Bias review: all the flaws of the iPhone 7

You will never be told about this in advertising.

The new iPhone, launched on the Russian market in September, habitually caused a flurry of delight in the first reviews. But let's be fair: he has no fewer problems than previous versions. Starting with the fact that the "seven" can hardly be called a completely new creation compared to at least 6S, and ending ... However, read the review.

Cons iPhone 7

Outdated design

Considering that the majority of iPhone owners buy their devices not because of their powerful “stuffing”, but for status reasons, the new model raises serious questions. In the English review on It is directly stated that the iPhone 7 is an attempt to pass a three-year-old smartphone for the updated design. If earlier Apple set the tone for the mobile market in terms of design, now the seventh iPhone is not interesting, especially from afar, and especially in the first configuration. Show familiar - and they do not admire. So what's the point then?

Unavailability of black gloss in an inexpensive configuration

The black onyx model is the only option that can still impress others. But Apple before the start of sales did not disappoint fans, and then - bang! - It turned out that this color is available only for bundles with 128 and 256 GB of memory. The most popular and affordable seventh "iPhone" with 32 GB of memory remained out of work.

Marcoe coating

But even if you have become the happy owner of a glossy black finish, do not be in a hurry to rejoice. In the reviews, iPhone 7 owners note that “black onyx” is very easy to scratch. Even the manufacturer on its official website reminded the owners of the seventh “iPhone”: use the device without fanaticism, the glossy finish is prone to microscratch. After all, this is just one of the types of standard ano-di-ro-van-no-go-ing, and not the Gorilla Glass, which is resistant to shocks and tsa-ra-pi us. After Apple’s statement that sapphire was used as a part of glass to increase its reliability, the author of the blog JerryRigEverything, Zack Nilson, conducted his research and found out that there is no sapphire protection.

The authors of the reviews add their fly in the ointment to the already accumulated barrel is not honey: the oleophobic coating, for all its quality, is not able to hide all fingerprints on the screen.

Of course, this is not the biggest problem: buy accessories and enjoy life. But spending extra money after an already expensive purchase is not the best option.

Lack of average configuration

This was almost the main surprise "with a minus sign" from Apple. Either buy an available, but with a small amount of memory device, or save money on top-end equipment, which, by and large, include 128 GB and 256 GB versions. The model with 64 GB of memory, which was extremely popular in previous versions of the iPhone, this time, the manufacturer ignored. Marketing is a great power.

Own audio jack

Most of the copies in various reviews of the iPhone 7 are broken precisely about this Apple technical solution. The manufacturer has removed the audio jack: the earphones of own production of the “apple” company are connected via Lightning. Included is an adapter with a transition to a jack of 3.5 mm, but the sound quality when using it, as users note, leaves much to be desired. But the main problem is not this, but the fact that now the “iPhone” does not have the ability to simultaneously listen to music and charge the phone - the nest is common! Wireless charging device did not provide, and the use of wireless AirPods, connected via Bluetooth, is limited in time.

This is not to say that Apple ignored user dissatisfaction. No, it is recommended to use a special docking station, in which, in addition to the function of the charger, there is also a 3.5 mm jack. Or buy a Smart Battery Case with optional Lightning connectors. But the docking station and the case must also be charged.

Poor quality headphones included

On the portal, the quality of the headphones was subjected to destructive criticism: they sit disgustingly in their ears, slip out of their way, the sound quality is mediocre. Perhaps this is some exaggeration, but here is the opinion of experts quoted Apple wanted to push the development of the wireless sound industry, but clearly ran ahead. Unreliable Bluetooth, short battery life - the hardware turned out to be just not ready for a sudden change of priorities.

Poor sound when talking

This problem is not all "iPhones", but quite common, judging by the reviews. According to the portal W3bsit3-dns.comDuring telephone conversations, the voices of interlocutors may sound like from afar. At the same time playing music or sound in the video does not suffer. The manufacturer has not yet answered what the problems are with the services of the telecom operators, the “stuffing” of the iPhone or its software. According to users, part of the question can be solved by lowering the volume of the incoming signal, but this method helps for a while.

A small number of zoom modes in the camera phone

With all the advantages of improved cameras iPhone (especially in the version of the iPhone 7 Plus), the optical zoom setting can not be. An increase in 1x and 2x without pro-me-zh-exact-ny-chen-ny. It is not possible, for example, to apply a 1.5-fold adjunct. As a result, we get only three shooting modes: 1x (wide-angle), 2x (one-for-one) and 10-fold digital zoom.

Aberration of the image when shooting the main camera

The quality of photography of the iPhone of the latest modification still seriously lags behind competitors. With a generally high quality there are annoying blunders. For example, a yellow-green tint that appears when shooting in HDR mode. What is the reason for this is unknown; the appearance of the effect does not depend on the level of illumination and the surrounding landscape.

Slow battery charging

Charging has always been a weak point of the iPhone, this flaw in the “seven” has not been fixed. While competitors charge up to 100% in an hour and a half, the “iPhone” is able to give such parameters only on paper. Two hours - the real figure, less - in rare cases. No iPhone and fast charging. gives a comparison with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which can gain 40% power in just 30 minutes. The "apple" news nothing like this. The craftsmen use the 12-watt charger from the iPad instead of the native 5-watt - this speeds up charging, but negatively affects the life of the “iPhone”, and it still loses to its competitors in time.

Unusual touch button Home

Now the "iPhone" does not have a central mechanical button. This increased protection against dust and moisture, but it turned out to be not quite familiar to conservative iPhone users. But personal feelings are half the trouble. Meanwhile, in the English review on it is said that Apple, although comparing the new technology of the buttons with the feedback systems in the MacBook, in reality did not offer anything similar, but simply increased the vibration of the lower part of the device.

One SIM card

A technology that Apple is holding on to with perseverance worthy of better use. You can still insert a second SIM card instead of a memory card. It is still not clear why the user is forced to make compromises for such money.

Limited warranty

One of the marketing advantages of the iPhone 7 was its protection from moisture. Review authors have already shoved the device under the faucet, lowered it into a basin of water and dived with it into the sea. In some cases, the result was more successful, in others - less. But Apple users do not recommend anything like this. The manufacturer claims "protection", but not "waterproofness", which means that if the device closes due to the fact that you dropped it into the toilet, under the guarantee it will not be accepted.

Is it all bad?

I can't say that iPhone 7 is a bad device. He has a lot of advantages and novelties, not previously used. For example, a 4-core 64-bit A10 Fusion chip is used for the first time (in previous versions 2 cores were used). The increase in power compared with the iPhone 6 - double!

The amount of RAM in the older model ("Plus") is increased: now there is 3 GB of memory instead of two.

What can I say: in terms of the efficiency of their work, the iPhone 7 is ahead of the indicators of the very first model 240 times!

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