7 of the best network drills

Rating of 2019: the best network drills, screwdrivers according to experts and buyers

A conventional (or hammer) drill is undoubtedly useful at home, but in some works it is inconvenient. It occurred to many to make it easier to use the work of tightening a large number of self-tapping screws, but each time they had to face the same thing: the low-speed drills designed for high revolutions pull poorly, and when the bit speed increases, it easily falls off the splines, especially when screw tightened until it stops. Therefore, hoping to buy the most versatile tool for home or work, you can consider the option of a good drill screwdriver: without losing the possibility of drilling, such a drill will be able to tighten screws and screws, screws and nuts effectively and safely, only changing bits and heads. Overpayment is not so high when compared to the need to buy a separate screwdriver, when another self-tapping screw twisted with a conventional drill turns into a non-turnable screw.

The main thing is to make the right choice: a reliable and high-torque engine, a high-quality cartridge and an effective torque limiting coupling will allow the drill / driver to last a long time. So, what interesting things do the stores offer? We especially note that in compiling the rating we had a sudden difficulty - even the manufacturers of the power tools of the “second level”, not to mention the recognized grandees, ignore the segment of network drills-screwdrivers. Rechargeable? You are welcome. Network drill or screwdriver? No problem. But it is precisely drills, screwdrivers, that is, having the possibility of tightening the screws at low speeds with torque limiting to save the splines, and the high-speed drilling mode, alas, with a power supply is mainly produced only for the budget segment. So the second name of our ranking of the best network drills, screwdrivers, you can safely do "choose a Chinese drill-screwdriver for the house."

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
The best cheap network drills for home1Interskol DSh-10 / 320E29.8 / 102 633
2Hammer DRL320 PREMIUM9.6 / 103 999
3Interskol DSh-10 / 260E29.5 / 102 344
4PATRIOT FS 3009.3 / 102 469
5Energomash DU-2145P9.0 / 102 490
6Hyundai D 3508.8 / 102 485
The best professional network drills, screwdrivers1Metabo USE 89.8 / 1024 399

The best cheap network drills for home

Interskol DSh-10 / 320E2
2 633

A well-designed “Russian Chinese” is inexpensive and, with its 320 watts of power, it gives out up to 35 newton meters of torque at first speed, so given the price and a fairly decent quality, we will probably give this popular model a “palm” “It’s still not particularly worth choosing.”

Note the advantages of the drill-screwdriver in terms of ergonomics: the handle, equipped with rubber pads, is located under the center of gravity, so the drill does not unscrew the brush while working. Brushes are easy to replace - the sockets are accessible without disassembling the case; just unscrew the plugs from the back. Keyless chuck can accurately center the drill of a small diameter, taking into account the maximum 1800 rpm at the second speed, this is just the way. But with large drills it is already becoming clear that it is weakly clamping: quick turns are possible. On the other hand, taking a low-powered drill for drilling large-diameter holes is in itself a strange solution.

Among the shortcomings that will immediately manifest themselves, let us point out to a short power cord - the extension cord will definitely have to be stored. And let's say right away - the tool, although it has, fortunately, metal gears in the gearbox, is in no way professional, and you should not take it for permanent work. However, during prolonged operation, the heating of the case itself will indicate that it is time to let the drill rest.

Main advantages:
  • Good ergonomics
  • Good torque for such power
  • Short cord
  • The standard cartridge should be replaced if it is planned to drill frequently.
9.8 / 10
I bought a drill-screwdriver cheaply, for housework. Chuck with a common landing, under the drill easy to pick up more powerful.
3 999

Next in the ranking of the best network drills, screwdrivers - Hammer DRL320 PREMIUM. In this segment, large and well-known manufacturers of power tools do not indulge us, so that on the shelves of shops you will be met by a variety of Chinese goods, mimicking the European, American, and even Russian assembly. Here's a 320-watt Hammer from afar easily confused with the Bosch blue series - the design is very similar. And in the rest of the instruments of this brand, one can clearly see copying from “Bosch”, then from “Makita”, then from “Hitachi”.

