8 best dry closets

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With the help of a dry closet you can ensure your family a comfortable stay in a village house, in the country, on a hike - wherever there are no modern benefits of civilization. Responsible employers can use this device to provide decent conditions for their employees. The choice of the best bio-toilet depends on where you will use it - in order to choose the most suitable in terms of design, volume of waste storage and cost among the variety of models.

We offer you a rating of the best biotoilets. It includes the most popular models, about which the most positive feedback from buyers.

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
The best chemical toilets1Thetford Porta Potti Qube 3659.5 / 107 580
2Dometic 9729.4 / 106 589
3Thetford Porta Potti Excellence9.4 / 1010 300
The best peat biotoilets1Piteco 5069.6 / 105 690
2Biolan with separator9.5 / 1028 150
The best available electric dry closets1Separett Villa 90119.6 / 1040 700
The best electric toilets premium1Biolan Icelett9.7 / 106 589
2Separett Flame 80009.5 / 10115 000

The best chemical toilets

Thetford Porta Potti Qube 365
7 580

Opens our rating Thetford porta potti 365 - one of the most popular biotoilets. Due to its low weight (slightly more than 4 kg) and small dimensions (lower tank — 21 liters, upper — 15 liters), it can be used in almost any conditions: when going to a country house, where there is no septic tank or centralized sewage, during a hiking trip, with care for a disabled person.

It can be installed even in a small room, for example, in a trade tent. Made of high-tech plastics (even when operating outdoors, the company guarantees the strength of materials for ten years). Equipped with a piston pump for flushing clean water. It is designed for approximately 50 uses without cleaning the tank (for a family of three people it will be enough for about a week). The waste tank indicator will indicate when maintenance is required.

  • The price for a dry closet with such a modest size is still a bit high.
  • It is necessary to use special expensive liquids again for more rapid splitting of waste in the lower tank.
9.5 / 10
We had a sick relative for a long time who could not move around the apartment even on crutches. For her, the bio-toilet was a real salvation. When she learned to change herself from the bed by herself, the problem with caring for the patient was successfully solved.
Dometic 972
6 589

The supercompact dry closet (317х333х387) of cassette type from the Swedish brand is made of durable plastic and can withstand loads up to 250 kg. The lower waste tank has a volume of only 10 liters, the upper one holds 8.7 liters of flushing liquid. Device for a weekend of a family of 3-4 people. Rational solution for a caravan or a small yacht.

Main advantages:
  • Functional and elegant biotoilet from high-quality plastic.
  • Convenient emptying without splashing.
  • The long nozzle for waste disposal ensures a hygienic drain, without splashing.
  • Level indicator to control overflow.
  • Push-button mechanism of discharge.
  • Comfortable full-size seat.
  • The need to purchase special septic tanks to neutralize waste.
  • Not widely distributed in commercial networks.
  • The small height of the device is not very convenient for older people.
9.4 / 10
We chose the best bio-toilet for Sunday outings on a car with a trailer, bought a small, compact one, just for a couple of days off. Suitable for both adults and children (due to the small height).
Thetford Porta Potti Excellence
10 300

Good dry closet for giving or a summer lodge on the nature. The accumulation tank for effluent is quite voluminous - 21 l, the flushing one has a volume of 15 l, the device is designed to be used without emptying for 5-7 days for a family of three or four people. Neutralization of waste is achieved thanks to liquid septic tanks, which are necessarily added to the accumulation and flushing tank. The device works without an electrical network: the model is equipped with a manual piston pump (3-4 pumping movements are enough), or an electric pump with battery power. In the flush tank, the water is poured manually through a special funnel (included). In the lower part there is a compartment for a roll of toilet paper. The brand’s birthplace is the Netherlands. Three years warranty.

