6 best overalls for newborns

Walking in the warmth and comfort: choose a winter overalls for the baby

Criteria for choosing overalls for newborns

Presenting a modern dowry of a newborn without a warm jumpsuit is no longer possible. And if for a solemn discharge the parents still use elegant blankets and ribbons, then for daily walks they make a choice in favor of a convenient and practical overalls. What are the criteria for his choice?

Type of overalls for newborns

There are 3 main types:

  • jumpsuit bag The bottom of this clothes is executed as a warm spacious bag, and the top is like a standard jacket. The bag is suitable for very young children: you can put a baby covered in a blanket in it;
  • classic jumpsuit. Good only if parents are not going to use diapers;
  • a transformer is a convenient and economical option that combines the advantages of the first two types and allows the use of the jumpsuit for several months of winter. In such models, the lower part with the help of zippers from the bag is converted into pants.

Materials and insulation

Top often made of polyester fabrics. There is nothing terrible in this: modern synthetics is durable, resistant to any tests, but not windable and well wicking moisture. As for heaters, there are a great many of them now: from obsolete and not too warm padding polyester and always up-to-date fluff and sheepskin to innovative artificial materials: isosoft, tinsuleyt and others. Be sure to look for a complete description of the composition of the suit on the labels indicating the name of the materials and the density of the filler.

The size of the suit

The optimal size of outerwear for babies is 62-68 cm, if you take more, the baby will simply drown in it. However, if the baby was born at the beginning of winter, it makes sense to buy a larger size, for example, 74 cm. Warm overalls for babies are purchased most often for one winter, and in spring and autumn you can manage to “spring” spring and autumn. This must be considered when choosing the size.

Important stuff:

  • removable lining - allows you to make spring and autumn of a winter suit and vice versa;
  • comfortable zippers (preferably two) at the front of the jumpsuit;
  • warm mittens and booties (sewn or removable);
  • hood adjustment;
  • windbreaks.

Manufacturers of the best overalls for newborns

The best-known and best winter overalls for newborns are Gusty and Deux Par Deux (Canada), Reima, Nels, Lessie and Kerry (Finland), Huppa (Estonia), Moncler (Italy). Their price starts from 3000 p. and can reach up to 12-15 thousand.

Of the cheaper options, Russian and Chinese brands are traditionally in demand. A good so-called “factory China” is given to the companies Play Today, Kiko and Donilo, and from domestic brands Aldos, Shaluny, Arctiline, Sleepy Gnome and others can be noted. They praise mothers and overalls for babies of the Polish company Pilguni.

Prices for overalls for newborns are largely dependent on the materials from which they are sewn. The cost of branded overalls from membrane fabric on an innovative heater can be several times higher than the cost of a simple model from Bologna on a padding polyester. What to choose, parents decide on the basis of their financial capabilities.

Ranking of the best overalls for newborns - TOP-6

Among the many different good winter overalls for newborns, “Price Expert” wants to point out 6 of the most popular and high-quality models.


Approximate price, rub.


Rating, on a 10-point scale

Reima Sabik


classic finnish jumpsuit


Kerry Lux


technological and warm Finnish overalls




universal jumpsuit on sheepskin


Baby club


nice demi-season jumpsuit on isosofte


Huppa Emily


the best overalls bag for newborns to down




stylish overalls for newborns


Now find out what these models are so good.

1. Reima Sabik - the best classic
Finnish jumpsuit for newborns

Average price in the Russian Federation: 3200 r.

Why in our rating: ideal for winter strollers

According to the conviction of many parents, Reim's lightweight and technological products are designed exclusively for active children. However, for babies who are still sleeping peacefully in wheelchairs, the legendary manufacturer has an excellent offer - Sabik overalls. This is a model-transformer, designed for walking in the cold from -10 to -30 degrees. Soft knitted lining, insulation 200 g / m2, wind-proof fabric and comfortable fasteners make this jumpsuit an optimal and relatively inexpensive acquisition for winter babies.


  • price;
  • transformed;
  • high quality membrane tissue;
  • comfortable durable zippers;
  • dimensions from 50 cm;
  • can be machine washed in delicate mode.


  • Multi-layer dressing of the child is required in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations;
  • few colors.

Typical reviews about Reima Sabik:

“The overalls are good, but I had to buy more fleece poddev for him (also Reim) - without it, it was somehow doubtful that the suit would warm up, since it was rather thin. It is easily fastened and quickly transformed, inside there is a pleasant, very soft knitwear. ”

“For Finnish clothes there is a very reasonable price, and the overalls are lightweight, high-quality and beautiful. It is well washed and quickly dries. "

2. Kerry Lux - the technological and warm Finnish overalls

Average price in the Russian Federation: 7100 r.

Why in our rating: warm "kombez" of modern materials.

If parents are ready to pay a tidy sum for the comfort of the baby, then overalls for newborns of the Finnish brand Kerry are the best option to invest money. Soft and weightless, Kerry for newborns contains a record amount of izosoft insulation - 330 g / m3 and is additionally insulated with fleece lining.


  • very warm but breathable;
  • fur cuffs on sleeves and trousers;
  • the hood comes off.