The origin of the drill-screwdriver is a question worthy of the Mexican TV series. The official site refers to the Czech Zizkov, although the very name Hammer Werkzeug sr.r.o. - This is a terrible English-German mix, on the body of the drill s.r.o. turns into a GmbH and moves to Frankfurt, but one small inscription below brings the final line: “Made in China”. On the other hand, the same official site promises for the Premium line an extended warranty of up to 5 years, which in itself is already interesting.

But what will definitely draw attention to this drill is the versatility: in addition to the standard screwdriver-limiter, it also has a shock coupling, which is activated by a selector ring between the torque controller and the housing. Everything is simple and clear: the symbols “hammer”, “self-tapping screw” and “drill” will, without any explanation, show what is there and what for. On the case itself there is a two-position speed switch: the second drill can successfully work with drills, developing up to 1500 rpm, and on the first one it is already capable of delivering a good torque, up to 35 newton-meters.

The network drill-screwdriver “based on Bosch” came out good, although it has a tangible advantage in front, a little tiring brush at work. Of course, it is far from the original, but the price is lower. In any case, we recommend buying such a tool “live” and not on the Internet: it is better to always inspect the “yellow” assembly before buying to avoid problems later.

Main advantages:
  • Versatility
  • Decent torque
  • Comfortable handle
  • Weak switch lock
  • The center of gravity is significantly shifted to the cartridge
9.6 / 10
A normal tool, if taken for home, is hardly worth taking at work. And so - by necessity where to drill, where to twist, it will normally serve.
Interskol DSh-10 / 260E2
2 344

Inexpensive domestic network drill-screwdriver Interskol DS-10 / 260E2. Due to the small weight, it is convenient in operation. Anti-slip pads provide reliable grip. Keyless chuck will protect you from long-term replacement of bits or drills. With the help of a smooth press on the "Start" button (trigger), it is very convenient to make self-tapping screws. Two-way switch will help you choose the desired speed. Good network drill-screwdriver in terms of "price-quality". Cope with all the small homework.

Main advantages:
  • low weight;
  • availability of adjustment of turns;
  • reverse function;
  • The maximum diameter of the screws is 6mm.
  • no stopper.
9.5 / 10
2 469

“The name of you -“ Patriot ”- the old song“ Arias ”involuntarily scrolls in your head, awakened by the very name of the brand and the sound when working at maximum speed, resembling the scream of an electric guitar. Yes, the high-speed engine is noisy here, but it cools well (we leave in the direction of Interskol with these words).

Drill screwdriver came out easy, although the rest of the rating is inferior purely symbolic. Torque at the first speed - all the same 35 newton-meters, so that drilling and turning screws "Patriot" can just as good. Access to the brushes is not difficult, which is a plus - you should not expect a large resource from a Chinese drill. Although the usual home use and they last for a long time.

The cartridge is well centered, but, like the majority of similar models (“Again, I?” - exclamation from the “Interskol”), the large-diameter drills weakly clamped. But, even if you put another cartridge, low power will already begin to affect the drilling of metal: compared to other participants in the rating of the best drills, screwdrivers, the Patriot is rented earlier.

Main advantages:
  • Low weight
  • Sufficient first speed torque
  • Weak chuck clamp
  • Minimum equipment: there is not even a spare brush
9.3 / 10
A good drill, easy, crawling everywhere. And with screws perfectly copes, not heated at the same time.
Energomash DU-2145P
2 490

Although the name of this network drill-screwdriver is capable of causing a tear of nostalgia for the Soviet era, it is still produced in the regions where communism is still alive for all living. More precisely, it is the closest relative of Sturm, Hanskonner, Baumaster and Soyuz — all of these trademarks belong to the same Russian company that places orders in Chinese factories.

The drill is heavy (1.6 kg), but it feels normal in the hand, it does not twist the brush. In terms of power, it is ahead of the other participants in the rating (450 W), but its maximum torque is the same as that of the less powerful ones - 35 N * m. The handle is quite comfortable, the location and design of all controls is absolutely traditional.

