10 best car batteries

Battery selection and review of popular models of the Russian market

Reasons to look for a new battery for your car can be many. The main thing is extreme wear or failure of the old: constantly removing the battery for charging or “lighting” the car in the mornings quickly bothers people. When completing the car, it is often necessary to install an additional battery or a more capacious one to replace the standard one - this is necessary to power the winch of an SUV or a powerful show car audio system.

What you need to know when choosing a battery? First, its design options:

  • Lead Acid Batteries are the simplest and oldest type. They consist of six cans in which lead plates are immersed in a solution of sulfuric acid. Such batteries are cheap, the possibility of replacing the electrolyte allows them to be "reanimated" in some cases. A number of models, however, are produced unattended (without the ability to unscrew the cork cans). They bravely carry overcharge, but with a deep discharge they may irreversibly lose capacity or stop charging at all (the plates are destroyed).
  • Gel Batteries instead of liquid electrolyte use acid thickened with silicon compounds. Because of this, they are not only sealed, but also continue to work at any angle of inclination. Gel batteries are able to maintain performance at deep discharge, but are more demanding of charge conditions. In addition, their price is the highest.
  • Made by technology AGM Batteries combine the elements of construction and standard batteries, and gel: they use a liquid electrolyte, impregnating filler (usually fiberglass) between the plates. They can work with virtually any tilt (turning upside down is not recommended). AGM batteries are vibration resistant, as the filler prevents the plates from collapsing. But, unlike conventional and gel batteries, they are sensitive to deep discharge and recharge at the same time.

For the old car the best option would be a cheap lead-acid battery. The owner of the new car, which has no reason to fear generator failure, can advise the battery, made by AGM technology: despite the demands on the conditions of the charge / discharge cycle, it will provide a greater starting current and a quick charge recovery. Gel batteries because of the high prices often become an element of tuning cars. Due to the high current output and the portability of a strong discharge, they are often used to power powerful audio systems (the standard battery is responsible for powering the car’s main electrics).

Also need to know battery polarity, that is, the order of the terminals on its body. Most car models have power cables that are too short or inconveniently positioned so that they can be put on batteries of the “wrong” type. If you turn the battery terminals to itself, then the battery with a straight ("Russian") polarity positive terminal will be on the left, the battery with a reverse ("European") - on the right.

Starting current battery, indicated on its label, can be measured by different methods:

  • En (European measurement technique): the maximum current is measured, which the battery can discharge for 10 seconds at a temperature of -18 ° C at a voltage not lower than 7.5 V;
  • DIN (German industrial standard): at the same temperature, the average current is measured in 30 seconds, and the voltage should not fall below 9 V;
  • SAE (American standard): the current is measured at -18˚С for 30 seconds, the maximum voltage drop is 7.2 V.

As can be seen from this description, the most stringent measurement method is the DIN standard (a battery that delivers a current of 365 A to DIN, according to the EN method, will be labeled 600 A). When choosing a battery, you should be guided by this indicator, which will allow you to count on a confident launch in winter.

Since car batteries within the same production line may have different polarity, capacity and price, we take the most popular option for the rating list: batteries with a capacity of 55 to 70 Ah.

Rating the best car batteries in 2018

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
Top Lead Acid Batteries1Mutlu Calcium Silver 609.6 / 105 000
2VARTA D59 Blue Dynamic9.5 / 105 200
3Tyumen Premium 6CT-609.4 / 103 500
4Topla Energy 609.2 / 104 970
5Exide Excell EB6029.1 / 104 600
6BOSCH S4 005 Silver8.9 / 105 300
The best AGM batteries1VARTA D52 Silver Dynamic AGM9.7 / 1012 000
2Bosch AGM S5 A059.6 / 1010 000
3Tudor AGM9.5 / 108 800
4Banner Running Bull9.3 / 109 700

Top Lead Acid Batteries

Mutlu Calcium Silver 60
5 000

As in the previous version of our ranking of the best car batteries (2017), in 2018, Mutlu continues to hold the first place, and deservedly. A battery with a capacity of 60 ampere hours gives quite decent 540 A (EN) and has already managed to earn a good reputation in Russia.

We are friends with the Turks or not (the author, fortunately, does not watch the news, so he could miss something), but Mutlu does not lower the bar. Prior to that, the old Silver Evolution series had already become popular due to its price-performance ratio, while the current Calcium Silver batteries became the development of already worked out ideas.