Main advantages:
  • Does not require an electrical and plumbing network.
  • The lack of amber, almost completely, thanks to the neutralizing septic tank and valve, hermetically blocking the drain hole.
  • Comfortable seat height - 45 cm.
  • There is an indicator for filling the storage tank.
  • Floor panel for fixing the dry closet on the floor of the room.
  • The ability to detach the bottom, cumulative bowl and emptying it through the drain pipe.
  • The need to purchase special liquids for cumulative and flush cisterns. It is necessary to fill them every time after emptying the tanks.
  • Inconvenient compartment for a roll of paper.
  • The impossibility of using in a cold season in a room with sub-zero temperatures due to the likelihood of moisture freezing in the accumulation and flushing tank.
9.4 / 10
Bought a dry closet for giving, the compact device, transported in a car trunk. We do not notice unpleasant odors, however, we pour out waste every time after the weekend, do not expect full filling of the tank. For comfort, purchased an additional soft pad on the seat.

The best peat biotoilets

Piteco 506
5 690

Peat dry closet Piteco 506 - an improved version of the very popular toilet Piteco 506. The dry closet is good because it can be installed both indoors and in a separate house on the street - it is made of frost-resistant plastic. For removal of an unpleasant smell the direct-flow pipe is used for ventilation 2 meters long. It comes in a set, if necessary, it can be lengthened. Drainage fluid is discharged into a pit or any container (for example, a canister). Regular pouring of waste with peat mixture, which ensures maturation of the compost, occurs automatically when the spreader handle is turned. Sophisticated design allows you to accumulate waste in the lower storage tank of 44 liters (enough for two months for a family of three). They can be removed simply by removing the top of the dry closet.

9.6 / 10
Of the many models chosen to give peat toilet Piteco 506. Installed in a separate house. We have been using it for the third month, once it was emptied onto compost (in 15 minutes). In the family, everyone is happy, it is compact and convenient to operate.
Biolan with separator
28 150

“Dry” peat bio-toilet with the function of preliminary composting of solid wastes of vital activity after their separation from liquid. Separation is performed directly in the receiving bowl of the device. The liquid does not enter the storage tank, but is drained through the hose into the gutter or tank outdoors. For the collection of solid waste, 2 buckets are used with a total volume of 28 liters. As the container is filled, they change places and are carried out when both are filled. Flush - from the tank with a dry peat backfill. The material of the device - polyethylene - withstands minus air temperatures, can be used in an unheated room or left for the winter. Manufacturing country Finland. Warranty - a year.

Main advantages:
  • A good peat bio-toilet without the need to connect to communication networks.
  • Easy recycling and cleaning - two waste collection tanks.
  • The separation of the liquid fraction from the solid, which minimizes unpleasant odors.
  • The possibility of use and storage in the cold season.
  • European manufacturer.
  • The need for waste disposal as accumulation.
  • The need to install a ventilation pipe.
  • Quite a price.
9.5 / 10
We use a dry closet at the summer cottage. The liquid "goes" to the drainage system of the site, solid waste is collected in the compost pit. In two years we will fertilize flowers and shrubs.

The best available electric dry closets

Separett Villa 9011
40 700

Separett villa 9011 - one of the most «long-life ”dry closets: a family of three will need to fill two 23-liter tanks for at least two months. It does not use any chemistry. Due to the separation of solid and liquid fractions, the liquid is discharged through the drainage hose into the waste pit or into any container. Toilet paper and solid waste fall into the accumulation chamber, where it is blown around and dried by a compressor around the clock, decreasing in size several times. The camera is closed, and access to it opens only when landing on the toilet. Waste is used as fertilizer for plants not intended for human consumption.

  • It is possible to use this dry closet only at its round-the-clock connection to the electrical network.
  • Because of the design features, the bio-toilet is used only in a sitting position.
9.6 / 10
Dry closet Separett Villa 9011 - the best solution to a hygienic problem for a country house. It is very convenient that the toilet is waterless. In tanks it is not necessary to pour splitting liquids, to discharge waste from the drive. No peat or other fillers. The price is right, saved time and nerves are worth it.

The best electric toilets premium

Biolan Icelett
6 589

The model of a dry closet from a European manufacturer is used both in residential buildings without a sewer network, and in residential and hospital premises for the care of patients with reduced mobility. Principle of operation: deep freezing of waste at temperatures up to -18 ° C. The freezing takes place in a storage tank with a volume of 20 liters in a biodegradable bag, the outer casing of the toilet and the seat remain at room temperature. When emptying the container, the entire bag is removed and discarded. 30 pieces bags are included with the device. Seat height 48 cm. Optimum room temperature for use of the model: 10-22 ° C. The manufacturer - Finland. Warranty - a year.

