the built-in Li-ion battery. Although the second option is more realistic. A full charge cycle lasts 1 hour. The maximum duration of work in a wireless mode is 50 minutes, which is approximately equivalent to 17 shaving sessions.

Main advantages:
  • High-quality assembly;
  • Ergonomic design;
  • Water resistant;
  • Low charge indicators, need to replace shaving heads;
  • Favorable warranty conditions - 24 months.
  • The model is designed for normal skin; for the sensitive one, it is better to consider more expensive versions;
  • Not the most convenient narrow trimmer.
9.5 / 10
Worthy compact razor. Made firmly and efficiently, in the hand is comfortable. Shaves clean. Only for the neck, chin need a little more time. Long hairs can be “finished off” with a trimmer.
3 590

The Italian brand GA.MA is better known as a manufacturer of professional equipment for hair and body care, but decided not to deprive ordinary users of attention. The range of the company in the class of household electric razors is not very wide, but the models are all worthy. Highlights GSH 895.

This instance can work both from the network and from the battery. The built-in Li-Ion battery provides up to 45 minutes of autonomous use, for which 1-hour charging is sufficient. Shaving unit is a system of 3 floating heads, easily adapting to the curves of the face and neck. Sideburns or whiskers are conveniently trimmed with a sliding trimmer.

The design is really stylish, which is not surprising, given the origin of the brand. Even if the assembly is not "native", but already familiar made in P.R.C. Supports wet cleaning. Warranty - 2 years.

Main advantages:
  • Smoothed edges of the heads for a comfortable and safe shave;
  • DOUBLE TRACK double cutting system;
  • The blade material is stainless steel, the thickness is only 0.1 mm;
  • Includes charging base, protection of the cutting unit;
  • Low weight - 154 g.
  • The IPx6 moisture protection standard does not imply the possibility of total immersion in water;
  • It is problematic to find interchangeable accessories.
9.4 / 10
Cute, lightweight and comfortable razor. It is relatively cheap, while coping with its responsibilities very well. The trimmer is quite comfortable. The charge lasts a long time. There was no particular irritation.

Top electric shavers for dry shaving

Wahl 8164-116
8 800

We continue our ranking of the best professional electric grid shaver from the legendary American brand. Designed not only for a classic shave on the face, which copes very effectively, but also for the final finishing at the end of the haircut on the neck, temples or the head as a whole, if the owner wants to consistently maintain the state "zero."

In our rating, the electric shaver is because the increased reliability inherent in such models is interesting to everyone, not just the hairdressers who work on stream. The bright "trick" of this shaver is nets with a coating of real gold. They are hypoallergenic, provide protection from irritation. It is only important to understand that the thinnest surface does not tolerate harsh pressure, and the result is easily achieved with light contact with the skin.

No less dignity Wahl 8164-116 - long battery life of up to 80 minutes. This Li-Ion battery requires a full charge within 2 hours.

Main advantages:
  • Rotary motor (not to be confused with the type of razor system) DC with a rotation speed of 7000-10000 rpm;
  • The cut-off height is minimal - 0.1, maximum - 0.4 mm (you can also purchase compatible branded nozzles);
  • Included - protection for nets, 2 types of brushes, network adapter;
  • Shaver weight 160 g;
  • Country of origin - USA.
  • No trimmer;
  • Mains operation (charging only) is not recommended.
9.7 / 10
Whal products traditionally pleases. An excellent shaver for professionals and not only. And no extra "special effects" that increase the price tag, such as any electronic scoreboards, cleaning stations, etc.
Braun 3020s Series 3
5 231

Popular and relatively inexpensive electric shaver, which nevertheless is capable of much. If you compare the 3020s with earlier models of the Braun Series 3, then it is much more efficient in coping with the three-day bristles. Yes, and at an earlier stage does not experience any problems.

To achieve excellent results shaving help:

  • MicroComb technology, which aims to feed more hairs to the cutting elements;
  • Triple action system based on the interaction of SensoFoil double-shaving mesh with a floating independent trimmer and MicroComb technology;
  • Mustache and sideburn trimmer.