Calcium batteries now surprise no one, but the additional doping with silver makes them much more tenacious: in fact, the limited resource of early calcium batteries was their main scourge. Additionally, using continuous casting of plates, according to the manufacturer, provides better uniformity, and improving the structure of the grids, Mutlu achieves a truly decent quality of its batteries. And another “bonus” from the manufacturer is that the top cover can be removed by gaining access to the traffic jams of the cans. That is, unlike most calcium batteries, which are purely structurally maintenance-free from birth, you can safely pour water, measure the density of the electrolyte in each bank, without relying on the “symbolic” eye (especially since it is only in one bank). Of course, not everyone needs this, but potentially the battery life can be stretched noticeably.

Main advantages:
  • Good tokootdacha
  • Having access to banks on a maintenance-free (as written on it) battery is strange, but a fact
  • Decent lead mass
  • Not the highest reserve capacity (when compared with the same Varta Blue Dynamic)
9.6 / 10
Already on the third in a row I put the car batteries of this brand, never regretted.
VARTA D59 Blue Dynamic
5 200
Accumulators of this series sometimes manage to show miracles of survivability - in fact, even the author has one of them, after standing for three years in a semi-discharged form in the corner of the garage, after a couple of charge-discharge cycles began to work normally, although, according to the logic of things, after three such winterings of the plate should have showered. Well, perhaps the notorious PowerFrame, which, according to the company's website, prevents the destruction of the plates, really works?

As a model for ranking the best batteries for cars, we took the 60 amp-hour version, which gives out 540 amps according to the EN standard. Of course, given the fact that some participants in the rating have less capacity, this already gives Varta a head start, but, alas, in this series the capacity closest to 55 A * h is 52 A * h, and even in the not very popular frame size 175x207x190. However, even it is outperformed by many competitors in the current of cold scrolling (470 A), so not all are really arguing about current output with “Warta”.

At the same time, the battery has an excellent backup capacity, and this is no less important than the starting current figures. The “behavior” of batteries of different models is very different: for example, one can produce titanic amps during the standard test cycle, and literally in a few seconds “go out”. But the battery, though not so vigorously spinning starter, but allowing you to make several attempts without the risk of sitting down to zero, is much more attractive.

Therefore, Varta Blue Dynamic, although it has now become a little expensive, probably deserves a strong second place. Indeed, if we do not find fault with little things like the absence of a hydrometer eye in the lid?

Main advantages:
  • High starting current and reserve capacity
  • Good resource, especially under tough conditions.
  • High enough price in most stores
9.5 / 10
The battery is excellent, more than one winter has already been pulled out stably without recharging.
Tyumen Premium 6CT-60
3 500
When it comes to the best batteries for a car, the Tyumen plant has something to counter foreign competitors, especially now, when the price gap with imports has become very noticeable. So, (... drumming ...) let me imagine: let this battery be so simple that the Premium inscription looks randomly stuck, but they didn’t spare the lead. Although the battery from Tyumen does not give out record numbers of starting current and reserve capacity (here the undisputed leader is Varta), its 510 amps according to EN will be enough for most motors in winter. And, whatever one may say, 98 minutes of reserve (for “Warta”, for comparison - 110) you will not be disappointed for a long time, the difference will become really noticeable only if the battery is fairly worn out: the difference in technologies already affects it.

So for batteries, the Boris Razor's rule works fine: gravity is good, gravity is reliable. Two or more kilograms (!) Of excess lead (compared to Varta and Mutlu) allowed the Tyumen battery to argue confidently with more technological competitors, there are no problems with access to banks - there are traffic jams right at hand, and these batteries are traditionally considered to be one of the best in frost resistance.

So, if money is running out, the Tyumen car battery will definitely be the best choice, especially in cold regions. And only for electronically saturated cars, where “extra” current amps and reserve capacity minutes are not superfluous, you should take a closer look at the “Warta” or “Mutlu”.