Main advantages:
  • Autonomous dry close: it is not attached to water and sewer networks.
  • Does not require water for flushing.
  • High seat comfortable for the elderly and people with disabilities.
  • There is no need to carry the storage tank for draining, the frozen waste is removed on the spot in a special bag and discarded. Waste can be composted.
  • The ability to adjust the temperature of freezing.
  • Reliable manufacturer.
  • Required availability of 220V power network.
  • High price.
  • Small warranty period.
  • With frequent use, the need to purchase bags in excess of the set.
9.7 / 10
Of course, this model is not for the budget option. But for us, weighty arguments were: a) ease of operation - opened the lid, did business, closed the lid; b) ease of cleaning - took out and threw out the bag, rubbed the container with a wet cloth; c) the complete absence of unpleasant odors. This and guided when choosing and buying a dry closet.
Separett Flame 8000
115 000

The dry closet with the waste incineration function is intended for cases when disposal of waste products is impossible or inconvenient for hygienic reasons. The model is installed in rooms with a 220V electrical network. Burning occurs inside the storage tank at a temperature of 550 ° C. Ash removal is needed every 5-6 days. The device is equipped with a system of protection against overheating. Body material - metal, acrylic. The country of origin is Sweden. Warranty - 3 years.

Main advantages:
  • Eco-friendly and waste-free bio-toilet. Combustion products - ashes - can be used as an additive to fertilizer or simply disposed of as household waste.
  • Installation does not require a sewer and water supply network.
  • High seat - 535 mm - is especially convenient for the elderly or people with disabilities.
  • Easy to install.
  • High price.
  • Installation of a ventilation pipe is required.
  • At each visit inside the bowl you need to have a bag for collecting waste.
9.5 / 10
The dry closet is not cheap, but it is convenient to use it, there is no smell. The view is presentable, the quality is on top. Bought in a mobile office.

Select the type of dry closet

An overview of the most common types of dry closets will help make a choice.

Electric toilets

If electricity is supplied to the installation site of the device, there are several solutions:

Dry closet with freezing. This is a “freezer” tank: the waste is packaged in biodegradable bags and cooled to low temperatures, which guarantees the absence of an unpleasant odor. Such devices are emptied quite often due to a small collection capacity, for example, in a compost pit. Suitable for installation on board an airliner, and for mobile offices, and for the care of patients with disabilities.

Dry closet with burning function. The recyclable waste, directly in the storage container, is heated to high temperatures and turns into ashes. And it can already be disposed of as ordinary household garbage. The devices are suitable for all possible cases of installation, the restriction is only in a high price.

Dry closets without electricity

Models without the use of electricity are also divided according to the type of disposal:

Peat dry closet with dry washout - model with backfilling of waste with peat mixture, absorbing moisture and neutralizing odors. A great option for giving or gardening: the contents of the storage tank of the device, already ready for “ripening”, is emptied into the compost pit and is used, after a while, as a fertilizer.

Cassette dry closet - waste products are collected in an airtight container - a cassette, where they are neutralized with the help of added septic tanks. When the container is filled, its contents are poured into the waste pit or sewer. Such models are suitable for long-distance buses, campgrounds.

But in these devices from the electrical network or batteries (accumulators) can work, for example, a flushing pump, mixer, heated compost.

Which bio-toilet is better to buy?

It all depends on the scope of application. For patient care or short trips, light and miniature Thetford porta potti 365 (the leader in popularity among composting toilets) and Dometic 972 are the best option. Peat composting composting toilets are most often chosen for the dacha. If we are talking about long-term residence in the country, and there is no opportunity to mount the sewage system, then more spacious models will help. Well, for those who are not accustomed to deny anything to themselves, Separett Flame 8000 or Biolan Icelett, for example, would be an excellent solution.

Have a good shopping!

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