Main advantages:
  • Copes well with screwdriving
  • Average cartridge quality
  • Increased mechanical noise
9.0 / 10
Drill like a drill. Well, screws twists, which also came in handy more than once.
Hyundai D 350
2 485

Is Korea finally finally? By no means! We do not break the sad tradition, and this drill-screwdriver is still made in China. This is noticeable even without looking at the nameplate, according to the plastic smell and San Ou patron customary for the “Chinese” of the lower price segment, which also “Rebir type Latvian” sin now. The patron needs the most attention here: the beating for San Ou is like the reading of Mao's quotation book on binding. It should immediately check it with a drill.

But let's about the good. To the number of successful moments in the design of the drill-screwdriver we attribute the presence of LED backlight and automatic locking of the clutch-limiter torque when the second speed is turned on. You do not need to constantly turn the adjustment ring back and forth, moving from turning the screws to drilling. The torque of the drill is 24 newton-meters - not the best indicator, but acceptable. It is quite light enough, it sits well in the hand due to the soft lining on the handle.

Main advantages:
  • Good ergonomics
  • Automatic locking torque limiter on the second speed
  • Backlight
  • No spare brushes included
  • Cheap plastic case
8.8 / 10
I bought a drill-screwdriver for the house, copes with the work. The backlight sometimes helps a lot. The smell disappeared quickly, I will not complain about it.

The best professional network drills, screwdrivers

Metabo USE 8
24 399

If low-power network drills, screwdrivers look more like screwdrivers, then in the case of Metabo, the word “drill” is clearly basic: the classic layout, the front handle, the solid aluminum gearbox ... The look of the USE 8 is as brutal as the price - what to do, professional tool now is not cheap.

But on close acquaintance it becomes clear that the USE 8 is first of all a screwdriver, and very interesting. The cartridge here is designed for a quick change of hex bits, and the torque adjustment ring is very convenient, you can twist it, clasping the whole brush. The engine used here is a 550-watt Metabo Marathon, equipped with effective dust protection. The reverse is carried out by turning the brushes, which is indicated by the characteristic switch design: this solution is not as convenient as an ordinary switch over the power key, but the torque is the same on the right, which is on the left turns. An adjusting sleeve is provided to limit the twisting depth - at first glance it can be confused with the keyless chuck, but there are no cams inside.

“Stop, and how to drill this?” - such a question is quite logical. In fact, everything is simple - the drill chuck is inserted into the hexagonal socket after removing the stop sleeve and switching the limit sleeve to the “drilling” position.

Main advantages:
  • Reliable dustproof engine
  • Sturdy gearbox
  • Quick change bits
  • Hard to work with one hand because of the advantage
  • High price
  • For use as a drill is less convenient than for tightening screws
9.8 / 10
Very good drill screwdriver. If you need to tighten a lot of screws, then this thing is just right - they literally fly in one after another, the bits generally change in one movement.

What to look for when choosing a network drill-screwdriver?

So, since we are inevitably forced to choose between China, China and China, no matter what inscriptions would appear on the package, the first thing to look at is reducer reliability. Raw, if not plastic gears - this is an unequivocal evil, which will quickly lead to a new trip to the store. Adjusting the torque, speed selector should work clearly, without having to rotate the cartridge so that the gears are aligned teeth. The strong noise of the gearbox under load unequivocally indicates that the gaps in the gearbox are nowhere higher, and even regrets the assembly lubrication.

The quality of the cartridge It also deserves attention, although it is better to choose the one with the best screwdriver from the two screwdrivers, and it’s not difficult to change the cartridge, for that matter, but the flimsy gearbox will break with the best cartridge.

But what exactly don't pay attention, so it is on the reviews on the Internet, especially if they often indicate the full marking of the model: it was clearly written for search engines and cheating "asterisks", rather than the real owners. Alas, more and more companies supplying tools to Russia under numerous “type German” and “type Russian” brands are trying to make advertising of dubious quality in a similar way.

Have a good shopping!

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