If someone wants to buy a similar model with a cleaning and charging station, it is worth considering the model 3050ss Series 3, but for this pleasure you will have to pay extra.

Main advantages:
  • 45 minutes of work after 1 hour of charging;
  • Waterproof case;
  • Movable heads.
  • Ni-MH battery;
  • Loud work.
9.7 / 10
Like a razor. Well repeats the relief of the face, an excellent shaving unit. Good charging speed and decent battery life. Somewhat noisy, no cover, but the shaving quality is fine.
Braun 300s Series 3
8 800

This electric razor can be described with the phrase “inexpensive, but angry”, but with a small amendment. The availability of the price tag is not subject to doubt, but with regards to the aggressive attitude, it manifests itself only in mercilessness to the bristles. The interaction with the skin of a razor is quite soft and delicate.

Braun 300s is powered by two built-in Ni-MH batteries. After 1 hour of charging, 20 minutes of continuous operation are available. For a single session, 5 minutes is enough. network connection. On the case there is a special indicator of the battery status.

The shaving system is triple. Consists of two arcuate SensoFoil grids and a special trimmer between them. This combination contributes to a more effective removal of both short and long hairs, as well as better elaboration of problem areas.

Main advantages:
  • A good ratio of quality and price;
  • IPx7 waterproof (full immersion up to 5 m);
  • Protective cover and power adapter included;
  • The ability to use in any country of the world, thanks to auto-tuning for a voltage of 100 or 220-240 W;
  • Branded 2-year warranty.
  • Expensive interchangeable mesh;
  • Missing trimmer.
9.5 / 10
The razor did not disappoint. Copes with facial hair well, does not cause irritation. No need for foams or gels. The battery charges quickly. Simple and high quality model at a reasonable price.

Top rotary shaver with both dry and wet shaving function (with foam or gel)

Philips S9151
19 710
Rotary shaver has a stylish appearance and a pleasant to the touch handle.Users in the reviews note low noise and a capacious rechargeable battery, which is capable of long (up to 50 minutes) to work without recharging. 3 shaving heads provide a soft shave - both dry and wet. The model has an extensive display system - charging, residual charge, replacement of knives, road blocking. Comes with a trimmer - not too, however, effective. The device for cleaning is not bad, but its frequent use results in decent expenses for consumables. The price of the Philips S9151, frankly, is high. But this is a fee for quality.
Main advantages:
  • soft shaving;
  • powerful battery charge;
  • quiet work;
  • cleaning device included
  • several indicators
  • comfortable grip;
  • decent design.
  • high price.
9.9 / 10
Very stylish. The razor does not cause skin irritation, it is very quiet, the battery lasts a long time, and charges quickly. It shaves like a machine - smoothly and without irritation, but the most pleasant thing is that it shaves both long and short stubble without trimmer: once and for all.
Philips S7510
11 470

Philips Shaver series 7000 electric shaver is designed for effective and at the same time gentle dry or wet shaving. A special feature of this series is the presence of special Comfort rings with a soft and flexible microgranule coating, which makes it possible to achieve perfect glide over the skin and reduce the risk of irritations.

Three DynamicFlex shaving heads, moving in 5 possible directions, perfectly adapt to the curves of the neck and face. And with AquaTec technology, it's easy to choose between applying dry or wet shaving, including under the shower.

On the case there is a charge indicator with three levels and a lock indicator on the road. For safety reasons, the shaver is designed only for autonomous operation. And this is not a problem, since a 1-hour charge will provide up to 17 sessions (or 50 minutes of continuous work).

