Top cat litter

Choosing a filler that cat and owner will like

If you care about the hygiene and comfort of your pet, you should choose a toilet filler. What will be the best, you will learn from the new rating "Expert prices".

Which cat litter is better lumpy or absorbent?

Cloddy filler - advantages and disadvantages

The principle of operation of a clumping filler is that when moisture gets on it, lumps form, which can be easily removed from the tray. In this case, change the entire filler is not necessary. Cleaning the toilet should be done daily: it is necessary to remove lumps and solid waste and pour the filler to the desired amount.

Many customers complain that the lumpy filler does not lump, and the moisture flows to the bottom of the tray and sticks to the bottom along with part of the filler. Then it is difficult to wash. But in fact, many people simply misuse the crumpled filler. According to the instructions you need to pour into the tray at least 8-10 cm of filler. Then he can properly clump and remove the smell.

Clumping filler is ideal for one cat, because after the pet goes into the toilet, the lump will have time to dry out and it can be removed. If there are two or more cats in the house, lumps may not have time to dry out, so pets will spread the filler on the paws throughout the house.


  • very economical when used for one cat;
  • well neutralizes odor;
  • convenient to clean the toilet - just collect lumps and solid waste;
  • not toxic, because komkuyuschiysya fillers are made only from natural materials, so great for kittens;
  • most similar to what cats are by nature go to the toilet.


  • it is better not to use this toilet filler for several cats.

Absorbent filler - advantages and disadvantages

Absorbent filler acts differently: it absorbs and retains moisture and odors, but does not change its structure. It is necessary to replace it completely after all the filler is saturated with liquid. Otherwise, the cat "affairs" will accumulate at the bottom of the tray and exude an unpleasant smell. Understand when it's time to replace the filler, it is possible for your pet - when he refuses to go to the tray, the time has come.

It is completely necessary to change the absorbent filler due to the fact that cats love to bury their “affairs”, therefore, it will not be possible to remove the waste and pour a new batch.

Absorbent filler is best suited to several cats: it will not stick to the paws and hair of pets and spread around the house due to rapid absorption. However, it will have to change quite often. In addition, absorbent filler is a great option if you are going on vacation and leave your pet alone at home. Portions of filler in the tray will last for 7-10 days.


  • great for a few cats or for those who don't want to clean the toilet often;
  • perfectly neutralizes odor;
  • relatively low price;
  • There are fillers from natural materials that are well suited for kittens.


  • when replacing the filler, the odor that he had previously held must be inhaled by the owner;
  • some cats do not want to go to the tray, even if only half of the filler is already dirty. It turns out uneconomical.

Cat litter - choose the best material

Clay - the most natural filler for your cat's toilet

Clay cat litter can be both clogged and absorbent. It is well suited for cats - innate idea of ​​what should be the toilet, makes itself felt.

The best type of cat litter is bentonite. It swells when moisture hits it. It is important to look at the size of the granules - the paws of an animal that are very large can hurt.


  • the naturalness of the filler;
  • variety of clay fillers;
  • cats like to dig deep into it;
  • can be used for kittens.


  • can spread around the house on its feet;
  • fine dust may build up when filling the cat litter.

Reviews of clay absorbent filler:

“The best filler compared to other absorbers, who are not confused by the price and throwing solid waste into the trash can, feel free to buy. But I do not use it all the time, the reason is not being washed down the drain. ”

Reviews of earthen filler:

"I like the clay so that after using the cat for its intended purpose, only the contaminated area of ​​the filler can be removed with a special spatula."

Woody - the most popular among fans of eco-friendly fillers

Woody filler can also be both absorbent and crumpled. It is made of sawdust of coniferous trees, pressed into pellets of different sizes. Woody filler is considered the most environmentally friendly, besides, it smells like pine needles.

The principle of the absorbent wood filler is as follows: the liquid is absorbed, and the granules are scattered on sawdust. But they can easily stick to the paws and fur of a cat and spread around the house.


  • environmental friendliness of the material;
  • pleasant coniferous smell;
  • can be thrown into the sewer;
  • low price;
  • can be used for kittens.


  • can spread on the paws of a cat in the form of small sawdust.

Reviews of wood absorbent cat filler:

“My cat and I are fans of wood fillers. How many have been tested, and the best wood pellets are not found! Wood filler perfectly absorbs odors and moisture. And it can be flushed down the toilet! ”

Reviews of lumpy filler:

“The cat easily took the filler. Almost no smell, not dusty, a little taken out of the tray, but the particles are small. And the lumps are neat, easy to throw away. "

Silica gel - the most economical cat litter

Silica gel cat litter has better absorbent properties, but because it is made from dried polysilicon gel; it cannot be called environmentally friendly. It can be stored until use only in a sealed package to avoid loss of properties when in contact with moisture-containing air.

Silica gel is great for adult cats, its use is not recommended for kittens.


  • perfectly absorbs moisture and odors;
  • very economical, so the high price is compensated by the term of use;
  • can be used for several cats;
  • convenient to change the filler.


  • not suitable for kittens - getting a filler on the mucous membrane can cause a chemical burn, and kittens love to try everything on the tooth;
  • some cats don't want to step on it.

Reviews of silica gel absorbent cat litter:

“There is no smell with silica gel filler for 12 days. I also did not notice any dust from him. And he almost all remains in the tray, does not spread around the house, the granules are quite large and heavy. ”

Corn - the cheapest eco-friendly version of cat litter

Corn filler is less common for cat litter, it is more often used for rodents. But for cats there are separate series. The filler is made from corn cobs and can be of different types - with large, medium and small granules. For cats, the best fillers of the first two types.

Corn fillers are only absorbent.


  • environmental friendliness, non-toxic;
  • have a slight pleasant smell;
  • well absorb moisture;
  • do not spread around the house on their paws;
  • low price;
  • can be thrown into the sewer.


  • not very common in Russia;
  • not suitable for several cats.

Reviews of corn absorbent filler:

“It is very similar to woody, only it smells not like needles, but pop-corn. I use a tray with a lattice. When wet, the granules swell and do not mix with the dry ones, but pour to the bottom of the tray, and solid waste can be removed with a dustpan. ”

What cat litter is better to buy?

If your cat loves to dig, it will spread any filling on its paws. Exit - a cat toilet in the form of a house and a rug (made of artificial grass, rubber with spikes, a piece of carpet with a long nap). The rug will hold up most of the padding attached to the paws.

The table shows the most popular cat litter brands and approximate prices for 5 liters of material.


Popular Brand

The average price across the Russian Federation for 5 l, rub.


Our rating

Best clumped filler


Katty hygienic (Russia)


The most natural filler for your cat

9.8 out of 10


Cat's Best Eko Plus (Germany)


The best filler in terms of environmental friendliness and ease of cleaning

9.8 out of 10

The best absorbent filler


SuperCat Standard (Ukraine)


The most popular filler for its environmental friendliness, ease of cleaning and pleasant smell

9.9 out of 10


Golden Ecoline Cat (Russia)


The cheapest and environmentally friendly version of cat litter

9.8 out of 10


Fresh Step Triple Protection (USA)


Great kitty filler

9.7 out of 10

Silica gel

№1 Crystals Antibacterial (Russia)


The most economical cat litter

9.5 out of 10

Each filler has its fans - and there are those to whom it did not fully fit. Therefore, before stopping on any one cat litter, try different in appearance and material of manufacture. Buy for sample packaging of the smallest volume. Perhaps something that seems good to you will not please your pet, and vice versa.

Well, our rating can be used as a guide. Have a nice shopping!

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