8 best smart TVs

Rating the best smart TVs: such smart TVs have not yet been!

Gone are the days when televisions were used only for their intended purpose. Now they began to turn into full-fledged computers. Smart TV function helps the owner of the TV to solve many problems. First of all it concerns viewing content on the Internet. Also with the help of Smart TV you can synchronize with a mobile device or familiarize yourself with the program guide. This rating will help you choose the best "smart" TV in 2018 - according to reviews of experts and buyers. Buying any of the reviewed models will leave you only pleasant impressions.

Which categories to search for the best Smart TVs?

Oddly enough, among the models with a higher screen resolution. No, matrix capabilities and smart functions are not directly related. Just in advanced devices of the premium and middle class, by default, the hardware is set more seriously and at the program level everything is much more interesting. This means that there is every reason to expect that, for example, the 7th and higher series of the Smart TV will “fly” on the 4K UHD and is capable of more than with the budget version and bundling (even with a similar operating system on board).

Of course, “smart” Full HD TVs are still in high demand. Their popularity is unlikely to be marked by a strong recession in the near future, because the shortage of 4K content is still preserved, and on-air, cable and satellite TV broadcasts are broadcast mainly in SD format. One problem, most of these devices belong to the very budget segment, because hardly anyone will deliver a cool “stuffing”. Hence, the slower and not always stable operation of the Smart functions (although there are exceptions).

Rating of the best smart TVs

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
The best smart TVs on the Android TV platform1Sony KD-55XE90059.9 / 1085 000
2Philips 55PUS6412 / 129.5 / 1051 999
The best Smart TVs running webOS (LG)1LG 55SJ810V9.9 / 1085 000
2LG 49UJ740V9.7 / 1047 982
The best smart TVs on Tizen (Samsung) operating system1Samsung UE55MU9000U9.8 / 1069 000
2Samsung UE49MU6400U9.6 / 1045 700
Top Smart TVs running alternative OS1Panasonic TX-50EXR7009.8 / 1057 500
2Sony KD-49XE70969.7 / 1051 620

The best smart TVs on the Android TV platform

Sony KD-55XE9005
85 000

Among the best "smart" LED TVs on the Android OS, Sony clearly wins. And in general, very few people can argue with the model of the 9th series in terms of functionality and image quality (except for OLED panels). And if earlier the Japanese brand was scolded for the trimmed Smart, now with the introduction of Android TV, the possibilities of online entertainment have become almost limitless.

The design of the TV is chic. The screen is a high-quality VA matrix with 4K resolution and Direct LED backlighting, the refresh rate is 120 Hz. Without any quantum dots and nanocells, the KD-55XE9005 display delivers superb realistic images with natural color reproduction, excellent contrast and deep black. What-what, but in the field of high-quality processing of the original Sony video signal, the dog was eaten long before the Koreans.

On intellectual capabilities: built-in Wi-Fi, an updated Android TV platform with a huge amount of entertainment resources. The console may seem a bit simple, but it has a voice search feature, quick access to Netflix and the Google Play app store. In addition, you can use a smartphone or tablet to control.

Main advantages:
  • Triluminos ™ Display with natural and accurate color, clarity;
  • Excellent display of HDR content, thanks to the new 4K HDR Processor X1;
  • 4K X-Reality PRO with HD format scaling, full massive dimming of the matrix;
  • Image processor X-tended Dynamic Range;
  • Frame interpolation for smooth display of Motionflow XR 1000 dynamics.
  • The high price (but the assembly is good - Slovakia);
  • Some "thoughtfulness" of the Android OS.
9.9 / 10
TV shows great. The quality of the picture competitors only OLED. Android out of the box is normal, but not as fast as on smartphones. And it makes sense to improve some functions (Google Play store to help).
Philips 55PUS6412 / 12
51 999

Philips 55PUS6412 is a typical representative of the middle class 4K LED-TV on Android. The manufacturer positions it as ultra-thin, although such a definition would certainly cause an ironic smile to those who saw the OLED panel. But there is a 2-sided background light Ambilight, which some "theorists" call useless, but this only means that at home they never had a TV with such a function.