Main advantages:
  • Smooth and safe shave;
  • Styler for long hair with 5 length settings;
  • Capacious and durable Li-Ion battery;
  • Stylish design.
  • There is no SmartClean cleaning system.
9.8 / 10
Impressions of using a razor are only positive. Very comfortable in the hand, moving heads help shave chin clean. Somewhat inconvenient to pass under the nose, but it is rather a matter of habit.
Philips S5550 Series 5000
10 490

Good universal rotary electric razor of the middle class. Made in the traditional for Philips stylish and at the same time ergonomic design. The shaving system includes 3 floating heads moving in 5 directions, which ensures the most accurate repetition of facial contours. The current bonus is an additional attachment for removing hair in the ears and nose.

The AquaTec technology gives the user the opportunity to choose between a fast, comfortable dry shave and a delicate, illuminating wet with foam or gel. Both in that and in other case the subsequent cleaning under a stream of water is allowed. The manufacturer also took care of the owners of thick and stiff bristles. For them, the current mode Turbo + with increased by 20% power.

Works S5550 Series 5000 only in a wireless format from a Li-Ion battery. Full charge is carried out for 1 hour, autonomous period - up to 50 minutes. The international warranty period provided by Philips is 24 months.

Main advantages:
  • The rounded edges of the heads for better slip, protect the skin from cuts;
  • MultiPrecision blade system, which effectively lifts and cuts hairs;
  • Convenient, removable SmartClick trimmer for trimming mustache borders, sideburns;
  • Three-level LED charge indication, display of the road blocking mode;
  • Production - the Netherlands.
  • The usual expensive accessories (replacement of knives is required in 1.5-2 years);
  • A tall price tag for the 5 series.
9.6 / 10
It is interesting that after the first application I didn’t like the razor, but I got used to it and it’s necessary - everything is fine. I tried with foam - normal flight. However, I often use the classic dry shave. Fully satisfied.

The best electric shavers for wet and dry shaving

Braun 7893s Series 7
16 992

German-made high-quality electric-electric razor with waterproof case and blades adapted for both dry and wet habits with shaving with foam. Can be used in the shower, rinsed with water. In any case, it is possible to ensure a good end result.

Of the key features:

  • Reliable motor with support for AUTOSENSING technology, adapting power parameters for bristle properties;
  • Flexible head capable of moving in 8 directions;
  • Three movable cutting elements adapting to the face relief (2 CrossHair blades for a smooth shave and UltraActiveLife trimmer for gripping hairs in problem areas);
  • Powerful Li-Ion battery (up to 1 hour of work after the same charging period).

The delivery package consists of the device itself, a network adapter, a brush, a travel cover. For those who need a cleaning station with replaceable cartridges, there is a more expensive counterpart - Braun 5195ss.

Main advantages:
  • Skin-friendly narrow trimmer;
  • MultiHeadLock system with 5 adjustable angles for more precise shaving;
  • LED display with indication of charge, the need for cleaning, stroke lock;
  • IPx7 water resistant;
  • Warranty - 2 years.
  • Vibration;
  • High price tag.
9.8 / 10
How shaves like. Floating head with unaccustomed scarecrow, thought would fall off. No, holding on. At the very beginning there was a slight irritation - he pressed hard. It was adapted, it became easy and comfortable. Trimmer is not bad.
Panasonic ES-RF31
5 990

The inexpensive razor from Panasonic as for the price shaves rather qualitatively. Wet and dry shaving is comfortable and does not cause irritation on the skin. The hair is shaved as much as possible to the root. Floating heads perfectly cope with stiff bristles. The built-in trimmer is inconvenient to use. As it should, it will not work to pick up the whiskey. The waterproof case allows you to wash the shaver right under the tap. This model has excellent value for money.

Main advantages:
  • wet and dry shave;
  • shaves clean and fast;
  • comfortable design;
  • capacious battery;
  • affordable price.
  • no self-cleaning unit;
  • uncomfortable trimmer.
9.7 / 10
4 shaving blades, high frequency motor, quiet, dry shave very high quality, comfortable body, lightweight, waterproof, fast charging, good Li AKB - satisfied with the purchase. The quality of shaving is many orders of magnitude higher than that of past razors used by me.
Braun 5145s Series 5
9 600

A very decent model from the German brand and the German assembly with the support of Wet & Dry technology, thanks to which the razor can be used in the shower, as well as for a refreshing and moisturizing shaving with foam.

