10 best range finders for hunting

Exact distance - accurate shot

It cannot be said that the rangefinder is so necessary for a hunter in Russian conditions: in the forest and a hundred meters is a long-range shot, and on the most popular hunts in the country, like duck, it makes no sense to measure the distance at all. If you have “step by step” steppe or mountains - then yes, a carbine of sufficient power and the skills of accurate shooting at decent distances will already become relevant. However, in the rest of the latitudes one can meet a person with a range finder on the usual glade as well, although at the end there will surely be a paper target, and a video camera next to the shooter. “Dirty bloggers, scared the whole game again” - with these words we will today begin the ranking of the best rangefinders for hunting.

Why are they allocated to their class? Alas, taking a simple construction laser rangefinder from the nearest tool store will not work: models that can manage distances of at least a couple of hundred meters are already professional class, and not cheap, as can be seen from our other rating. And for rifled weapons, these pairs of hundreds of meters are the distances where the need for a rangefinder is just beginning (unless you, of course, use not a large, but a “slow” caliber-stopper with a “mortar” trajectory). Accordingly, the design of the rangefinder must be seriously different - it must have a good viewfinder with a sufficient degree of approximation to accurately aim at the target. In addition, it is absolutely not superfluous to be water resistant: anything happens on a hunt. A bright red laser for hunting is usual for building range finders; it is contraindicated: it easily unmasks an arrow, an infrared one is needed. Well, let's not forget about weight - you have to carry a decent load on yourself and so on.

Rating of the best rangefinders for hunting

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
The best budget range finders for hunting1RGK D6009.5 / 1011 990
2ADA instruments SHOOTER 4009.1 / 1012 990
3ELITECH LD 6008.9 / 1010 649
4Veber LRF10008.8 / 108 690
The best range finders for high-end hunting1Leupold RX-1000i with DNA9.8 / 1022 990
2Bushnell Scout DX 1000 ARC9.7 / 1024 990
3Nikon PROSTAFF 7i9.6 / 1033 290
4Nikon Forestry Pro9.5 / 1031 890
5Nikon PROSTAFF 3i9.4 / 1022 390
6Yukon Extend LRS-10009.3 / 1015 900

The best budget range finders for hunting

RGK D600
11 990

In fairness, on the hunt with this range finder, be careful: the level of dust and moisture protection in his "building", IP54. However, the “special-hunting” range finders of the budget class in our area are not so often found. Nevertheless, since the instruction manual for this rangefinder directly promises us that it (literally) “is excellent for use in hunting”, we will believe ... but we will check.

The maximum measuring distance is 600 meters. For a six-fold monocular with enlightenment, this is quite a “lifting” distance for sighting, although already at the limit. There is enough stock for most calibers: after all, six hundred meters and the weapon, and the cartridge, and the shooter are not needed anyhow. Conveniently, along with the distance, the device measures the angle - when firing it must be taken into account in order not to miss the shots “into the milk”. For example, for the good old "Extras" 7.62x54R at 400 meters, the angle of the target location of -10 degrees gives almost three centimeters of vertical difference. The second mode, provided in the range finder - measuring the speed, which is, of course, at the shooting range is hardly useful.

Powered by a built-in battery, traditionally charged via USB. So even in a multi-day hike, he will not be left without power - you still have to take with you a power bank or a solar panel. Therefore, due to the combination of qualities, the device is completely worthy of recognition both as a rifle shooting and a hunting rangefinder.

Main advantages:
  • Reasonably high quality and measurement accuracy
  • Lithium ion battery
  • Angle display along with distance
  • Low moisture protection
9.5 / 10
On postrelushki it is useful: the target is looking for normally, the run-up readings are within the limits of the allowable.
ADA instruments SHOOTER 400
12 990

But this rangefinder is clearly designed specifically for shooters - both the name and the absence of tripod threads hint at this. He himself is very compact, easily fits in your hand. The approach is six-fold, the quality of the lenses is not bad.

But in terms of range and functionality, it is seriously inferior to the RGK. The maximum distance at which this model can work is only 400 meters, and the protractor is not provided in principle. The power source is not a built-in battery, but an expensive CR2 lithium battery. And finally, the manufacturer does not declare the dust and moisture protection class at all - and at the same time, for all RGK D600, although “building”, it turns out to be even cheaper than the “small” fellow! Therefore, the priorities in our ranking are placed as expected.