The 55-inch display is a 60 Hz Ultra HD IPS matrix with Direct LED backlighting. This means excellent color reproduction and really wide viewing angles. The screen coating is glossy, which should be considered when placing to avoid glare. High-quality picture 4K format provided Pixel Plus Ultra HD technology, supported by an increased dynamic range HDR Plus.

The Android TV platform provides the user with plenty of opportunities for entertainment. With a 4-core processor and 16 GB internal memory, it’s pretty comfortable to handle smart features. Only you need to understand that by default no one knows what applications you like, so you have the opportunity to select and install the ones you need from Google Play.

Main advantages:
  • Image Processing Technologies Natural Motion, Micro Dimming Pro;
  • Frame interpolation - 900 Hz (real frequency - 60 Hz);
  • Ambilight customizable backlight modes;
  • Keyboard on the back of the remote control;
  • Android with the ability to update.
  • "Heavy" 4K video from YouTube and the browser plays problem (there are special applications for this);
  • Not the best sound reproduction rates.
9.5 / 10
A good big screen TV, Smart, beautiful backlighting on the sides and full Android. From personal experience: I advise you to immediately install a software update. The remote is unusual at first, but slowly adapted.

The best Smart TVs running webOS (LG)

LG 55SJ810V
85 000

Ultramodern, high-tech, stylish - well-deserved epithets for the device, positioned by the manufacturer as Super UHD. In other words, the LG 55SJ810V is a representative of the premium segment of LED TVs of the Korean brand, which at the same screen resolution with the classic 4K models is noticeably superior to the latest in image quality, performance and, in our case, especially important, Smart performance and stability.

If we talk about the 55-inch display (the diagonal is also available in the 65ʺ diagonal), although it is based on an LCD matrix, it is by no means simple, but made using the Nano Cell ™ technology. And this is the most accurate, vibrant and bright colors. Of course, it was not without the use of a number of proprietary developments to improve the quality of picture and sound.

On the platform of Smart TV. It is really very smart and comfortable, running webOS 3.5. Browser, music player, LG content store, Smart connectivity for smartphones and PC are available. There are plenty of applications (including with paid and free 4K content that is reproduced without problems), it is possible to install third-party widgets.

Main advantages:
  • Universal remote control Magic Remote with voice command recognition;
  • Excellent color reproduction, the widest possible viewing angles (real 178 ° / 178 °);
  • Algorithm for improving the clarity of dynamic scenes (True Motion) - TM200 (display refresh rate - 100 Hz), PMI index - 2800;
  • Active * HDR technology that supports multiple formats (HDR 10, HLG and Dolby Vision ™);
  • Great sound system developed in conjunction with harman / kardon®.
  • Local, but not completely massive blackout;
  • High price tag (although in comparison with the main competitors is quite adequate).
9.9 / 10
Before buying read in discussions of different reviews. In some, it was amusingly unhealthy competition. Say, the pixels are wrong, the matrix is ​​not with a real 4K. I can confidently say - shows the TV smartly and I do not need another.
LG 49UJ740V
47 982

Very good Smart 4K (UHD) TV of the middle class and the same price range. Accordingly, there is a reason to consider it as the best option from the standpoint of availability with a very good performance. And in terms of “intellectual” capabilities and stability of the Internet connection, it is unlikely to give way to its more expensive “tribesmen” from LG, and representatives of other brands with alternative operating systems.

Image quality at a decent level, supported by high supported resolution up to 3840x2160 pixels (Ultra HD) and the use of a number of input-enhancing technologies: Active * HDR for premium content plus HDR Effect mode for enhancing contrast in standard dynamic range, Ultra Luminance and backlight control algorithms Local Dimming, the scaling mode of the original 4K resolution Upscaler.

