5 models of refrigerators that we forbid you to buy

Frankly unsuccessful refrigerators of famous brands

A home refrigerator is a very important and irreplaceable thing in the kitchen. And it is hardly the secret of his successful choice in spontaneity. Just trusting the attractiveness and worthy characteristics is also an imperfect way. It is impossible to consider as an absolute guarantee of high quality, reliability and comfortable work, even fame of the brand or decent price of a refrigerator. It is not necessary to blindly believe the recommendations of the sellers, who sometimes for the sake of their own benefit may strongly recommend frankly not the best possible option. But the experience of existing or former owners, especially negative, will not hurt to take into account. This is the basis of our anti-rating for the worst models of refrigerators, which are widely represented on the market today.

Zanussi ZBB 47460 DA

Just the case when outwardly and “on paper” everything looks very respectable, and the price tag (about 160-170 thousand rubles) is one that brings thoughts of premium performance, and, therefore, reliability. The characteristics of this built-in Side By Side refrigerator are really impressive. Inside, everything looks very dignified, functionality is on top.

However, if you refer to the reviews of those who have already become its “happy” owner, the picture already seems not so rosy. All advantages are easily crossed out by the drawbacks typical for this model:

  • Heavy doors are not equipped with a door closer and constantly “slam”;
  • Very unreliable hinges (8 pcs.), Which have to be constantly changed, and they are not cheap at all;
  • The height of the shelves does not change;
  • The main trouble is the freezer. The evaporator is overgrown with ice, freezes through the drain, the built-in heater can not cope. As a result, the No Frost camera becomes worse than usual, and for manual defrosting and cleaning, it is necessary to remove a built-in refrigerator from a niche. Otherwise breakage.
  • Repair is completely unprofitable and motivates to buy a new refrigerator and a strictly different model.

Liebherr CBNesf 3913

Expensive (about 65 thousand rubles.), Comfortable, roomy refrigerator with excellent functionality. Works Liebherr CBNesf 3913 is very quiet, great food preserves. It would seem that here it is German quality.

Only this idyll lasts about 3-4 years or even less, and then suddenly the refrigerator fails and cannot be repaired. The diagnosis is of the same type - blockage or depressurization of the tubes and refrigerant leakage.

There is a persistent feeling that the refrigerator was initially “programmed” for breakage. That's just hardly anyone wants to change expensive refrigerators every few years or repair them for a decent amount.

Gorenje NRK 61 JSY2B

This black and not the cheapest refrigerator (about 33 thousand rubles), at first glance, it seems very serious and stylish. In addition to external data, it is possible to note convenient electronic control, good capacity and excellent energy efficiency (class A +). Yes, and the freshness zone in the refrigerator compartment. Beauty!

But, sadly, all these advantages break to pieces about the cruel reality, expressed in the following:

  • Very loud and strange sounds in the process. Audibility is not limited to the kitchen and extends to the whole apartment, but at night it can not only wake, but also frighten (especially children). Service experts consider this the norm;
  • The fridge is unreliable. This model usually does not work for long: well, if it stretches for 3-4 years, and if it is longer or broken under warranty, it’s lucky. Repair, as a rule, is unprofitable or impossible.

Indesit DF 5180 W

Refrigerator with automatic frosting system No Frost. On this list of advantages can be terminated, since the disadvantages are more noticeable. Lipetsk refrigerators, in general, are "famous" for unsuccessful models. Low build quality, cheap odorous plastic, noisy with strong clicks or a crash work, frequent breakdowns - this is a kind of business card of the brand as a whole. On average, such refrigerators work for 3-4 years, and then either expensive repairs, or to a landfill. Although there are exceptions.

If, due to lack of funds, the choice still falls on Indesit, it is better to avoid this model. Someone may be lucky, but is it worth guessing. But in general, when buying any Indesit, it makes sense to look and choose a specific instance, because sometimes happy events happen and the factory can supply a decent enough compressor, and not something that is cheaper.

Hotpoint-Ariston HBM 1201.4

Relatively budgetary refrigerator (about 22 thousand rubles) with a drip defrosting system in the refrigerating chamber and manual in the freezer. And it seems to be assumed that such a construction is simpler and therefore more reliable than the popular No Frost. But the Lipetsk plant of refrigerators, thanks to the traditional use of cheap components and the mediocre build quality, easily achieved the opposite effect.

User dissatisfaction is caused by many shortcomings:

  • Loud noise, strange loud sounds;
  • Sharp chemical smell of plastic in a new product, which does not erode for a very long time and shares its “aroma” with products;
  • Cracking plastic in the refrigerating chamber, fragile lids of the drawers in the freezer, poor door seals;
  • The main negative feature of the model is the poor reliability of the entire refrigerator and the terrible service from the manufacturer.


Undoubtedly, for each of these models can be found including positive reviews. And it is quite natural. The question is - are you ready to play such a lottery, where the prize is your money, and usually it is win-win only for the manufacturer and the store?

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