7 best aquarium fish for a beginner

The most unpretentious fish for your aquarium

Finally, the childhood dream came true and you can buy an aquarium yourself so that big fish would swim in it and plants soothingly sway. Or with a beautiful grotto, dilapidated castle and a goldfish. Or maybe a coral reef is better?

But after all, care for spectacular species will certainly be difficult, they may die from the wrong actions of a novice, it is better to start with something simpler. Will it be an interesting aquarium with ordinary fish? In fact, do not worry. The pet stores are pretty, but unpretentious fish, which can be purchased for the first time and create an excellent composition.

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
The most unpretentious viviparous fish1Guppy9.9 / 1070
The most unpretentious aquarium fish labyrinth family1Cockerels9.8 / 10230
The most unpretentious catfish1Mottled catfish Caridoras9.6 / 1060
The most unpretentious cichlids1Angelfish9.4 / 10350
The most unpretentious aquarium fish carp family1gold fish9.8 / 10200
2Danio Rerio9.8 / 1030
3Barbusses9.6 / 1050

The most unpretentious viviparous fish

70 (for mongrel mongrel)
One of the most famous and unpretentious aquarium fish, guppies have a nice appearance (males have a beautiful, brightly colored tail and veil fins) and excellent breeding ability in almost any conditions. Females reach 6-8 cm in length, males 3-4.5. If the content of thoroughbred representatives of the genus is rather troublesome, then ordinary guppies are extremely unpretentious, can live in small volumes (from a few liters) and endure temperatures from 10 ° C. A hardness of 10–15 ° C, pH 7–8, a salinity of 0.5–3 ppm and a temperature of 20–26 ° C will be ideal. The sharp fluctuations of the parameters have a bad effect on the appearance of the veil fins. Omnivores. May coexist with other small peaceful fish. Females can bring in every month from 10 to 180 fry, for successful breeding they must be transplanted into a separate aquarium before spawning.
Main advantages:
  • beautiful appearance;
  • extreme simplicity to conditions;
  • multiply well.
  • must not be kept together with species prone to damage to the veil fins.
9.9 / 10
Guppies live with me for many years. Periodically, young fishes are handed over to a pet shop. The most unpretentious fish, do not require special care, just tidy up and feed as it should be, I leave the females on time.

The most unpretentious aquarium fish labyrinth family

230 (for a large male breeding form of the Siamese Crown)
Very spectacular, bright fish, they are also called fighting for a cool temper: if you put two cockerels in a jar, you can see real fights for life and death. However, it is much better to create a beautiful aquarium and observe the life of these beauties for several years. The average size is 6 cm, females are paler and smaller than males, they do not have beautiful fins. For one pair you need an aquarium with a volume of 3 to 10 liters, but it is better to have a male and several females in 60-100 liters. The optimum rigidity is 2-12 °, pH 6.0-7.5, temperature 24-30 °, although they live at 18 ° C. Labyrinth breathe atmospheric air, so they do not need aeration, but need free access to the surface of the water. Males are prone to gluttony and obesity, they can even choke on a large piece of food, so be careful about feeding. They get along with small peace-loving fish of other species. But males can attack all those who have veiled fins (including guppies).
Main advantages:
  • no need for aeration;
  • can live in a small amount.
  • prone to obesity;
  • males attack each other and other fish with voile fins.
9.8 / 10
I have long wanted an aquarium, and the rooster has acquired almost by accident, going to the pet shop. A bright fish that can live in a jar and does not require special care - the best fish for a beginner and ideal for a lazy person like me!

The most unpretentious catfish

Mottled catfish Caridoras
60 (for a young fish 2-2.5 cm)
Most newbies consider it their duty to acquire a “catfish” without fail, so that they clean the bottom from various residues and rummage in the ground. In part, this is a good idea, but only in pet stores there are a lot of catfish sold approximately at first glance, which can grow into a big and capricious fish. But for a small aquarium a beginner is best suited precisely catfish of the Koridoras family, namely speckled catfish. It is an omnivorous fish, reaching a maximum of 7 cm in length (females slightly larger than males). They are quite peaceful, can form flocks. Actively dig the ground, so you need a powerful filtering. The minimum volume of the aquarium is 50 liters, the optimum water temperature is 20-24 ° С, pH 6.5-8, hardness 4-35 °.
Main advantages:
  • small fish;
  • peaceful nature;
  • omnivorous.
  • strongly muddies the water.
9.6 / 10
The main advantage of this catfish is that it can be kept even in a small aquarium. In food unpretentious, likes to dig in shallow soil, cleans the bottom.

