How to buy cheap goods from China?

5 good reasons for shopping on

In any store in Russia can be a lot of goods produced in China. In principle, buyers do not object and do not oppose this, but it is frustrating that the product costs at least three times more than the original price. But how can you save and not distribute money to intermediaries?

The conclusion suggests itself: you need to buy goods from China directly. How? For this there is a website And in our article we will explain why it is convenient and profitable to buy Chinese goods on this site - there are 5 reasons for this.

Reason # 1: Low prices is the largest online trading platform with over 10 million products. Dear and cheap, exclusive and popular - you can find anything. And most importantly - it will be very, very cheap.

Hint: In addition, you can save (at least a small, but still the amount) on sales or in group purchases. Information about upcoming promotions is constantly updated on the site. and in the official online store groups.

The main feature of the site is that the goods are for sale with a minimum markup. Sometimes the manufacturer itself acts as a seller. But even if the seller is indirect, the price will not be too high, since the goods are unlikely to be bought with a huge wrap, and the same price is exhibited in other stores. Therefore, when buying, you should not be lazy and buy the first one - just look at all the offers from all the shops and choose the most profitable from a reliable seller.

Reason # 2: You can buy goods from China without leaving home.

Shopping on the Internet can rightly be called one of the most useful innovations in the last two decades. Saving time and money, convenient delivery is just an incomplete list of all the benefits. The main thing is that you can buy without leaving your home.

Hint: A boring couple or a long way? What about shopping?

Recently site released the eponymous mobile app. Now you can make purchases anywhere. In addition, when buying any product using this mobile application offers discounts to all buyers.

Of course, there is also the other side of the medal: you should be very, very careful when choosing your size, because you can’t try on the thing you like. In no case should you take your measurements yourself - it is unlikely that a sleeve or chest girth will be measured accurately. With shoes a little easier - for this you need to take a sheet of paper and circle the outline of your foot on it with a pen. The distance from the heel to the extreme point of the longest finger will be the length of the insole, and the distance between the extreme right and leftmost point of the foot is called its fullness.

Hint: If even the slightest doubt arises in choosing the right size of clothes or shoes, it is best to contact the seller - just send a message indicating their parameters and a link to the product of interest.

Reason number 3: Good quality goods

Let's say right away - the rule does not apply to cheap things with negative reviews. Do not think that for $ 5 it will turn out to buy pants, a shirt and a leather jacket.

But at least 2 times a year you can buy good quality goods at very low prices. Discounts reach 90 percent! But the main thing is to have time to buy.

Hint: Global sales are arranged for Christmas and after the Chinese New Year. Coupons, discounts, promotions when buying several products - the ingenuity of sellers just rolls over! But the main thing is to be in time, because there are many buyers. It is best to choose in advance, and at hour X (the beginning of the action) just pay for the goods.

The quality of goods is determined by two criteria: the reputation of the seller and reviews. If both criteria are positive, then there is no doubt about the quality of the future purchase!

If the buyer still has doubts about the quality of the goods, you can ask the seller to send photos in addition. But almost always the seller attaches photos from all angles to his product, and accompanies them with a description of the fabric, style and additional accessories.

Another plus of is that the site is updated daily with new items. Electronics, clothes, shoes - all this is exposed sellers as soon as possible. The styles of clothes and shoes are copied from the wardrobe of world celebrities. Sometimes you can even see in the product description a photo with a famous person in the same outfit as the one offered for sale.

Reason # 4: Money Back Guarantee

If the quality of the goods did not satisfy the buyer (in other words, the product was broken / came not the one that was ordered / did not come at all), then will return the money to the buyer.

The scheme of circulation of money on the site is quite simple. The buyer selects the product and pays for it, but the money is not transferred directly to the seller, but directly to the account of After the buyer has received the goods and marked his delivery (that is, the buyer is satisfied), transfers the money to the seller’s account.

If, after receiving the goods from the buyer, there are claims to the seller, he can open a dispute.

Hint: The dispute should be opened even if the term of protection of the buyer ends, and the goods have not yet arrived. Otherwise, the buyer risks "stay with the nose" - the goods will be of disgusting quality, or he will not receive it at all, and the money will not be returned. That is, if the delivery time ends, and the goods are still on the way, there are 2 choices - ask the seller to extend the delivery time (according to the buyer's protection) or immediately open a dispute. It is best to act in order: if the seller refuses to extend the deadlines, then the "heavy artillery" will be used.

The essence of the dispute is in determining the amount of damage - it is this amount that the seller will return. The dispute procedure is simple: you have to answer a couple of questions. The questions are simple: you need to answer what exactly did not suit the buyer (the goods are broken, crumpled, does not coincide with the ordered), or the buyer is going to return the goods. At the end there is always a footnote - what amount to return to the buyer.

The dispute is usually open for 4-5 days, as a result of which the seller agrees with the amount billed or vice versa. As a rule, disputes are always resolved in favor of the buyer, since bad reviews and a tarnished reputation will stall his business.

Photos should always be attached to the dispute. Do not be lazy - it will be an irrefutable evidence that the goods received were really defective.

You can act on the second option: if the buyer is not satisfied with the quality of services rendered, you can negotiate with the seller about the discount on the next product. You can also take a gift as compensation - the seller is willing to compromise for the positive feedback.

Reason # 5: You can buy Chinese goods with free shipping. is good because almost all products are delivered for free. As a rule, the movement of goods takes place with the help of China air mail or Singapore mail. Delivery time is approximately 45 days.

Of course, if the goods are needed urgently, you can order a paid delivery (DHL, EMS), but then the cost of the parcel increases by at least $ 50.

To know where the parcel is at a particular time, you can use special services (provided by the official website of the main state postal service). In Russia, this is “Mail of Russia”, the site for tracking parcels - //

Hint: In addition, you can use special programs - for example, Trackchecker. The application instantly notifies the recipient of the parcel about the change in its status.

And then what?

Most buyers agree that they agree that if you ordered on at least once, it will be very difficult to stop. But this is certainly better than buying at exorbitant prices. Of course, the delivery speed is not too high, but for the sake of economy, many shopaholics agree on everything!

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