The Smart TV platform functions on webOS 3.5, traditional for LG since 2017, the interface is absolutely clear and convenient. The LG browser, music player and content store are a classic set, plus the Magic Remote complete with the Universal Remote and Voice Recognition functions.

Main advantages:
  • Correct reproduction of dynamic images: True Motion - 100, PMI - 2200;
  • TV tuner with full support for digital standards DVB-T2 / C / S2;
  • IPS matrix with good color reproduction and perfect viewing angles;
  • Very low video input delay in the gaming mode;
  • Fast and convenient Smart, support Miracast, WiDi, DLNA.
  • Low levels of black and contrast;
  • Update screen in native mode - 50 Hz.
9.7 / 10
It cannot be said that TV is really inexpensive, but with such functionality competitors have significantly higher prices. The picture is normal, Smart is really good, the sound is fine. A little do not like the stand, probably, I will hang on the wall.

The best smart TVs on Tizen (Samsung) operating system

Samsung UE55MU9000U
69 000

4K Curved Smart TV UE55MU9000U TV is one of the best Samsung 2017 offers. And let it not belong to the flagship series of televisions on quantum dots, but the price tag is more accessible, and the availability of Ultra HD Premium certification clearly characterizes the model from the best side. The stylish and at the same time practical design deserves a separate praise - a slim body, a chic curved 55-inch screen, a concealed cable management system plus a One Connect block for external connections.

The picture is impressive. A high-quality 120 Hz SVA matrix with support for 4K resolution by default implies a clear and realistic image. And in conjunction with the technology to improve the original video signal (HDR 1000, Dynamic Crystal Color, Ultra Black, Peak Illuminator), and at all beauty!

The capabilities of the Smart TV platform on Tizen 3.0 are a separate “song”. The interface is very convenient, there are more than enough official applications, and developers of third-party widgets with an abundance of free and conditionally free content (including 4K HDR), such a feeling, initially always “focused” mainly on Samsung.

Main advantages:
  • Excellent image and excellent external data;
  • Technology improved display of dynamics Motion Rate 240, picture quality index PQI 2700;
  • Fast and stable operation of Smart TV;
  • One remote with built-in microphone for voice recognition;
  • Powerful and powerful 4-core processor.
  • Limited viewing angles;
  • The price for the Russian assembly is somewhat too high.
9.8 / 10
They expected to buy a TV cheaper, but seeing this “miracle” on the showcase and how it plays 4K video, they could not refuse it. Hung on the wall. The curved screen is just awesome. With Smart sorted out easily and quickly.
Samsung UE49MU6400U
45 700

The budgetary 6th series of Samsung Smart TVs is presented by the model of 2017 - UE49MU6400U. Despite the relatively affordable price tag, the model does not look cheap: an ultra-thin frame, a 49-inch classic Flat display, a smooth polished body texture, a stylish stand.

About the image. It is clear that there is no reason to rely on Ultra HD Premium certification, but nobody canceled the positive qualities of 4K resolution. And support for HDR (HDR 10 and HLG) is a necessary and useful thing. Technology Active Crystal Color provides natural color reproduction, UHD Dimming optimizes the display of dark and light scenes.

Smart functions are really comfortable to use thanks to the Smart Hub interface. The Smart View application provides the ability to control the TV screen from mobile devices. With the One Remote remote control, navigation is easier and more convenient, there is a voice recognition function.

Main advantages:
  • The quality index of the formed image is PQI 1500;
  • USB multimedia player omnivorous and confidently “pulls” heavy 4K video from RVV;
  • Full-format digital TV tuner DVB-T2 / C / S2;
  • Smart Smart on Tizen 3.0, installation of third-party applications with free content is available;
  • It is possible to connect a USB / Bluetooth keyboard or mouse.
  • Uneven illumination;
  • The matrix has a standard refresh rate of 60 Hz.
9.6 / 10
I never thought of myself as an esthete and chose a TV according to the principle: I liked the picture and the design - I take it. This model came up. And the price tag is quite affordable. There are small lights on the screen - I will survive. In Smart sticking up constantly.