The most unpretentious cichlids

350 (for a fish of 5-6 cm)
Although the cichlid family includes many colorful and diverse species, it is the scalar that can often be found in aquariums. There are a large number of variations of the color of these cichlids - monophonic, spotty, striped. Unfortunately, many people forget about the size: they reach 15 in length and 26 cm in height! True, in a close aquarium they can grow much smaller, a minimum of an aquarium is considered to be from 100 liters at least 40 cm high. The following parameters should be observed: hardness 6-15 ° (up to 25 °), pH 6.5-7.5, temperature 24-27 ° WITH. Pisces need good filtration, aeration and periodic water changes, bright lighting. Scalaria prefers animal food, so it should not be lodged with small fish, as well as with species that have lush fins. Despite this, she is quite peaceful. When feeding should be careful, as the fish are prone to overeating. Cichlids are very shy, with sudden movements near the aquarium or switching on the light they make jerks and can even get hurt.
Main advantages:
  • large colorful fish;
  • peaceful.
  • relatively whimsical;
  • prone to overeating.
  • it is impossible to settle with small and veiled tail fish.
9.4 / 10
Skalries look very noble and can decorate any aquarium. They are quite unpretentious, eat dry food. I would say they do not have a special character, they just float and that's it.

The most unpretentious aquarium fish carp family

gold fish
200 (for Riukin red with a length of 6-7 cm)
Goldfish were bred in China from crucians of an unusual color. Now aquariums contain a huge number of different species variations of this fish, including spotted, veiled tails, with bizarre outgrowths or large eyes. Goldfish is unpretentious in food, it eats almost any food, including eating plants with pleasure, so in the aquarium you will have to limit yourself to artificial ones. They tend to overeat, so you have to carefully monitor the diet. Although a golden fish in a round aquarium is a classic image, it is fundamentally wrong! A golden fish needs a large volume, at least 5 liters per 1 cm of body length, and in fact these long-livers can live to 30 years and grow to 15 cm! It is also necessary to observe the temperature of 20-23 ° (for short-body forms about 24-25 °), pH about 7, hardness not lower than 8 °. Animals create a lot of waste, so they need good water filtration. You shouldn’t add representatives of other species to a goldfish, it’s better to create a company of such handsome men.
Main advantages:
  • beautiful big fish;
  • long-liver;
  • omnivorous.
  • large volume required;
  • prone to overeating;
  • gets along poorly with other species.
9.8 / 10
My favorite fat girls, beautiful, funny and very smart! I bought them with little ones, and now healthy fishes are swimming. Unpretentious, and very uplifting.
Danio Rerio
30 (for an average small fish of 3 cm)
Unpretentious, gregarious, peace-loving fish. At length reaches 4.5 cm, males are somewhat slimmer than females. Requires a hardness of 6-20 °, pH 6.5-8.0, temperature 22-24 ° C (although it can withstand from 16 to 28 ° C). We are happy to eat all kinds of food, both natural and dry. There are forms with lush fins, as well as modified bright pink color. Danio fits perfectly into aquariums with long-stemmed vegetation, it is best to keep a flock of at least 6-7 individuals.
Main advantages:
  • unpretentious;
  • peace loving;
  • eat all kinds of food;
  • there are bright variations of color.
  • jump out of the water.
9.8 / 10
Beautiful, undeservedly forgotten fish, frisky and bright. Look very nice flock in the vegetable aquarium, adapt to almost any conditions, in general, some of the best aquarium fish for a beginner.
50 (for a medium size fish)
Sumatran barb is a fun and frisky schooling fish, has a small size (5-7 cm) and a bright color. It is better to acquire at least 5-7 fish at once, each should have at least 20 liters of the volume of the aquarium. Barbs are omnivorous, but they should be slightly underfed - immoderation in food can lead to obesity and even death of young individuals. The optimal parameters of water: hardness of 8-15 °, pH 6.5-7.6, temperature 20-24 ° C. Fish with pleasure chasing each other, can eat big fins of their neighbors. Many variants of the color of Sumatran barbus have been derived.
Main advantages:
  • beautiful color;
  • peace-loving schooling fish;
  • mobile fish, able to revive any aquarium.
  • propensity to overeating and obesity;
  • can not be kept with species that have large fins.
9.6 / 10
He began his passion for aquariums with the barbusyatnika. You can watch these minke games for hours.

What kind of aquarium fish is better to start a novice?

A beginner in the aquarium inevitably makes mistakes, so it is best to be the first to start the most unpretentious fish. In addition, before choosing the first fish, the beginner needs to carefully study the principles of operation of the aquarium, think over which species will be contained in it, buy everything you need and make a launch. And only 2-3 weeks after the launch of the aquarium, you can go to the store for fish.

It would be best to purchase them at a proven pet store, so that the fish were purchased from good breeders and kept in quarantine. It should be remembered that domestic breeding fish may be less colorful, but more resistant to disease and environmental fluctuations.

Transportation is best carried out in a special package, in winter - in the bosom. If there is no portable aerator, the road may take no more than 40 minutes, otherwise the animals suffocate. After arrival it is necessary to place the bag in the aquarium and gradually add water to the fish from there, and only then release them to the new house.

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