Main advantages:
  • Compact, light weight
  • Good accuracy
  • Use of expensive batteries
  • Unknown degree of protection against water (and the design of the case, frankly, does not inspire)
9.1 / 10
The normal range finder is quite, beyond the 400 we still have nowhere to shoot - and 300 would be found. But for things like the 9.6 Lancaster gauge, the thing is definitely useful, the correction is needed for 150 already.
10 649

One of the most accessible hunting range finders today is not particularly impressive in appearance, although the rubberized body at least promises resistance to “adversity”. "Beats" it is up to 600 meters, according to the manufacturer, with the accuracy he has plus or minus half a meter.

The power supply is here again - the CR2 battery. The measurement possibilities are amused - there are already two modes of calculating the “golf course” trajectory, but with the stated accuracy any golfer will override: plus or minus half a meter for a small hole is not the option. But the measurement of the angle of elevation of the arrow is already useful, one minus - the modes switch cyclically, and you have to scroll through the useless ones.

Main advantages:
  • Rubberized case
  • Good cold resistance
  • Low accuracy
8.9 / 10
Quite a device for an inexpensive, enough for a shooting range.
Veber LRF1000
8 690

Continues ranking of the best rangefinders for hunting Veber LRF1000. And here the Chinese comrades promise us a "range" as much as a kilometer. Well, they like loud numbers, but in practice, finding a target at such a distance using a six-fold monocular with a 21 mm lens is still a task. However, with the hand to keep the sight at such a distance will not work with the best optics, and the rangefinder does not have a tripod thread. But the accuracy is twice as bad as Elitech: give or take a meter. However, for the "kilometer" and from the famous brands is normal, so we will not particularly find fault. Another thing is that the budgetary “China” real parameters are traditionally worse than those stated: if some Leupold have a meter, then “Uncle Liao” is as lucky.

Unlike Elitech, there is an opportunity to turn off unnecessary measurement modes, so as not to turn them over constantly: we will write this into advantages. The possibility of simultaneous measurement of the elevation angle of the target and the distance to it is present. Also provides a mode of "fog", in which, according to the manufacturer, improved accuracy when working in adverse conditions.

But, whatever one may say, in the end, the rangefinder in terms of price, quality and functionality is still expected to occupy the last place in the rating.

Main advantages:
  • Existence of the "antifog" mode of measurements
  • Low accuracy
8.8 / 10
Good rangefinder. Of course, it is unrealistic to aim per kilometer, but I work mainly from 300-400.

The best range finders for high-end hunting

Leupold RX-1000i with DNA
22 990

If the words “shoot” and “optics” are found in one sentence, then Leupold is definitely worth mentioning: after all, it is one of the most famous American manufacturers of optical devices for shooters, and the appearance of rangefinders in their lineup was inevitable. Unfortunately, in our stores, American optics is becoming an increasingly rare visitor, and this is perhaps the main reason why we cannot give the rangefinder a full-fledged “top ten” in the rating.

The maximum range of his "view" - 1000 yards, or 915 meters. Fortunately, the range finder is not only familiar with the “native” units, but also understands the metric system. Optics - six, excellent (which is not surprising) quality. And the presence of the DNA system raises the measurement accuracy to 10 centimeters, which is very, very serious for the “kilometer driver”.

This rangefinder has a more interesting, albeit more expensive option, which has the abbreviation TBR in the label - it means that a ballistic calculator is built into the rangefinder, which at least half simplifies the work of the shooter at long distances. Why half? Because the lateral correction for the wind will still have to be considered yourself.

Main advantages:
  • Excellent optics
  • High accuracy
  • The convenience of use
  • Alas, at such a pace, Leupold optics will soon be available only in the secondary market ...
9.8 / 10
Excellent range finder, it works quickly and accurately. Especially in the twilight you feel the difference with cheap models.
Bushnell Scout DX 1000 ARC
24 990

Further, in the ranking of the best rangefinders for hunting, there is another “star-striped”, and therefore not the most frequent rangefinder in stores. But, if you find him, he will definitely like it at least tactilely: the waterproof case fits perfectly into your hand. The maximum range is 1000 yards, like that of the Leupold, but the accuracy at “over a hundred” distances is already noticeably rougher: plus or minus yards (well, or 91 centimeters).

But there is an excellent ballistic calculator, and a dual-mode one: for bow and firearms. After adjusting the rangefinder to the parameters of your weapon, having calculated the distance to the aiming point and the elevation angle of the target, it automatically gives the value of the vertical correction in units convenient for the shooter. In this case, you can use a rangefinder with several weapons: it provides for the preservation of 8 groups of settings for "ordinary" weapons and even two separate groups for muzzle-loading weapons on a black powder. Not to say that this is particularly useful in the Russian realities ... but really there, let it be.

But the presence of the function of accurate calculation of the distance to the target of small size (indicated by the target icon in the field of view) and ignoring tree crowns (the “forest” icon) will make this rangefinder interesting both for the postrelukh and for the real hunt.