Main advantages:
  • High starting current and reserve capacity
  • Attractive price
  • Alas, there are still quality problems, there have been cases of noticeable deterioration in performance even during the warranty period. So access to traffic jams is not for nothing here - you should monitor the battery.
9.4 / 10
As set, and I go. In the freezing weather for 30, he turns quite confidently, but he had to light his neighbors.
Topla Energy 60
4 970

Well-known calcium battery with a fairly attractive price. At the same time, their resource, according to reviews, is not bad. What else can you find? For example, a starter current of 600 amps is very impressive for a non-AGM 60 amp battery. But at the same time, this raises concerns in the “rate of fire”: many batteries with high starting current and give up with repeated attempts to run faster.

Therefore, we dwell on the winter trials. Under the conditions envisioned by the EN standard, a new and fully charged Topla Energy battery is really capable of delivering the stated current: well, when loud promises are supported by deed. If you have a large engine, and even diesel, Topla may already be an interesting option for purchase. At the same time, the battery and a good backup capacity - an additional bonus from Slovenia.

Then why does this battery have such a low rating score? The point is in the "rate of fire", which confirms the practice. In the cold, the battery is able to spin the starter well, yes, but you will not have so many attempts to start: if you don’t grab the engine a few times normally, Topla will significantly “weaken” and the probability of starting will decrease sharply. But, if the car has no problems with serviceability, the fuel is good, and you didn’t lose the oil viscosity, then in -30 Topla Energy will adequately cope with its task.

Main advantages:
  • Decent performance in the cold
  • High reserve capacity that will interest owners of preheaters
  • Limited number of launch attempts
9.2 / 10
Previous such a battery worked for three years just perfect, sold with the machine. In the new bought the same - the quality has already been verified.
Exide Excell EB602
4 600
Another calcium battery that is not serviced only externally - the decorative cover is removed, and the plugs under it are easy to remove. Its capacity is 62 ampere-hour, but the starting current is the same 540 A as the models from the rating top, which have a smaller capacity. But the battery has a good frost resistance, and the self-discharge is low - if you do not drive in the winter so often, there will be less chances to find a “dead” battery waiting for a new trip.

The manufacturer specializes in the production of batteries already since 1888 - it was then that The Electric Storage Battery Company was founded, which used the Exide trademark. These batteries had time to visit in the Antarctic, and even on the Moon - the company clearly has something to brag about. It is a pity that Antarctic travels didn’t have a particular impact on the Exide Excell performance: yes, the batteries are reliable and stable in quality, but in Russia the “American” (even if made in Europe) does not feel very confident compared to the other participants in the ranking of the best batteries for car. The starting current in the cold is already lower than that of competitors, and the backup capacity suffers. The charge rate of a cold battery is also not particularly impressive - in the end, we have a “strong middling”, but no more. It’s a pity, of course: considering the experience gained during the company's work, we expected more from it.

Main advantages:
  • Good quality stability
  • Low self-discharge, good resistance to the harmful effects of deep discharge
  • Not the best performance in the cold for the money
9.1 / 10
The battery is like a battery, I am not complaining about the motor, so I have no problems with the launch.
BOSCH S4 005 Silver
5 300
Suddenly (though not for everyone) Bosch, despite the big name, was no less loud. It would seem that everything is in his hands: and a good starting current (540 A with a capacity of 60 Ah, like the leaders of the rating), and the price, in general, at the level of the same “Warta” ... But, alas, reality and expectations are different things.

In practice, this battery shows itself absolutely average. The reserve capacity, for example, of a fully charged battery is the same as that of a much cheaper Tyumen. Moreover, in the cold it gives up even faster than the domestic battery - after the first attempt to crank the starter (we will not argue - very confident), the battery noticeably "deflates". In addition, the battery does not like a deep discharge, no matter how interesting technologies the manufacturer promised. It is more difficult to “reanimate” it than the leaders of our rating.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the interest of Russian motorists Bosch loses noticeably: in fact, if we ignore the brand, we are asked too much for not the best results. If you live somewhere in Voronezh or even more so near Sochi, then it will behave no worse than others ... but in Tyumen it will definitely give way to Tyumen.

Main advantages:
  • Good starting current in the first start cycle
  • North of central Russia and north is by no means the best choice for this money.
8.9 / 10
Normal battery, the benefit took even at the old price. Not yet let down.