Top Smart TVs running alternative OS

Panasonic TX-50EXR700
57 500

4K LED TV mid-level from the famous Japanese brand, in which the manufacturer has implemented the Smart TV platform based on Firefox OS. In adaptation to modern models, the interface was named My Home Screen 2.0 (My Homepage). In short, it is relatively simple, smart, attractive in appearance and user-friendly system with support for popular services. You can easily connect mobile devices and play YouTube 4K HDR content. That is, from this side, everything is quite good.

The design of the TX-50EXR700 is modern and attractive, the image out of the box is average, but with the appropriate settings, everything falls into place - the picture is really good, the black depth is particularly positive. The screen itself is a 60 Hz MVA matrix with Edge LED backlight. It is supported by HDR10 and HLG, but it is not to be expected when playing HDR content that is typical of top models for the highest detail. The sound is not that powerful, but quite smooth and pleasant.

Main advantages:
  • 4-core Quad-Core Pro processor;
  • 4K Pure Direct technology plus local dimming;
  • The figure formed image - 4K 1600 Hz BMR IFC;
  • Worthy reproduction of dynamics;
  • High-quality Czech assembly.
  • Pretty simple remote control;
  • Smart applications are not very many.
9.8 / 10
Good diagonal, the image is in perfect order, concise design. TV is made really high quality, screen highlights are not noticed. Smart fast and clear. Media player confidently plays 4K video. Good for Panasonic.
Sony KD-49XE7096
51 620

Sony, being the flagship in the production of TVs running Android, has not abandoned the simpler Opera TV platform. It was she who was used in the 2017 line XE7096. Immediately, it is worth noting that there are strange complaints about this Smart system of Norwegian developers on the network, they say, it is circumcised (actually, Scandinavians do not accept this), “sharpened” into paid resources, a lot of unnecessary.

In fact, it is naive to assume that a serious company in its television, sold throughout Europe, and not only in the Russian market, will openly support unofficial services or copy the interface from Koreans. In addition, Opera TV Store allows you to create your own current list of applications, and it will be easy for fans of “freebies” to install third-party “players” and widgets on their own. With the speed of a normal Internet is also a complete order.

And as for the image quality of the KD-49XE7096, if anyone concedes, it is a model of higher series from the same Sony. The VA matrix with a resolution of 3840x2160 pixels (UHD) is good, but there is also a 4K X-Reality ™ PRO processor, support for 4K HDR, local dimming, Live Color ™ technology and much more.

Main advantages:
  • Modern design in a minimalist style;
  • High-quality assembly - Slovakia;
  • Motionflow 400 Hz;
  • Good sound system ClearAudio +;
  • Quick access to YouTube.
  • Screen refresh rate - 50 Hz;
  • A simple remote included (with the touchpad is purchased separately).
9.7 / 10
Excellent build, adequate price, picture - class. Fans of "Koreans" with the settings will be difficult, then we must think.In the applications I set up an individual list with OTT and another well-known player for free content - everything works.


Choosing the best "smart" TV, one can proceed from different criteria, but it is important to determine the qualities of a particular model or even a brand that are most valuable for themselves.

Need quick and easy extensibility for free smart content? Samsung with its OC Tizen "on horseback". Another Korean brand LG (webOS) is not far behind, but for some reason it “darkens” with the display of internal memory parameters in the specification.

The priority is high-quality and realistic image, but do not want to give up the wide intellectual possibilities? There are Sony and Philips with Android TV. Smart secondary? Option - Opera TV. Panasonic has a very interesting and fast platform, but is somewhat limited in terms of installing third-party applications.

Things are easy. Choose, buy, enjoy!

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