5 best manufacturers of roof racks for cars

What does not fit in the trunk, we will put on the roof!
Author: Alexander Lazarenko

When choosing a car, in addition to studying the engine, transmission, the presence of electronics, additional comfort options and other technical characteristics, we certainly look into the trunk, visually assess its capacity and specify the volume in liters. And although we drive a good half of the trips with a half-empty trunk, there are times when there is absolutely no space in it, not to mention the need to transport bicycles, skis, snowboards, tents, boats and other large items. Here we come to the aid of roof racks on the roof of the car. The basis of such a boot is the cross-bars (arcs), mounted either on a bare roof, or on drains, or in regular places, or on roof rails. It looks simple and simple, but very useful and versatile accessory. You can already install car boxes, cargo nets, special mounts for bicycles, skis, boats, etc. on these crossbars. We will demonstrate the best manufacturers of automobile luggage on the Russian market.

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
The best Russian manufacturer of roof racks1Atlant9.8 / 101 420
The best manufacturer of universal roof racks1Amos9.7 / 102 890
The best manufacturer of luggage, created for operation in Russia1Lux9.6 / 105 150
The best manufacturer of inexpensive roof racks1Ant9.2 / 101 100
The best manufacturer of luxury roof racks1Thule9.9 / 108 000

The best Russian manufacturer of roof racks

1 420 (model ATLANT 8924, price per set)

The products of the Russian manufacturer of automobile luggage Atlant are in great demand among domestic motorists. The range of models and modifications of Atlant’s trunk trucks is so large that almost every car can be equipped with a boot from this manufacturer. Atlant luggage carriers on a smooth roof are supplied both assembled and in the form of a modular system. As a rule, the arcs are made of composite materials and have either a rectangular or aerodynamic profile. The complete system is focused on a specific car model, and the modular one implies the possibility of installation in a car suitable for the parameters. The Atlas range of racks for cars with railings is distinguished by its aerodynamic shape and excellent design. The set of supports is suitable for many cars, and the length of the supports can be selected individually. For installation on rails, Atlanta has a series of economy, a feature of which are steel cross, covered with plastic. Luggage carriers for cars with drains are offered both for cars, and minibuses. The first type is the most popular type of trunk Atlas, as it is suitable for most of the most popular Russian cars, and the series for minibuses has no analogues in terms of withstand load. It is worth noting the presence in the product range of the manufacturer Atlas mounts for the transport of skis and snowboards, bicycles and a wide selection of car boxes from 350 to 500 liters.

Main advantages:
  • a large assortment;
  • modularity and wide applicability;
  • high quality workmanship;
  • strength and reliability of fixation;
  • anti-corrosion coating;
  • modern design;
  • adequate price.
  • Sometimes there are parts with flaws in size.
9.8 / 10
Long chose the trunk on the Polo sedan. I tried many, but in the end I chose Atlas with a support E - it looks very nice. In addition, I bought separate locks with a key. Remove or install - a five-minute case, it's simple.

The best manufacturer of universal roof racks

2,890 (model AMOS Dromader D1, price per set)

Luggage carriers of the Polish manufacturer Amos are characterized by reliability, decent quality, versatility and low price. The lion's share of Amos boot is covered with a special powder paint, the secret of which the Poles diligently hide. The result of this coating the surface of the trunk is their durability, resistance to corrosion and climatic influences. You can mount and dismount Amos trunk in no time, and the wide choice and versatility enable every car enthusiast to find their Amos trunk. All popular types of fasteners are presented in the Amos lineup. The widespread Dromader series includes fastenings for smooth roofs, for roofs with gutters, in regular places or in a T-shaped groove. It can be completed with a steel beam in plastic or aerodynamic arc. The Futura, Nowy, Alfa series are designed for mounting on conventional or integrated rails. Material and appearance, again, to choose from: rectangular or aerodynamic. Can be equipped with a lock.

Main advantages:
  • price oriented to the Russian consumer;
  • durability;
  • ease of installation;
  • universality;
  • selection for any car.
  • when using flat crossbars noise appears at a speed of more than 90 km / h.
9.7 / 10
Bought a trunk Amos for transporting windsurf boards. There were no problems with the installation, I cling directly to the bare roof. Dents and no scratches. I bought it with a simple rectangular arc, because when the windsurfing board is upstairs, I still can’t talk about any aerodynamics.

The best manufacturer of luggage, created for operation in Russia

5 150 (model Luxe Aero - roof rack Skoda Octavia, price per set.)

Lux luggage carriers are specially designed for use in the Russian climate. Luggage systems Lux are subdivided into Standard and Aero classes, which are distinguished by the shape and covering of the crossbars: Standard Suite is steel rectangular arches in black frost-resistant plastic, Aero Suite is an aerodynamic oval profile of beams. In the production of parts trunk Lux are heat treated, the purpose of which is to give strength to the product, and the subsequent anodizing protects it from exposure to ultraviolet rays and climatic influences. Aerodynamic profile reduces trunk noise during travel. Luxury luggage rack can be fixed on a smooth roof, in regular places and on the rails. All Lux trunks are tested at the factory and easily tolerate the Russian winter. In the Lux arsenal there are also car racks and bicycle mounts.