The Braun 5 Series feature is FlexMotionTec technology for optimal skin contact even on problem areas of the face. Additional advantages of the model also include:

  • MultiHeadLock system with 5 angles for shaving;
  • Safe narrow trimmer for whiskers and whiskers;
  • Quick charge. 45 minutes of work after a 1-hour network connection.
Main advantages:
  • Dry and wet shaving;
  • Made in Germany;
  • Travel pouch included;
  • Effective shaving system.
  • Loud work;
  • Bad shave his neck.
9.6 / 10
The razor was purchased to replace the old brand, and it is noticeably better than its predecessor in both the quality of shaving and the availability of use under the shower. Very comfortable non-slip rubberized grip. I am satisfied with the purchase.
Panasonic ES-RT37
4 999

Shaving system with three grids and internal edges with an angle of sharpening of 30 degrees at the low price. The model has a floating head, the possibility of wet shaving, a trimmer, a lithium-ion battery with a low charge indicator - and everything, nothing superfluous. Shaving is easy and convenient. Most users claim that the quality of shaving (especially with foam) is comparable to the result, which gives shaving machines. Shaving face is almost perfectly comfortable. On the neck, especially in places of skin folds, a slight irritation can be felt, which quickly passes. Charge enough depending on the load by 7-10 times. At the same time, owners note a short battery recharge time.

Main advantages:
  • does not irritate the skin;
  • clean shave;
  • possibility of wet shaving;
  • reliable battery
  • not a very convenient mechanism for switching on the trimmer.
9.4 / 10
He shaves his face really well, and his neck lasts longer, but he also shaves everything. Before that, there were two Brown's, and I can say that the quality of shaving with this Panasonic razor is better. The skin does not hurt. Wet shaving is no worse than a machine.

The best electric shavers for owners of sensitive skin

Panasonic ES-LV6Q
18 555

High-tech premium electric shaver from the famous brand from the Land of the Rising Sun. Oh, what the Japanese know a lot about it, so it is in high-quality blades. Here they are durable, sharp and reliable, processed using nano-polishing, sharpened to 30 °, which is considered an ideal option for a quick and easy cut without twitching.

The design uses a linear motor with a direct drive, the rotation speed of which reaches 14,000 r / min, and the power does not fall even with increased load or low charge level. Another thing is that the presence of a special sensor allows you to automatically adjust the intensity of exposure, depending on the density and stiffness of the "vegetation" in certain areas of the face.

Another reason for the delicate handling of sensitive skin is a unique 5D moving head with a pair of friction-reducing silicone rollers and 5 nets: 2 for quick lifting of the bristles, 2 for finishing shaving, 1 universal X-shaped (trimmer) for effective removal of long and grip hairs adjacent to the skin.

Main advantages:
  • Great performance;
  • Full charge in 1 hour, followed by 45 minutes of work;
  • Informative multi-color display;
  • Convenient case for transportation;
  • Made in Japan.
  • Expensive pleasure.
10 / 10
Not my first Panasonic, but objectively the best of everything that I used to use. The razor seems a bit large, however, it lies comfortably in the hand, removes the bristles quickly and easily, even in the chin and neck area.
Braun 9240s Series 9
17 830

Stylish and incredibly high-tech model of premium class, which can be safely called the most "advanced" of those present in the domestic market. Functional except that the analogue with the addition of a five-speed cleaning station Clean & Charge (9290ss).

The Braun 9240s incorporates smart SyncroSonic technology, which tracks face contours and bristle density and engine power correction. A trimmer's titanium coating gives the latter additional strength and protects against corrosion.