Main advantages:
  • Good quality
  • Built-in ballistic calculator
  • Not the best accuracy
  • Setting up a ballistic calculator here is no different convenience, rather the opposite
9.7 / 10
I really liked. And the quality is felt, and works quickly.
33 290

An excellent, though not the cheapest rangefinder with proven water protection, can boast a “range” of up to 1200 meters, high-quality optics and the Tru-Target function, which, when measuring distances to several objects, allows you to select the closest or farthest. It is a pity that the optics is only sixfold: it is difficult to aim at distances above a kilometer ... although, can you and your weapon are capable of shooting at precisely such lines?

Let's just say - we just couldn’t find fault with the quality. Therefore, a rating downgrade is only an effect of competition: well, Bushnell, with even lower price and the same accuracy with Nikon, has a ballistic calculator anyway.

Main advantages:
  • Excellent optics
  • Functionality at distances above a kilometer
  • Tall price
9.6 / 10
Good range for hunting. Cool optics and quick calculation of the distance in the forest is not "buggy."
Nikon Forestry Pro
31 890

This Japanese rangefinder was developed primarily for lumberjacks, so it has a number of functions that the hunter is unlikely to need. But the focus on permanent work in the forest, combined with the quality of optics - this is exactly what the hunter does not interfere.

An interesting feature of this model is the presence of an external screen where information on angular measurements is displayed in the most convenient form. Since the range finder is “sharpened” under the forest, there is a mode for searching the farthest or nearest object against the background of trees. And such an opportunity to work with a “complex” background will not be superfluous even during a forest hunt. The maximum range is 500 meters.

Water protection at the range finder is more than sufficient, and even enviable for many models: the manufacturer guarantees operability after 10 minutes at a meter depth.

Main advantages:
  • High quality six optics
  • No measurement errors when the target is in the background of trees (the “forest” model!)
  • Good water protection
  • The bright case is easily unmasked while hunting, and to camouflage it means to remain without a side display.
9.5 / 10
We immediately see that Nikon is Nikon. Everything is quality, everything is thought out.
22 390

Nikon again! Yes, the Japanese decided to take this market segment seriously and for a long time. The price of the model 3i is noticeably “tastier” than that of the 7i, and the range is more than sufficient for shooters with the most popular calibers: 590 meters. The range finder is compact, not afraid of water, it saves battery power - it would seem, there is nothing to scold.

But still, we note that the 18-millimeter lens, despite the good enlightenment, is noticeably dark, which is not a plus for hunting: the lighting can be different.

Main advantages:
  • Compact waterproof case
  • Quick determination of distance
  • I would like a larger lens, even at the expense of size
9.4 / 10
A good rangefinder, has been working without problems for the third year, constantly "in the field."
Yukon Extend LRS-1000
15 900

In general, there was a thought to complete our rating of the best hunting range finders on the Nikon ACULON AL11 ... But how much can the Nikonov? So let's focus on the Yukon: a good-looking and far from the price-killing rangefinder, which is decently assembled and “long-range” to a kilometer.

The stated level of moisture resistance - IPX7, so that the rangefinder can be taken "on the nature" safely. The range finder is light and compact, fits well in the hand and demonstrates decent repeatability of the measurement results - you can safely trust it. It is a pity that the measurement of the elevation angle of the target is not provided for in it, otherwise he could count on a higher rating score at such and such a price.

Main advantages:
  • Compact and light weight
  • Decent accuracy, especially for the price a little higher than the best "state employees"
  • Average efficiency (up to 3000 single measurements on a single CR2 battery)
9.3 / 10
For its price is definitely the best range finder, I think.

Which range for hunting is better to choose?

At such distances, at which shooting rangefinders, build quality has a crucial role. Imagine that your eye and the range-finder sensor “look” with only one degree of discord: at 400 meters, the range-finder will already begin to “cut” to the side six meters from the point of sight!

The measuring unit itself, when checking in a store, should at least demonstrate sufficient repeatability of measurements: if at the first measurement to a fixed object it shows one hundred meters, and at the second - already one hundred and ten, then it is better to put aside such a “meter”. But it is hardly worth pursuing excessive accuracy - the error in the meter for firearms is fundamental except at the extreme distances, where the bullet already “leaves at the peak”, at normal distances for the caliber the difference in the vertical correction will be scanty.

But between the two favorite models and the most suitable models according to the characteristics, the preferences will definitely deserve the one where it’s better moisture protection - even if you hunt in a dry region, where a sudden “bathing” in the whole ammunition does not threaten, nobody canceled rains. It would be a pity to spoil an expensive device, isn't it?

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