The best AGM batteries

VARTA D52 Silver Dynamic AGM
12 000
This line of batteries was specifically designed for cars, where, in addition to the already abundant on-board electronics, the manufacturer also screwed the Start-Stop system. Convenient or not, saves or not fuel - in our case, the tenth thing, but the increased load on the battery creates for sure.Frequent charge-discharge cycles increase the wear rate of the battery, and the battery should be charged as quickly as possible in such conditions in order to be able to recover between traffic lights in a city cycle.

But on an ordinary car, this battery will be just right: it not only gives a decent 680 A starting current, but can do it for a long time and often. We didn’t repeat in vain that a battery “stayer” might end up being better than a “sprinter”? That's just the best example of this. By the number of possible confident attempts to launch in the cold, this battery is one of the best, and only an impressive price spoils the pleasure of buying.

Main advantages:
  • Excellent starting characteristics
  • Quick charge charge
  • Price
9.7 / 10
Actually, he also stood on my BMW from the factory, so he put the already proven model.
Bosch AGM S5 A05
10 000
Compared to the battery rating of the classic type, where Bosch looked pale, among AGM-batteries, the position of the German concern is stronger. It seems that they pay more attention to premium products?

In any case, the battery came out as a worthy competitor to the Varte, demonstrating good starting characteristics (starter current with a capacity of 60 Ah * 680 A), and a quick charge charge, and a sufficient amount of reserve capacity. You can feel the difference only “face to face” - in this case, it is still worth rehashing the old German saying Bosch ist Bosch: they say, “Bosch” is “Bosch” as a sign of quality by definition. But we will be objective: it is more correct to say Varta ist Varta. Even with the difference in price.

Main advantages:
  • High inrush current, decent backup capacity
  • Fairly low price by the standards of the premium segment of AGM-batteries ...
  • ... and by the standards of the wallet - not always quite low
9.6 / 10
The starter turns excellent, there were never any problems with undercharging, the on-board computer did not curse (although it was necessary to reprogram it - there were some other settings for Audi).
Tudor AGM
8 800

For modern cars, the designers of which like to combine a voluminous engine with a compact battery compartment, this battery from Exide Technologies will be a pleasant surprise: the ability to load 680 amps at 60 amp-hours capacity is a great result. The battery was developed for use on vehicles with a start-stop system, which the manufacturer did not fail to mention on the sticker. From here and its characteristic features - the ability to quickly gain capacity and give a large impulse current, for cars that are constantly deafening and start the engine in the urban cycle, this is most relevant.

On the other hand, this car battery is also one of the most expensive, ranked among the best. You just cannot assess its advantages on a regular city car with the most common engine capacity of 1.5-1.6 liters, and that, having started to give high current cheerfully, it will quickly sit down, you will have time to notice it many times. So this battery has a rather specific character, in our rating, calculated for average car owners, it will have to cut points.

Main advantages:
  • The ability to quickly give a very large current.
  • Fast charge.
  • Rapid drop in capacity under load.
9.5 / 10
Like many owners of FX, I know the problems with the battery firsthand - there is little space for it, and most batteries simply can’t turn 3.5 liters for a long time. I was pleasantly surprised by "Tudor".
Banner Running Bull
9 700

The list of participants of the AGM-battery rating closes the 60-amp Running Bull from a fairly well-known Austrian brand. This model boasts a starting current of 640 amperes, which not only greatly exceeds the results of half of the AGM-batteries rating (for fairness, we note that they have slightly less capacity), but also brings the battery closer to gel performance.

Banner's name as the best battery for the winter is hampered by the fact that it significantly reduces its performance in the cold: although the company’s promotional materials indicate that it supplies its products to the conveyors of German automakers, a stinging little joke about the fact that with 41 th year the Austrians did not learn to Russian frost. Finally, the Running Bull score was finished off with its indecent price.

Main advantages:
  • Gorgeous tokootdacha warm.
  • On the site of the manufacturer would be worth writing on the case of "gel" to justify the price.
9.3 / 10
I do not trust cheap batteries, anyway. Here, according to my personal feelings, the power and resource are worth their money.

Which car battery is better to buy?

A car battery is a thing that has been purchased for more than one year. When choosing it, it is worthwhile to rely on both your needs and financial capabilities, as well as the feedback from the owners: it’s not the fact that a battery with numbers on the label will serve as much as a more modest model. Therefore, in drawing up the battery rating, we sought to take into account all the parameters: price, stability, current, capacity and resource, although it is often difficult to do.

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