Main advantages:
  • galvanized fasteners;
  • use in a wide range of temperatures from + 50 ° C to -50 ° C;
  • wide aerodynamic profile - 7.5 cm;
  • protection from external influences;
  • decent workmanship;
  • low pressure polyethylene stop stocking is a durable material.
  • price rather big.
9.6 / 10
I was looking for the best roof rack on the criteria of "price - appearance - quality." The choice fell on Lux Aero, also because they are frost-resistant by their characteristics, and here in Tyumen you know what the frosts are. Loaded it to the full: on winter fishing, and hunting, and two bicycles in the summer. All survived devil. To avoid damage to the paintwork, before installing the place of attachment taped tape 3M. As a result, no scratches or scuffs.

The best manufacturer of inexpensive roof racks

1 100 (model Muravy for the VAZ 2108-21099 car, 2114, 2115, the price for a set)

Low-cost universal trunk Ant, primarily focused on the owners of popular Russian cars VAZ, GAZ, NIVA, IL, Lada-Kalina, Lada-Grant and others. Despite this, the Ants lineup also includes auto-luggage carriers for foreign cars, and various types of fastenings allow you to choose the Ant trunk for many models of cars. A steel rectangular profile in plastic, a protective anti-corrosion coating, special clips, a modest appearance and a one-and-a-half year guarantee are the elements of the success and popularity of the Ant systems. In addition to the popular basic mounts, the Ant has a series of reinforced luggage carriers, designed to carry cargo on vans such as Gazelle, Sable, VW Transporter, Ford Transit. The powerful design of the support allows you to firmly lock the drain.

Main advantages:
  • ideal for use on used cars, both Soviet-Russian and foreign production;
  • ease of attachment;
  • rigidity and universality of laths;
  • load up to 75 kg;
  • unpretentious, but decent design;
  • low cost
  • there are complaints about the durability of plastic sheath;
  • when installing the mount requires some refinement.
9.2 / 10
My Ant is installed on the roof for 10 minutes. True, at first I had to tinker and finalize something. But now without problems - I always transport it with me in the trunk, since it weighs about 5 kg, and I use it all the time, especially during the summer season. He withstood bags of potatoes, three-meter boards, and slate, and many other things. An indispensable thing, and for one and a half years of operation, no complaints.

The best manufacturer of luxury roof racks

8,000 (Model SmartRack 794, price per set)

In the Swedish company Thule, it has long been a rule that the roof rack is an exclusive accessory of a car, and therefore it should look elegant, exclusive, functional, reliable, durable, durable, and its installation / disassembly should be done with pleasure. Perfect performance of every detail, high quality materials, soft coating stops for protection against mechanical damage, clips for one-click fastening, indicators indicating the correctness and safety of fastening on the car, powerful grips created by patented technology, arcs with excellent aerodynamic properties and designed with the use of aviation technology to reduce noise and fuel consumption - this is a typical portrait of a Thule automobile trunk. In the arsenal of Thule there are both ready-made sets of trunks, as well as separate supports and crossmembers. Thule trunk can be selected for any car, requirements and wallet. The range of the company Thule is huge. In addition to roof racks, these are well-known autoboxes, cargo baskets, mounts for bicycles, for water and winter sports equipment. Car travel with Thule baggage system brings tangible benefits and comfort.

Main advantages:
  • perfect quality of parts that do not require any additional fit;
  • exclusivity;
  • elegance and originality of design;
  • installation / disassembly in one click;
  • unmatched aerodynamics;
  • GS / TUV certified for quality and safety;
  • positive reputation of the global manufacturer;
  • selection for any type of roof.
  • only high price.
9.9 / 10
If you try Thule once, it will be difficult for you to use something else - this is the best company that manufactures roof racks. It happened to me. It was necessary to transport bicycles. I asked a friend of Thule SmartRack 794. Everything is done according to the mind: snaps, stops, rezinochki everywhere, indicators, just nice to hold in your hands. Enjoyed the whole summer. The trunk itself is very strong and durable, with a load even on the road you can ride. Now I do not accept anything else but Thule.

What is the best roof rack?

When choosing a roof rack, the first thing you should pay attention to is the material from which the crossbars themselves, the stops, and fasteners are made. Whether the rust will overcome your trunk after the first rain, whether the plastic melts from the hot sun, whether the rubber seals will tear from the temperature difference? If you like to drive fast, then the arc is better to choose with an aerodynamic profile, otherwise you will have to turn up the music in the cabin loudly, in order to drown out the mournful singing of the crossbars. It is important not to be mistaken with the choice of mounting type Despite the versatility of the sizes, it is better to select the car trunk for the model of your car; this will avoid accidental misunderstandings when installing it.

Have a nice shopping!

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