  • small selection of colors;
  • price.

Typical overalls reviews Kerry:

“Kerry is super! We didn’t get out of this miracle from October to April, and this year we really had winter to -28 degrees. But we didn’t sit at home for a single day and slept even in the hard frost outside, and at the same time we put on a rather light fleece jacket. ”

“From the very birth, my child slept and walked in Kerry overalls - the best you can imagine! Insulation 330 gr. izosofta very warm. The child never froze over the entire long winter. It is very convenient that the handles are wrapped and closed. "

3. Pilguni - a good universal jumpsuit for newborns on sheepskin

Average price in the Russian Federation: 4200 r.

Why in our ranking the best: functional overalls for newborns for winter and not only.

Warm option for winter and "demi-season." Wool insulation is removed, turning the overalls in the autumn on the isosofte and cotton lining. Mittens and booties included.


  • transformer;
  • IsoSoft insulation;
  • removable insulation sheepskin;
  • comfortable long zippers.


  • minimum size - 68 cm.
  • booties are not fully warmed with fur - only the sole.

Typical reviews about overalls for newborns Pilgunu:

“My choice is Pilguni, I think that this is far from a cheap option, but the universality of this thing justifies the price. If the baby is not big, it will be enough until next winter. ”

“The combination is very pleasant to the touch, the quality of tailoring is good, there is a sheepskin coat both in the sleeves and legs, it is easily and quickly transformed! Wore winter like an envelope, spring and autumn! Great option for 3 seasons!

4. Baby club - the best demi-season jumpsuit for newborns on the isosofte

Average price in the Russian Federation: 2800 r.

Why in our rating: The best combination of price and quality for spring, autumn and warm winter.

The Baby Club overalls for newborns attracts attention not only with an affordable price, but also with good consumer properties: it is warm, has two zippers for convenient donning, pockets on the sleeves (to hide the handles), sewn booties, a soft elastic band on the hood. Inexpensive and very convenient for newborns.


  • transformer;
  • IsoSoft insulation 300 g / m3;
  • soft neck with buttons for extra protection from the cold;
  • comfortable design.


  • top fabric - usual synthetics;
  • the hood is not adjustable.

Typical overalls reviews Baby Club:

“The combination is well stitched, lightweight, the size is correct, it is well washed and dries quickly. In addition, it is really warm! Of course, there are better models, but in terms of price and quality, it fully justifies the money invested in it. ”

“Its main advantage is very warm! Therefore, if you don’t want to overpay, feel free to take it, the baby will not freeze in it for sure! On the sleeves there are sewn mittens, pockets, the neck is very well and comfortably fastened, and in the hood the baby looks like a flower! Recommend!"

5. Huppa Emily - the best overalls-bag for down

Average price in the Russian Federation: 4100 r.

Why in our rating: The best down overalls for newborns.

High-quality clothing from the Estonian manufacturer meets all European standards, and is cheaper than Finnish and Canadian products. Top fabric is not blown and breathable, down-feather filler is designed for temperatures from -5 to -30 degrees. Very gentle and warm jumpsuit, well thought out for the little ones.


  • membrane tissue;
  • proven insulation;
  • reflective stripes;
  • There are slots for the car seat.


  • not transformed;
  • one zipper - harder to wear a baby;
  • the hood is not regulated (according to the European standard).

Typical Huppa Reviews Emily:

“Very high quality jumpsuit, windproof fabric, easy to clean with a wet cloth. We walked to -15, the baby never froze. Spacious, became small only in 7 months. It is convenient to carry the baby in the car seat - there are slots for five-point belts. ”

“A very comfortable bag, the handles are closed on pockets with elastic bands, there is a soft flannel inside, the hood is not adjustable, but the rubber band perfectly wraps the head. They wore all winter and part of spring, without feeling any discomfort. Thank you Huppe! ”

6. Mothercare - stylish jumpsuit for babies

Average price in the Russian Federation: 3000 r.

Why in our ranking the best: charming baby romper for winter sleep in a stroller.

Mothercare overalls first bribe delicate colors, and then reinforce the positive opinion of "not killed" quality and good protection from the cold. Artificial insulation (sintepon) supplemented with a soft fur lining Wellsoft.


  • Transformer;
  • Quality materials;
  • Easy to wash and dry quickly;
  • Gentle colors;
  • Two long zippers for convenient dressing of the child.

Minus: in the bag is fastened with buttons, not with a zipper;

Typical Mothercare reviews:

“The quality of the suit is cool. Worn all winter, the baby was always warm. The fabric is very soft, pleasant to the body, while perfectly washed. Naive "baby coloring" - very beautiful! "

“I advise this overalls to those babies who sleep in the stroller, because the bottom of the bag is closed only on the buttons, and if you wear a crumb on the handles, the legs can blow cold. Otherwise, he is wonderful. ”

What is the overalls for newborns better to buy?

As you can see, today parents are not limited in their choice and can buy both traditional overalls from the usual and affordable materials, and innovative models on high-tech insulants. "Price expert" advises to focus, first of all, on the season of wearing this important item of children's wardrobe, as well as on its functionality for mom and comfort for the crumbs. Have a good shopping!

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