The effectiveness of shaving and skin comfort is ensured by a system of 5 elements:

  • Direct & Cut Trimmer for cutting hair growing in different directions;
  • HyperLift & Cut trimmer for lifting and removing hairs adjacent to the skin;
  • 2 Opti Foil nets for clean shaving;
  • SkinGuard skin softening and protection technology;
  • Floating shaver head with independent cutting elements.
Main advantages:
  • Effective and gentle dry or wet shaving;
  • Water resistant;
  • Powerful motor and automatic adjustment;
  • Stylish design and high-quality assembly.
  • High price.
9.9 / 10
The quality of shaving on top. No irritation on the skin is noticed. I took a model without a cleaning station, because the difference in price is very large. I have enough washing the razor with water. Very stylish premium performance.
Philips S7720
15 850

The rotary model of the Shaver 7000 series was by no means accidentally found to be in this category. Of course, it is considered that for sensitive skin should choose models with a grid system of shaving. That's just the owners of the Philips S7720 are unlikely to agree with this statement. And they will be absolutely right. After all, this razor is specially designed for the most comfortable, smooth and safe shave, both dry and wet.

What causes this:

  • Rings Comfort rings for a perfect slip;
  • Shaving heads moving in 5 directions for exact repetition of face relief;
  • A blade system that lifts the hairs (both long and short, and adjacent), and then cuts them as close as possible to the skin without damaging it;
  • SmartClean system for cleaning, lubrication and charging, after use of which the razor becomes as new.
Main advantages:
  • Clean and careful shaving;
  • Excellent ergonomics and design;
  • Water resistant with AquaTec technology;
  • Long autonomous work;
  • Cleaning system
  • The need to replace cartridges and their high price.
9.8 / 10
Shaving turned out to be really careful. My skin on my neck is very sensitive and at the first applications in the dry mode there was a slight irritation that quickly passed. Wet shaving with the gel gave an excellent result without any signs of discomfort.
Philips SW7700 Star Wars
18 555

Stylish and powerful rotary electric shaver from the special War Stars series. It’s not at all clear whether Philips proposes to side with the dark or light forces, but if it is the color of the bristles, there is no difference for the SW7700. The "enemy" will be destroyed at the very root and completely painless.

Even a three-day growth is not a problem. Hairs of different lengths, regardless of their direction, are captured by V-track Precision PRO blades and cut off as quickly and accurately as possible. And so that the process is not accompanied by irritations, the shaving heads are equipped with SkinGlide friction reducing rings coated with the smallest spherical granules.

The set, in addition to the main device, includes a compact removable trimmer, travel case. Assembling the razor "native" - ​​the Netherlands. The warranty period is traditional for Philips 2 years.

Main advantages:
  • Moving in 5 directions DynamicFlex heads;
  • 72 high-performance self-sharpening blades;
  • AquaTec technology that provides the ability to wet shave and rinse with water;
  • Durable and reliable Li-Ion battery;
  • Up to 60 minutes of autonomous operation after 1 hour of charging.
  • Network operation is not provided;
  • The price tag is not democratic.
9.7 / 10
Not to say I'm a Star Wars fan, but the razor is good. No more machines, I use only her. Sometimes, having no time at home, I grab with me and bring my face in order, seizing the right moment. The quality is excellent, as are the results.

Afterword. Which electric razor is better to buy?

We reviewed the razors, prices of some of which are ten times higher than others. From experience we can say: an expensive unit is always excellent, but not necessarily the best. What determines such a serious price range? Not only from the prestige of the manufacturer, but also from the number of additional accessories: brushes for cleaning, models of reticulums, supports for stationary fixing of the razor device.

There are more serious criteria that we advise to pay attention to: battery life (up to one hour) and its recharging (from one to eight hours), the ability to switch from 220 to 127 V. There are purely cosmetic features: shaving of the smallest hairs, repeating face contour, dry / wet shave. Aesthetic criteria are also taken into account: the ability to choose the color of the razor, the type of case, the design of the device (convenience of the handle, compactness, etc.). The warranty period from the company can vary from 1 year to 5 years. And inexpensive razors can be comfortable, serve for many years, despite the low rating.

We wish you a happy shopping!

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