Overlock, Coverlock, Sewing Machine: What is it?

What unit to choose a beginning master?

Stitching machine - a device for flat (rasposhivalnyh) seams. Such stitches are used on products that fit snugly to the body (underwear, pants, children's clothes). The stitching stitch is quite tight, so it is also used for flashing durable parts of clothing — for example, pockets or loops (belt loops).

Overlock - This is a kind of sewing machine. The main function of the overlock is to trim over the cut edge of the fabric - then the fabric does not dissolve and looks neat. Together with the overlock, the overlock simultaneously cuts off its surplus.

There are many models of overlockers, and one of the distinguishing features of each model is the number of threads involved in overlaying. Most often, the fabric is stitched over with 3 stitches, and in general, the number ranges from 2 to 5.

Coverlock - a device combining 2 or even 3 sewing machines - a sewing machine, a spreading machine and an overlock. Able to carry out marking and stitching seam, grind the edges of products. Up to 8 threads may be involved in fabric processing. As a rule, the carpetlock is bought for home use - for professional activities, it is better to take overlock and embroidery machine separately.

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