Why do teeth darken?

7 reasons why teeth change color

Coloring products

Most often, the teeth darken due to the use of coloring drinks and products - coffee, strong green and black tea, red wine, chocolate, cocoa, natural berry juices, smoothies and mashed potatoes (especially those that include blueberries or black currants).


Smoking - this bad habit provokes the formation of hard-to-remove plaque on the teeth, which has a brown tint (from light brown to almost black).

Excess fluoride in food

Excess fluoride, which enters the body with drinking water and food, is the cause of fluorosis - a disease characterized by the formation of stains on the enamel (speckled tooth enamel). Bleaching at home does not help get rid of the manifestations of fluorosis.

Some medications

Exposure to certain chemicals and drugs causes darkening of the tooth enamel. A common situation when teeth darken due to antibiotics. For example, tetracycline taken during pregnancy provokes the development of a special pathology of toothbrushing, in which their enamel has a characteristic brownish tint that cannot be bleached by even the most innovative systems.
If the discoloration of the tooth enamel is caused by another antibiotic, it can be whitened with the help of desk procedures (ZOOM or the method of intra-channel bleaching would be better).

Erasing tooth enamel

Excessive thinning of tooth enamel due to which darker replacement dentin begins to shine. The cause of this condition can be age-related changes, excessive consumption of sweets, increased abrasion of enamel and teeth trauma. To whiten the enamel in this case is useless, so the alternative may be the restoration, prosthetics or installation of veneers.

Improper dental treatment

One of the reasons that teeth are getting dark is incorrect root canal treatment. Some materials for canal filling cause reddening and then darkening of the teeth. Also, with incomplete filling, the tooth may change color over time. Bleaching such teeth is possible only by introducing peroxide gels into the channels.

Congenital features

Genetically determined or congenital pathologies of the formation of tooth enamel - hypoplasia, wedge-shaped defect. Such defects are also not amenable to home bleaching, it is necessary to use professional cabinet methods or installation of veneers.

Attention! There are contraindications, consultation of the expert is necessary.

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